Monday, January 31, 2011

Freaky Fog & Terrifying Time!

There’s fog that forms when condensed water droplets swirl in the air close to the ground. 

And then there’s fog that materializes from dimensions unknown...which brings us to our first story...

Time Slip In The Fog
 By Gene @ "your true tales"

"This little event happened to me in the fall of 2006, around 1:30 in the morning on a fairly nice night...

I'm from a small town in Newfoundland, Canada, with nothing to make the town either bit special or anything. 

But what happened to a friend and me, is definitely one of the strangest things that I have ever encountered!

My friend and I were driving home one night, from another friend's house.

We were on this stretch of road no more than a kilometer long, kind of a back road type thing. 

It was a nice night with stars out...warm & pleasant.

About 30 seconds onto this road, comes a turn...nothing strange yet

When we got to the turn, it was suddenly very foggy. But since it's always foggy around this area, we paid no attention to it.

Around this turn, the road turns from flat to a hill you drive up and, for some reason, it seemed like it took us forever to get up it, even though we were doing 70!

So we eventually get to the top of the hill, where there is another turn in the road, and flattens out again. 

When we get there and got around the turn, the fog disappears - and we're all of the sudden, back at the bottom of the hill!

All we could think was, "what the hell just happened?!"

This whole road shouldn't take you any longer than five minutes to drive, but I remember us looking at the time and wondering why 15 minutes had gone by and why we were still at the same point.

I will never forget the feeling we had, and we both just kinda looked at each other wondering what had happened just then?

I can tell you that it's not my first paranormal experience, nor will it be my last (I hope!) but it's definitely one of the most mind-boggling of them!

I'd just like to know what happened and where 15 minutes went and how we got back to the bottom of the hill!?!?"

Another  Fog Space-Time-Slip
"I Haven't  The FOGGIEST Idea What Happened!"
This event did not happen to me, but to a friend's father in the early 1970s... 

Although my friend's father is now very open about the subject, I won't use his real name. I'll call him Jim.
Jim and his buddy, "John," went on a hunting trip to Tennessee in Jim's pick-up truck. 

After an uneventful week of hunting, they decided to return to Pennsylvania. 

The road out of the hunting area was a long, dirt road. It intersected with a two-lane road, which would eventually lead to the main highway. 

When they got to the end of the dirt road, they turned right onto the two-lane paved road.

Jim noticed a strange gray fog in his rear-view and side mirrors. He said that it was as though there was nothing behind the truck, just grayness.

Ahead of them, was a normal-looking day in the mountains. 

He didn't say anything to John about it for quite a while. 

Finally, near the turn-off to the main highway, he said to John, "Do you notice anything strange?" 

John had noticed the greyness behind them, too. 

Neither of them could figure out what was going on, and for some reason, they didn't stop to investigate.

Then, as they approached an intersection, they were somehow instantaneously transported back to the end of the dirt road at the hunting preserve, about two hours away!

They had not driven in a circle. 

According to the odometer and the gas gauge, they had only traveled one way. 

Neither man had been drinking or taking drugs, and they are both very honest, upstanding members of their community. 

They are in their seventies, now, but still remember the incident very clearly.

Maybe this has happened to someone else, and maybe one day, we'll discover what causes these space-time slips."

See ya next TIME folks! ;)


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shadow-Man Sightings...(Part Two)

Shadow Man, Shooting Stars & Missing Time
In South Australia, Chris R. experiences a perplexing mixture of strange phenomena, which begins with an encounter with a shadow man...

Some of the most perplexing and fascinating accounts of paranormal phenomena fall under the category of high strangeness - events so odd and mysterious that they cannot be placed neatly in the files we label "ghosts" or "UFOs". 

Very often, these instances of high strangeness include a combination of seemingly unrelated phenomena. 

Do shadow people have anything to do with UFOs or aerial phenomena? 

Can they cause missing time? 

These are the puzzles Chris R. is wrestling with after a series of strange experiences in South Australia. 

This is Chris's story....

THE FOLLOWING EVENTS are true, but are a small piece of an overwhelming paranormal puzzle that seems to control my life. These events took place during April and May, 2010.

April 16, 2010 - Valley View, South Australia, Australia:

"I was driving home from work on this evening. The time was approximately 16:40 (4:40 p.m.). I took my usual backstreet route home, which would take me only five minutes on a day with bad traffic. Turning from the backstreet onto a main road, I noticed a large buildup of traffic, more than what would usually be expected, even in peak-hour traffic. Curious, I detoured from my path, to take a closer look.

There was a dark figure slowly walking through the traffic, and it seemed everyone was slowing down, trying to get a better look. I've encountered shadow people before, but never like this. This one was not avoiding people's gazes like they usually do. This one clearly wanted to be seen.

A workmate of mine was also travelling through the same traffic jam, and I talked to him about it at work the next day. In the end, we decided that he would report the occurrence, and I wouldn't bother, as it didn't worry me.

About a week later, I tried talking to him again about the event, but he seemed distant and distracted about something. He resigned from his job within the week, and I never had a chance to talk to him about it again.

April 27, 2010 - Holden Hill, South Australia, Australia:

My (at the time) girlfriend and I were going for a late night drive, just for the sake of it, when, for lack of a better phrase, nature called. We pulled in at a public rest room and she decided to stay in the car.

Upon arrival back to my vehicle, I found my girlfriend cowering in the passenger seat, shivering violently, and completely pale white. Jokingly, I believe I said something corny along the lines of, "You look like you've seen a ghost."

Her response was just to point. Following her indication, I looked out over the dashboard to see the night sky acting strangely. Stars were moving and falling, as if we were smack bang in the middle of a meteor shower.

I reached for my mobile phone and recorded the event for the next minute or two, when suddenly all the electronics in my car started acting strangely. Lights were flicking, my iPod's music was cutting out, my TomTom GPS system turned itself off. Needless to say, this was enough to freak her out beyond measure, and I quickly drove us away from the area.

Checking my phone's video recording the next day, I could hear us panicking, but only see a clear night sky. Doing research later, I found there was no unusual astral activity in our area that night.

May 2, 2010 - Holden Hill, South Australia, Australia:

After much discussion and encouragement, I finally convinced my girlfriend to return with me to the spot where we saw the strange star display. We sat in the car and waited. It seemed like an eternity passed.

Finally, I saw something move, though not in the sky. Whatever it was, was circling the car. Being dark, I couldn't get a good look at the figure, but I already knew what it was. Another - or possibly the same - shadow man!

Suddenly he stopped directly in front of the car, and I had an overpowering urge to harm it. Turning the key and starting the engine, I revved the motor, reaching for the gear stick to put the car in first. Suddenly, the figure put out an outstretched hand, palm facing us, as if telling me to stop. I refused, but the car seemed to follow his command, stalling at 3,000 RPMs.

Suddenly, as quickly as he'd appeared, the figure vanished, and once again, the spectacular star storm began. Attempts to start the car failed, and we quickly left on foot. Following these events, I had the car serviced, and nothing was found to be wrong with it.

May 15, 2010 - alternate sides of Valley View and Holden Hill, South Australia, Australia:

After convincing my girlfriend once again that we had to return to the places where our experiences occurred, we set out for a final conflict... 

Following everything we'd read, seen and researched at the time, we brought defense: iron bars, bags of salt and holy water.

We knew what we were up against, but not how to properly fight it, so we figured we'd hit it with everything.

Approaching the dreaded spot where I witnessed the traffic jam and shadow man, my iPod once again started cutting out. I was ecstatic. I was finally going to have solid proof, even if just for myself, that these things are real.

Approximately 200 meters away from the initial intersection, I reached to the back seat to ready my iron bar. The next minute there was a blinding light, and we were suddenly transported to the other side of Holden Hill! 

Three minutes had passed, but travelling no higher than the speed limit, it would have taken us between 10-15 minutes to travel that distance.

My girlfriend and I stared blankly at each other, utter disbelief on our faces.

I turned the car around and decided we would go back, but this time there was nothing. No shadows, no stars, no lights, no electrical interference, no car problems. It was as if the shadow man had found whatever he was looking for with us, and decided to leave on his own accord.

Since these events, I cannot rest easy with the shadows. I feel their presence, always watching, ever waiting. I have never had a bad experience with what I can definitely identify as shadow people before, and I hope never to have a negative encounter with them again.

Still though, looking back at the event, I feel not that it meant us harm, but was perhaps providing a warning."

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog, when we take a look at freaky paranormal fog & terrifying time slips!

More Shadow-Man Sightings!

There's always a shadow man tale to be found on the internet.  

That's because out of all the strange tales to be told, the shadow man seems to be the one who gets around the most!

The shadow man doesn't discriminate when it comes to frightening people out of their minds...he haunts both the young and old, regardless of color, creed, religion or national origin.

Which brings us to today's first terrifying tale....

The Faceless Man In Black

"This incident took place west of the Red Mesa Chapter House Community in Southeastern Utah on the road BIA-5060 in the Summer of 2007...

Now I know my mother to not take such stories lightly; in fact, as a Navajo woman who's currently pursuing a Doctorial degree from UNLV, I would implore that this particular story she presented to me was rather a surprise. I've always known her to be the most rational human being I've ever known.

According to her, a woman she works with who lives near the Utah-Arizonian state line in the Red Mesa Community told her a story of how her son was apparently so shocked at what he saw, he could not bring it to himself to speak of the incident himself.

According to this guy, who was about 19 years of age at the time, he was driving back from Farmington, New Mexico at around 6 p.m. in the evening.

The sun had just set, however, he was enjoying the pleasant light the sun still emits after falling below the western horizon while he had just made the turn west from County Rd 21. Nothing out of the ordinary for this young guy since long commutes to Farmington were a daily routine for him.

As he continued on in the small Ford Ranger, there were minor twists and turns on the road, but he still could see miles and miles away since the local area has a semi-desert climate, so only brush and small hills are the only preventions of seeing 30 to 50 miles out.

After completing a wide turn, he found himself on a straightaway on the country road, which has a small incline down into a dip, then eventually rises again to another hill.

He then noticed a black figure walking on the right-hand shoulder of the road about 2 or 3 minutes ahead of him. Nothing new. Everyone is accustomed to seeing hitchhikers, runners and sometimes kids running, playing and walking beside the Navajo Nation highways.

But as he neared this individual, it seemed apparent that this was no ordinary person...

In fact, he was very very skinny and very very tall. No, not ordinary, but very unusual and strange.

Even closer, he saw that this individual was wearing clothes that were entirely black. Well, it was nothing to be frightened about, so he slowed down, even contemplating on picking up this person.

He slowed his truck down and peered out to see this guy as he slowly passed this person...

At this point, the individual dressed entirely in black, had halted to a stop, but was still facing forward.

Finally, as the vehicle was gradually moving forward in a position this young man could see, he then noticed with horrific realization that this man dressed in black had no face!

No eyes, no mouth, no nose structure at all. Nothing, nothing, nothing -- nothing !

The kid was shocked, so he drove forward very fast from a gradual crawl, reached the eventual peak of this bowl in the higway and stopped. Finally grabbing himself enough to even think, he turned around and drove back toward the point where he first saw this Man with No Face.

Even as he started back, he saw that there was no one there anymore. He passed that point where he saw this man dressed in black and no face, and stopped again and turned around once again in the direction he was headed originally. He drove up to where the man was standing only moments before... just footprints in the sand.

Shocked and feeling the FEAR overpowering his ability to even think, he jammed his foot on the truck's accelerator and drove as fast as he could to his grandfather's home just minutes away along a dirt road from road BIA-5060.

The very last thing he remembered, was feeling so frightened at what he saw, and that something terrible was about to get him and he only wished he saw someone normal!

He passed out as his vehicle slowed down, just feet from his grandfather's house...

The grandpa walked to his front doorway, surprised to see his grandson's small Ford Ranger parked with the engine still running.

Thinking his grandson was drunk, he walked out to the truck, opened the door and tried pulling the young man from the driver's seat, only to be surprised at how stiff this young guy was.

Using a little more strength, he dragged the kid into his house and called his mother.

The mother eventual came home, and took her son to the Shiprock Indian Hospital in New Mexico, 45 minutes away.

Apparently, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the kid, nor were his stress levels out of whack.

This story is very frightening to myself, because there are increasing stories of these types of strange people, or ghosts, beings, whatever, in the area of the United States."

Make sure to come out of the shadows for part two!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Haunted Beds...My Own Story...(Part Three)

My Own Haunted Bed Story:

This is actually a combination of stories...

My first story begins when I was 4 years old. 

I was staying with my grandparents (in Bristol, TN.) while my mother worked at a local diner.

My granny & grandaddy had just bought an old (but very well cared for) poster bed from some neighbors. I was itchin' to jump on it, so I snuck off to do just that while they were watchin' Hee Haw...

It wasn't easy for me to get up on the old bed, but I finally managed, and I was sittin' indian style, and then started bouncing in the same position. (Prolly couldn't do that now to save my life, but it was easy back then!)

Anyway...I'd gotten up to a pretty decent height and was bouncin' pretty fast, when all the sudden, I just mid-bounce!!

I remember lookin' up in to the big mirror above their dresser, and seeing myself just hovering the air!

 For some reason, it dit'n scare me. Puzzled me, yes...but not scared.

And then, I ever-so-slowly, just drifted back down to the matress below.

This is when I saw my grandaddy standin' in the hallway, lookin' at me with a totally shocked look on his face.

Grandaddy was never the type to admit believing in things like that (even if he did) and we never spoke of what happened that strange day.

(But he did make me promise not to ever jump on the bed again!)

Ok...second story...

I was (again) staying with my grandparents...they had moved to Georgia by now, and there was somethin' strange about their house...

There were people cleaning the kitchen at night, that weren't really there!

I don't know what caused it, but every night around the same time, I would hear a small bell ding (like the kind they keep at hotel desks) and then I would hear people cleaning the kitchen.

It sounded like three or four people, because I would hear one washin' dishes, one sweepin', one moppin'...all this goin' on at the same time.

I believe this was a residual haunting, because it always sounded the same, and looking back on it, I believe it to be the sounds of the slaves who used to occupy the spot where granny and grandaddy's house now stood. (It was once an old rice plantation house.)

Anyway...while it did kinda freak me out that I was hearing people I couldn't see, I got used to it after a while. (I guess coz kids are just very adaptable) that is, till the night it did more than just make noise!

I was layin' in my bed listenin' to the noises that had woke me up for probably the hundreth time that year, when all the sudden...

Something was pullin' the covers off me!

When they got down to about my knees, I quickly snatched the covers back on me, and peered in to the darkness to see what was doin' the pulling.

I could see nothing but blackness as the covers started slippin' back down again. Now I was in a tug-of-war with ??

I dunno....all I could see was air and I was terrified!

I pulled the covers over my head and held on to them for dear life!

Finally, whatever was tugging, gave up and went away. I could literally feel the change in the atmosphere when "it" left.

But I still dit'n dare come out from under those covers til the sun came up!

The nightly noises still continued, but the covers were never pulled off me again. (And for that, I am truly happy!)

Hmmm...I guess maybe ghosts get cold too.

(Whatever it was, 35 years later, it still gives me the shivers!;)


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dead Time Stories...Part Two

Haunted Beds...

From Haunted America Tours:

"I have had the pleasure of investigating what is believed to be a very haunted baby quilt. I actually had it in my personal possession for several weeks in early May of this year.

The haunted handmade baby quilt is said top be that of belonging to a woman who's infant child had died upon it of sudden infant death syndrome in the late 1970's.

I placed the quilt on my guest bedroom bed just to make sure it did not infect my own bed. So this infant or it's ghost would not haunt my personal bed.

The haunted woman a young lady of 29 said to me that her young child son died laying atop this baby quilt when he was only a few weeks old.

When you place the quilt on a bed the family also told me that if you lay upon it you would struggle to catch your breath. And it was told to me by the dead child's mother directly, that you could hear her snoring and gasping in the night if you were in the same room with it.

This precious thing she felt was very haunted, and she felt it was time for her dead baby to move on and be with God.

And of course, to my great surprise, this all seemed very true for it, was exactly what I experienced when it it was in my possession.

Baby beds where infants have been reported to have died in, are supposedly, very more than just haunted, they might be cursed.

A old rule growing up in Marshall, was never to accept an old baby bed or bed clothes from someone if you knew that a newborn or young child had died in the family.

Often the ghost is thought to stay with the actual bed, crib or playpen where they died. and it is at times believed that this child is looking for a playmate or might try to possess your living new born infant.

A few short months before my daughter came into this world, I went out shopping for a new baby crib or small bassinet to put next to my bed. But even though I searched extensively, none could be found.

My mother brought me to a friend of hers house to see an old white clean wicker crib that she thought was perfect.

I bought it for $75 dollars and brought it home.

In the middle of that night waking from a deep sleep, I heard the screams of a ghostly dead child in the night, and I knew this white painted bassinet was truly haunted by the ghost of a child that had died in it.

Being who I am, I knew instinctively what to do. I went out and bought a brand new Jenny Lynn wooden baby bed and banished this crying ghosts and its basinet to the attic.

The dead baby crying in the attic each night, would awaken me or catch my attention as I did my daily household chores.

My mother and even the neighbors heard the shrill cries coming from my house and thought I had given birth prematurely.

I really don't know what my ex husband knew because he worked at nights and I did not want to tell him or alert him to the ghost baby screaming and crying in the attic.

My oldest friend, Julie Thomas, came over one time, and kept telling me "I hear your baby crying."  I knew it was not my child but the baby's ghost in the attic.

I told her (and several people who came to my home night and day in the months that followed) that it was the neighbors 20 or more cats out back, courting in their yard screaming their lungs out.

But I knew full well that this dead baby's real ghosts was the cause.

I put an ad in the paper and sold the bed out right, and that was that.

What ever happened to it, or if the new owners experienced anything, I do not know."

Haunted Death Beds

Many believe that hospital beds or those in hotels and private homes that people expire or cross over in, are often haunted by those that have died in them.

In Mcdowell County, North Carolina's Favorite Psychic, William Reese Smith, tells of a haunted bed he onced owned when he lived in New Orleans back in 2003- 2005:

The bed came into Smiths possesson as a gift, and it also came with a warning that elderly or sick indviduals should never sleep in it.

The Bed often would rattle and shake on it's own.

It even would un-make itself minutes after Smith had straightened it. He would be careful to flatten out the beautiful spread he kept on it so neatly.

"The bed never frightened me" said Smith, "but I never dared to sleep or even sit upon it."

"I really did not believe the tale fully, but I was cautious of it, so I never told my many guests that slept in it, that it was haunted.

To my amazement, everyone would tell me that they slept well, but they all told me personally, that they had strange dreams of meeting their dead loved ones."

Sadly, the bed was lost to Hurricane Katrina.

Many who contact several paranormal investigators worldwide, often have spoken of ghost grabbing them by an ankle, wrist, or their hair and ears, and pulling them forcibly from under the sheets.

Others still might experiencing waking up in a haunted bed only to find the sheets and covers pulled with great ferocity from them.

Such is an account related to me by a recent visitor to a haunted hotel. And this is often the case that supposedly happened to a young ghost hunter while staying in the Stanley Hotel, as the unseen ghost then proceeds to have real sexual contact with them.

Or as some accounts of those that have stayed in the very Haunted Queen Mary Hotel, do tell that you might just lay there and shiver in fear, as real solid invisible hands brutally beat the beds occupant within an inch of their life.

These incidents might just be a fabrication, but as many who study such know, these real occurrences have been reported and believed to be true by many independent sources.

Haunted beds sometimes will creak for no reason, as if some unseen body has fallen upon it. 

Such is the case of a haunted bed in the famous La Pavillion Hotel in New Orleans.

There is also reported a very haunted bed that creaks and moans in New Orleans. Located in a private home near Lake Shore Drive, this antique bed is from Paris, France.

It is now in a private collection, and locked in a large silent bedroom. 

This is said to be the place where the sounds of the real haunted bed is heard and witnessed rocking and creaking all on it's own. Many psychics claim it is that of two dead lovers forever embraced in eternal ghostly love making. (Ooh la la!)

There is the often told story of the very more than haunted bed in Las Vegas, Nevada...

This haunted bed is said to be so haunted, that no one dares to even gaze upon it.

Many who have seen it, say it will give you nightmares if you see it or glance at it's photo.

Several psychics who have investigated the bed report that they feel it is a known portal to the other world, and all admittedly state it should be destroyed.

The legend of this bed, is said to date back to a gruesome murder of a person who was tortured in it over time and died violently cursing all that beheld it.

True or not, it is something many have either tried or actually investigated, and that is, if you know the right people to contact.

This the real reportedly paranormal active bed that was once thought to have been purchased and brought to Las Vegas and owned by the very well known hotel magnet Howard Hughes.

Howard is believed to have bought it in Europe, after hearing the strange paranormal tales about it.

Many believe this to be an urban myth, but some report that it is real.

Hughes eccentricities many believe, bordered on paranormal activity and discovery, and the very real pursuit of proven life after death."

Stay tuned for part three, when I'll tell my own haunted bed story!

Dead Time Stories...Stories Of Haunted Beds!

Haunted Beds

Stories of beds being haunted are really nothing new. Many times people who purchase or receive old beds from others often tell strange tales of how they had nightmares since the first time they got into them to lay their heads to rest.

And as it is well known many haunted beds do supposedly exist worldwide. Some people tell stories of those poor lost souls of the dead found in their beds. Like that they were so stricken in the night by the skeleton hand of the grim reaper that the poor soul who laid his or hers, so tired and weary head upon a haunted or cursed bed... to only slumber and per chance to dream no more.

With the bed sheets and thick covers over their heads held tight, there are some some brave souls that dare to tell of the ghosts that tried to pull them into another world...

"This very haunted bed is said to rock shake rattle and even emit strange sounds. The present owners Ryan and Lynn Marmillion say they bought it because they fell in love with it... little did they know it was haunted. " You think of antiques beds as a thing of beauty and generations of peaceful sleep"' says Ryan. " you never realize that a lot of things go on in beds that can make them become haunted!"

The actual haunted bed was to be mine and my wife's... but since it's many, many ghosts have made themselves known, we have relocated it to our guest room!"

"This so very haunted bed came with the house with rented. I think the antique bed is haunted, not the house. I hear knocking on the headboard and scratching" says Steve Watson.

When my fiancé and I became engaged this past February we began looking for a place to call home...

We both grew up in the suburbs, but have always talked about finding a nice place in the city that has a more bohemian feeling.

When we found the house on Spruce Street we were sure we had just what we wanted! It's a duplex with an upper and lower.

When we went to see it, only the upper was available. We fell in love with the place right away, and liked it’s stucco walls and the wooden floors.

When the landlord showed us the apartment we could rent, we were surprised to find some furniture still in it.

Now that I think about it, the landlord sounded like he was apologizing about this, but the moment we saw the furniture we were both thrilled!

In the kitchen was one of those 50’s style dinner tables, with the metal rims and a set of four chairs covered in the most garish yellow vinyl they could find. We loved it!

There was also a huge sideboard type of thing that looked like it had once belonged to a whole dining room set and was very overdone, but there was nothing else in the room that seemed to fit it.

But the best surprise, was finding a beautiful burled wood bedroom set in the bedroom! (Or so we thought at the time!)

The bed was of those big head board affairs with carvings.

It had actual ivory inlays and the designs looked kind of like something you’d see in African furniture or Indian, maybe.

In addition to the huge bed, there was a colossal stacked chest of drawers that looks like two whole pieces on top of each other.
This is when the landlord explained that the previous owner had left all this furniture because it had been too hard to move.

When he had taken over renting the house, he just left the stuff in place hoping that whoever rented the house would like the style and keep it there. We looked it over and agreed that we would take the duplex with the furniture too, and we went about getting settled in.

But we weren’t in long, when we began to notice some strange occurrences...

Dead Time Stories...(Continued)

Continued from page one:

First, it was little things like lights being on in different places after we’d go out and come home, sometimes I’d pour a glass of tea and next go to reach for it and find it on another countertop or on the other end table. Stuff like that.

But soon it began to get really weird, especially in the bedroom...

My fiancé had been working the day shift, and when he was put on the night shift (about a month and a half after we moved in) the problems began to really start for me.

When I would settle in to sleep at night, I was usually uncomfortable without my fiancé there, but could eventually drift off to sleep.

Once in my sleep, I distinctly heard the sounds of him coming home, undressing in the dark and I felt the sheets moving as he got into bed with me. Then, literally hours later, I would be awakened when he actually came home!

One night, I was particularly rattled, by sharp knocks on the headboard of the bed.

I sat up in bed and then jumped out!

It took me some time to settle down and when I finally did, I thought I had dreamed it... but something kept telling me in my mind to keep to my “own” side of the bed - I had been sleeping where my fiancé usually sleeps!

Lately,the problems have been getting worse.

We decided to rearrange the furniture and believe me, that was a chore! Now we know why it was left!

Now that the bed is in a new place, there is actually more noise coming from the corner where it used to be! There’s a scratching and a sound that sounds like sniffing, as if something is hunting for what used to be there!

But I think they’ve found it now, since the knocks are back on the headboard - my fiancé heard them himself, and more than once, we have both watched the edge of the bed depress like someone is sitting there. Once, my fiancé said his foot was lifted right off the bed and held in the air by something totally invisible!
The latest incident is that there looks to be writing on the headboard.

I usually wax the bed whenever I do my housework, and it takes on a great shine, but I noticed what I thought were streaks and when I went back across the room to wipe over them, I distinctly made out letters.

First I wiped them away, but they immediately came back.

Nothing is spelled out, but I can clearly see the letters S and R and what looks like an I and an E.
I have contacted a local psychical research society and have even posted to various chat rooms about this problem.

The psychics came out and were able to determine that someone had died in the house and they said it was the feeling that the person was an invalid and spent all of his or her time in the bedroom.

Suggestions from other sites about burning sage or white candles only seem to annoy the presence and I get a night of no sleep out of it!"

(Queenie's advice)....Sell the bed!

From Haunted America Tours:

Many things do go on in beds around the world, and through out time and history, that many think can cause it to become haunted. From a person pondering the loss of a loved one, financial loss or great perceived dangers only a sick, perverse mind could conjure up.

Many laying in bed suffer, or give in at night, to the great panic and fears of a depressing life and infuse it into the structure of what makes the beds frame or design.

Imagine the story of an invalid stuck in the bed with evil intentions and praying to the Devil against the healthy people they know, intensely wishing the hardship would go away, or be inflicted on another they knew, or that others could feel their suffering first hand.

Many bed haunting ghosts might just feel comfortable in their cozy spots and fear to move on. They often might haunt the bed even if it is stuck away in an old attic or basement...just waiting to strike on it's new occupant once it is set up again.

Many people commit suicide in beds, taking pills or even shooting themselves. These beds seem to be the most haunted and many fear that these tendency's often effect them straight on from sleeping in such.

Murders happen in beds also and some report seeing or encountering dead or half dead corpses laying beside them as they turn over in the night.

Accidental deaths occur also in beds, as do those associated with sexual encounters.

"I heard from a friend in Marshall once the story of how they got a king size mattress from a friend's family who had died. Though he had not died in the bed, the person who got it had many strange sexual dreams when they slept upon it. And all were with the person who the mattress actually belonged too.

Another story I was recently told of was about a great brass bed that a man had committed suicide in, by shooting himself in the head.

And this happened not too long ago in Galveston, Texas...

The new owners (a young newly married couple), of this haunted antique old brass bed, said they awoke many times to see and feel his ghost, and watch in horror as he took his last breaths.

Then with a thud, the loud metal bed frame would clang, the mattress would  bounce and shake, and they even saw the man slump over at the foot of the bed rail.

In great shock, they even say they saw his blood spread onto their nice white sheets, only to disappear before their eyes in seconds. This, they say went on until they got rid of it.

Today, this the strange haunted brass bed is now for sale.

If you're interested contact me please. I will put you in contact with the owner right away."

"Haunted Baby Bed Matress"

Many will tell you who are often of a superstitious nature when it comes to haunted or cursed children's beds to never accept or buy a used baby bed mattress, clothes bumper pads, sheets or even mobiles. They might be be cursed or possessed by demonic forces.

A email I got back in 2008 told to me from a concerned mother that a her and her fiance had bought a baby mattress second hand at a thrift store for their 11 month old baby girl...

Upon bringing it home, they heard loud scratching and gnawing inside of it, as they just had laid their beautiful child down on it.

They also said they saw something as large as a full grown cat, that was crawling very fast, and well pronounced, as large bumps appeared under the tight fabric and foam.

Fearing it might be a large rat or other rabid infected animal (and fearing for their daughters life and safety) in a moment of growing uncertainty, and intense overwhelming fear and panic, they took the baby bed mattress outside.

They cut it open frantically, trying to kill what was inside, but they were quickly surprised to find nothing alive!"

Stay tuned for part two, for more baby bed hauntings, as well as deathbed hauntings, and my own personal haunted bed story!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Things Children See...

The Things Children See

All little Diane Garder wanted to do was play. As she stood in her aunt’s yard one afternoon, she noticed someone standing nearby.

“When I was three years old I saw a shadow person,” Garder said. “It looked curiously at me as I played in the backyard of my aunt’s home.”

Alone in the yard – her family was inside – she approached the shadowy figure; it didn’t like that.

“The entity looked at me and when I acknowledged it, it seemed to have feared me,” Garder said. “I chased it and said, ‘Wait wait. It’s OK. Who are you? Do you want to play?’ As a little child I did not know yet enough that I should have been scared.”

She chased this figure until it ran between two trees, through a fence and vanished.

“Was this entity from a different dimension or a ghost?” she said.
“My mother had an abortion a few years before I was born and the shadow looked like it would have been the age of the older sibling if it had lived on this planet and not had been terminated during my mom’s pregnancy. Could it have been my dead brother or sister? Till this day at the age of 26 I am in utter amazement and awe of such a being.”

Children see more than adults. Invisible friends, ghosts, little people. Children often startle their parents by discussing encounters with someone whose description is similar to a grandparent the child has never met. Is it imagination, or can children tap into a part of the world adults can no longer see?

Bill Bryant was one of those children.

“I saw the Hat Man when I was a kid,” he said. “My brother and I shared the same room. Maybe 30 years later I was talking to my brother about it at my mom’s house. He said he saw the same thing.”

The Hat Man is an often-seen type of shadow person that wears, of all things, a fedora.

“Last fall my sister was telling my mom of seeing the Hat Man,” Bryant said. “(Mom) remembered my story and described him to my sister before she could describe him.”

Is the ability to see the paranormal something we outgrow? Or do children experience frequent paranormal encounters because society has yet to tell them there’s nothing unusual under their beds – or up the stairs.

In the late 1970s, Stefanie Woolsey – then four years old – and her three-year-old sister saw something in their house.

“This particular event we experienced together still haunts us,” Woolsey said.

Woolsey’s family lived in an older, A-framed, red brick house in southern Indiana near the Ohio River. In the upstairs room under the peaked ceiling was the Woolsey children’s playroom.

“Our oldest sister was in kindergarten,” Woolsey said. “When she went to school, my mother encouraged my other sister and I to play upstairs while she cleaned the house.”

In the upstairs room, the girls would open a closet door “that looked like a barn door,” take out their toys and play. But their fun would always be cut short.

“We would play until we disturbed the Soldier Boy,” she said.

A young man, angered by the noise the girls made, would emerge from the closet and gruffly yell, “Get out of here.” The Soldier Boy wore a military uniform with big black boots.

“We were so little, as we turned the corner to the stairs we could only see his big, black boots,” Woolsey said. “My sister and I ran so fast we’d land on our rear-ends and flop down the stairs until we reached the bottom with our hearts almost beating out of our chests.”

Hearing the noise, their mother would step around the corner holding her cleaning supplies and tell them to go back upstairs.

“My sister and I answered, ‘We can’t. The Soldier Boy won’t let us,’” Woolsey said.

This happened almost every day for the year Woolsey’s family lived in that house.

“My sister and I collected our toys and played in the middle of the stairs appeasing our mother and the Soldier Boy,” she said.

Woolsey’s mother never saw the Soldier Boy, nor did she believe them, but she did notice strange things in the house.

“Even though my mother’s an avid cleaner, the house became infested with roaches forcing us to move to a wonderful, white house in the country,” Woolsey said. “The closest neighbor lived a mile away in an old church made into a house with a cemetery in the yard. My sister and I continued to have experiences – but not with the Soldier Boy.”

Can children see into an unknown world? It seems adults should not so easily discredit a child who speaks of a “friend” who plays in their room.

For Fans Of "The Evil Dead" Movies...


Thank you for visiting! 

I assume you've come here because you enjoy a good ghost story, as I do. And usually, if you like ghost stories, you also enjoy horror movies. 

I love those as well!

So today, I decided to do things a little differently...

I hope you've seen at least one of the "Evil Dead" movies. (But if not, do yourself a favor, and rent it!) Or buy it, watch it online,'s worth it! 

The Evil Dead Trilogy is my favorite, because I can appreciate what a small group of guys were able to do, with a budget of only $90,000. 

When you consider that most films cost in the millions to make, these guys pulled it off with much less-and pulled it off quite well at that!

The first E.D. came out long before they started using computer generated effects for every little thing...and the results were astounding! 

For example:

Looks pretty tasty huh?!

I was readin' some E.D. trivia this mornin' and I found somethin' very interesting...

(From the E.D. movie trivia site)

"The Evil Dead was filmed in a real-life abandoned cabin in the mountains near Morristown, Tennessee. This cabin (allegedly) already had quite a history. In the 30's a girl named Clara had lived there with her parents. One night, there was a violent thunderstorm, and during the storm, Clara's parents were brutally murdered.  Clara was later found wandering aimlessly through the woods, until neighbors found her and took her in. Clara now lives in the Morristown Manor Rest Home, and whenever there's a storm, Clara would walk back to the cabin looking for her parents. In fact, days before they started filming, she was found wandering around behind the house. I found this out by reading "If Chins Could Kill," Bruce Campbell's autobiography."

If the Delta 88 looks familiar, that's because Sam Raimi finds a way to work it in to all his movies. (Well almost all anyway) it's appeared in every one except "The Quick & The Dead" and that's only because that movie was a western, and a Delta 88 woulda seemed just a tad strange for a movie set in that era!

A poster of the Wes Craven film, "The Hills Have Eyes" appears in the cellar. This was a joke intended for Wes, who put a torn "Jaws" poster in the camper on "The Hills Have Eyes". Each director (playfully) trying to tell the other that their film is the real horror film.

Wes Craven would keep the tradition going, by having "Nancy" watch "The Evil Dead" on "A Nightmare On Elm Street."

"The Evil Dead" Trivia...(Part Two)

"The Evil Weed!"
When Bruce Campbell and the others were sittin' around listening to the tape, the script suggested them to be smoking something "other than tabacco", so they decided to do it for real in the movie, but after they filmed it, they were so utterly confused, the footage was useless, and they had to re-shoot the whole scene! haha...musta been some good stuff! ;)

In several scenes in the movie, you might hear an eerie wind noise. 
This was a real wind noise. One night, while Sam Raimi was sleeping on location, he heard the wind outside his window. He went and woke up the sound guy, and made him record it.

The Evil Dead was first released on October 15, 1981, even though it's dated as 1982! There was a cast and crew of 37 people, and filming took just 6 weeks, though it took 4 years to finish.

 (And in my humble opinion, it was well worth the wait!)

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The Haunting Of Hillhaven & Other Terrifying Tales!

The Haunting Of Hillhaven

"Hillhaven Nursing Home in Marceline, Missouri, sits vacant...a haven for vandals and skittering rodents.

However, in the dark of night, this three-story, crumbling brick edifice is not quiet.

The building, constructed in 1923, has housed the Putman Memorial Hospital, St. Francis Hospital, Hillhaven, and finally Meadowbrook Nursing Home.

Ryan Straub, founder of the mid-Missouri paranormal research group Tir Firnath, is familiar with the building – his mother, Patty Cruzan, worked there for 10 years.

“My mom says death comes in threes,” he said. “The reason she says that is because of this place.”

At least 10 people died in the building while she worked there.

Dust and plaster coat parts of the floor that aren’t covered with broken furniture and boxes of books and other forgotten refuse. Crossword puzzle pages dot the ground along with puzzle pieces nursing home residents once used to build landscapes. In one room, former St. Louis Cardinal Mark McGwire’s smiling face perpetually stares from the Oct. 5, 1998 issue of “Sports Illustrated.”

When Meadowbrook closed, the owners left everything. Pots and pans sit on rusting stoves that will never again be lit to cook. Desks and chairs huddle in offices. Beds and equipment – still recognizable after all the vandalism – lay broken in patient rooms.

Cruzan worked at Hillhaven from September 1988 until August 1992 when Meadowbrook bought the building. Meadowbrook closed in 1995 and the company hired her to “maintain the grounds and handle inventory,” she said.

She worked there alone until 1998.

One night she received a call at home about the empty building – a light was on. She asked her then-teenage son to drive to the building and turn off the light. 

He did, but discovered he wasn’t alone...

In a room on the second floor, Straub saw an old woman sitting in a chair looking out the window. As he watched her, the woman turned her head toward him.

“I was a witness to an entity that was in the shape of an elderly woman who, when she recognized my presence, turned her head 180 degrees and smiled,” he said. “Her smile literally went from ear to ear.”

Straub quickly left, but he’s been back. As a paranormal researcher, he has investigated the building a dozen times and always encounters something strange.

“There have been times I’ve been down here and all the doors in the hall were open and when I got to this door,” he said, placing his hand on a door at the end of the second-floor hall, “they’d all shut.”

Cruzan was with her son one day when this happened.

“We went through that building, the doors were open,” she said. “We went back, they were closed.”

She also knows of things she can’t explain that have happened in the building.

During its years as a nursing home, Cruzan said third-shift workers occasionally reported hearing people walking upstairs, but when they checked, every resident was asleep.

One worker said tasks she’d turned away from would be complete when she returned to them. And Cruzan experienced something herself while she was there alone.

“At one time I thought I heard something down in the kitchen,” she said. “Something was going on down there, like somebody was there. I didn’t find anything. I didn’t stay long.”

People have reported being unable to breathe in certain parts of the building and have heard footsteps running down the second floor hallway. Many people who worked there said they never felt alone. Straub said his mother was familiar with the feeling.

“She always felt like there was somebody here,” he said.

But Straub knows the strangeness of the building isn’t because of people. It might be the building itself.

“At night, it literally sounds like the building was growling,” he said.

“It feels like the whole building was growling.

It almost feels like the building wants to mess with you a little bit.”

Copyright 2011 by Jason Offutt

House Of Demons

Shadow People walked into eight-year-old Justin Wirth’s life and he’s been fascinated by the paranormal ever since... 

“I was never the over-imaginative child,” Wirth said. “I had grown up in a Christian family and had heard of demons but never thought anything of them until weird things started happening.”

The Wirths had recently moved into a house in a new neighborhood. It wasn’t long until they discovered they weren’t alone. Something wicked resided in their home.

“It started off (slowly), as most demonic hauntings do,” Wirth said. “I remember as clearly now as I did back then, I was sitting in the living room during the mid afternoon and looked into the dining room/kitchen area and saw what looked like a pure black figure of a man come out of nowhere.”

This Shadow Man did a “bizarre crouch and walk maneuver,” as Wirth imagined a thief might do if he were trying to go through a house undetected. It then leapt under a table and disappeared.

“I remember that although it was black, it was also transparent, like looking through a black light bulb,” Wirth said. “This was the first time I saw anything paranormal and I brought it up to my mother who went on to tell me it was just nothing.”

A few days later, she admitted she was wrong.

“My mother retracted her previous statement and told me I might have seen something after all, because she had seem something similar,” Wirth said.

Then the haunting began to grow more invasive...

(Follow the link below for part two)