Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Late Night Trippy Tales!

Ghouled Evening...

I'm so glad all you "Night Howls" could join us for tonight's Trippy Tales!

They are truly..."out of this world!" ;)

Lady In White Saves The Night

"I live in Farmington, New Mexico, as does most of my family. New Mexico has a lot of exciting history and the neighborhood in which my family and I live was part of the original town before the fire burned most of it down.

Before I was born, in the 1980's, my aunt and uncle lived down the street. They had a haunted house. They had known for years, but the ghost was not mean or spiteful in any way, so they just ignored her.

They called her "the lady in white" because she wore a long white gown. My cousin Tina used to sneak out a lot. One night, she was planning to sneak out with some friends and go to a party that was, of course, going to have alcohol.

As she was going out her window, the lady in white appeared at the foot of my uncle's bed and woke him up. He immediately knew something was wrong. She said nothing, but began to walk from his room.

He followed her, not knowing what else to do. She went into my cousin's room and disappeared. My uncle got into her room just as she was pulling her body completely through the window. He stopped her and made her stay home.

The next day she got a call from a friend and found out that the kids that were supposed to be picking her up from her house and transporting her to and from the party, had gotten in an accident. They had all died.

It was lucky that my cousin hadn't gone because otherwise she would have perished too.

Did the lady in white know what would happen? She sure saved my family a lot of grief and saved my cousin's life!"

Cursed Blanket

"I would like to share a story that happened to my mother-in-law and her family...

We went to visit my husband's side of the family over Christmas of 2009 and during that time, my daughter who is five, got accepted by Osh Kosh B'Gosh to do some modeling for a magazine.

My in-laws bought an old farmhouse in Indiana when my husband and his sister were young. The house came with a good chunk of land, mostly fields ringed with woods on all sides.

My in-laws mentioned that when Janie, (my husband's sister) was a youngster, she too got accepted by Osh Kosh B'Gosh. My daughter ooed and ahhed & asked what happened but my mother-in-law and father-in-law only exchanged a nervous glance and changed the subject.

I was slightly miffed by this brush-off directed at my child, but tried not to worry about it. I later found out the reasoning behind it. My mother-in-law, Linda, pulled me aside later in the night and explained the following Osh Kosh B'Gosh story to me:

When the family moved into the house back in the 1970s, Linda found an old blanket tucked away on an upper shelf in a back closet. It was beautiful and intricately designed, and she wondered why anyone would leave it behind. She decided to give it to her daughter Janie, and adorned her bed with it.

After a few weeks, Janie stated she didn't want the blanket anymore and when her mother asked why, she simply shrugged and said it was ugly.

Well, it certainly wasn't ugly to Linda, so she put it on her own bed.

That night, her husband and she bedded down and were starting to drift off to sleep when all of a sudden, the blanket slipped off the bed.

Linda grabbed for it and settled it back on top of them and assumed it had been accidentally kicked off.

Later that night, after they had drifted off to sleep, she felt a slight chill and woke up to the blanket creeping down the bed on its own accord!

She grabbed at the hem and something pulled right back!

Linda tugged harder and the thing at the other end tugged harder still!

The commotion woke up her husband who grabbed at the blanket too and tugged, but the blanket pulled away and flew off the bed and landed in a heap across the room.

Her husband got up to investigate under the bed, but there was nobody and nothing there that could have pulled it off. Unnerved, they left it where it landed the rest of the night.

The next night turned into a tug-of-war battle with the blanket yet again. And again on the third night. They did much investigating when the incidences happened and the only explanation they had was that the blanket itself, was doing the pulling!

 Eventually, they gave up and Linda tried to find the previous house owners for answers.

During her research, she stumbled across a representative for a clothing company who was very much interested in the blanket story.

He arranged it so that Osh Kosh B'Gosh would fund a day in which they would set up cameras to watch this blanket move.

But the blanket got the last laugh when the day arrived and the blanket sat without any movement at all on a faux bed that was made for the event.

Extremely tired and angry, Linda decided to auction off the blanket and it now sits in a museum down in New Orleans, or so she's been told.

Was there a curse on the blanket?

Was the blanket haunted?

I guess they'll never know."

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