Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tonight's Trippy Tale..."The Pleading Tin Can"

note: This is a copy & paste!
It is NOT my own experience!
(Thank God!)

The Pleading Tin Can

"I debated for weeks, whether to write this or not. But being how it's raked on my soul for years, I might as well tell the tale...

As a child, I was known by my mother, (who was extremely religious) as possessed by demons. The reason she believed this, was due to my ability to see and hear spirits.

I was visited by the previous deceased occupants of every house we ever lived in. (And believe me, there were a lot of them!)

I dont know why I was the way I was, but only recently, have I been able to control it. My sister who had psychic dreams, was looked upon as a sort of prophet...whereas, I was demon possessed.

The only reason I even mention this, is because it goes with my story and I might go into more details about my curse some other day.

Anyway, I grew up in a tiny Texas town where most my family still lives.

My mom and dad were always fighting and almost every evening, mom packed me and my sisters in the car theatening our dad that she was leaving him and going to California.

We would never even get to the outskirts of town, before Mom would steer the car to the river. And there we would park, waiting for dad to go out searching for us...which he never did.

On this one particular hot summer day in 72, us kids (crammed into the car like sardines) started protesting about how hot it was, so mom allowed us to get out of the car but warned us to stay on the gravel bar and not step a toe in the river.

(Mom wasn't only very religious you see, she was also insanely overprotective.)

So my sisters and I piled out of the car like caged wild animals set free and we scattered.

Well, while I was sitting in the car I had noticed a tin can sticking upright out of the gravel bar about a hundred yards from the water and was drawn to it like a magnet once free.

The moment I got to the can, I heard a moan.

I looked all around thinking at first, it was one of my sisters, but then heard "Please help me" and realized it was coming from the tin can!

I guess I was too stupid to be scared, because I squatted down and peered into the can's open top and found that the can was hollow with no bottom that I could tell, and looked like it went down in the gravel for miles.

I could only see darkness and recall I picked up a piece of gravel to drop down in it, to find out how far it went, when I heard the moan again and "Please, I know you're there. Why don't you say anything?"

So, I said something along the lines of "What do you want me to say?" And the female voice responded "Please, get me out of here!"

I still to this day, remember how frantic and frail her voice sounded, and recall how terrified I suddenly felt.

But the next thing I felt, was my mom's hand across my face and my hair being jerked, as she dragged me to the car.

(I guess one of my sisters had disobeyed her and waded in the water and mom called us back to the car.) Only I failed to hear her, and she had to come and get me, which added to the anger she was already feeling because of her fight with dad.

I tried to tell her about the talking can, but that only made her angrier. She started calling me possessed again and quoting scriptures at me all the way home. Once we got home, I got punished even worse.

That night, I couldn't sleep and woke my older sister (the one who had the dreams) and told her exactly what I'd heard that evening.

My sister, who was much wiser than I, didnt say anything for a few seconds...then she told me something that I never forgot...

"Don't say anything to anyone about what you heard ever again! I see and hear things just like you all the time, but I keep them to myself and that's what you need to do too!"

So I never mentioned it again... until now.

On our next visit to the river, the can was gone.

Years later, I wondered if what I thought was a can, might have been a hollow tube instead, that someone buried alive was talking and breathing through...and it rakes at my soul. I think about it often."

Wow...what a tale!
"CAN" ya believe it?!

See ya next time kids!
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  1. "I know you can hear me" I am thinking not so much a person buried alive. Genie in the bottle maybe?
    As for the crazy ass Mom who packed you up every time she had a fight, Wow, I got one of those too.
    It took some time to get over her bullshit, but I am over it now.

  2. Actually, I should have included a comment on this, that it wasn't my own story. (And I'll edit it and do just that!) I copy and paste stories here from other people. (Unless they're my own stories) So (Thank God!) this did not happen to ME personally!

  3. That's what I thought as I was reading it! that maybe the voice was someone that some insane evil person had kidnapped and had hidden ...