Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What A Doll!


Tales From A Truly Creepy Toy Chest

There is probably no one reading this who has not had a disturbing experience at one time or another involving that most simple and supposedly benign object, a child’s doll.

Ask around at any party where the conversation turns to the supernatural and someone will inevitably pipe up with a creepy story about an encounter with a doll that seemed to have a life and will all it's own.

Invariably, the doll was the object of fear and loathing in someone’s home until the children were old enough to abandon such things. If they were lucky, the doll was given away – maybe it was passed on to some unfortunate cousin; if they weren’t so lucky, the doll was relegated to storage in the spooky darkness of the attic, where it often became the object of even more terror.

Dolls, simple child’s playthings, primitive or highly stylized, have been around for centuries. Every culture seems to create these little imitations of humans and all seem to do so for the same purpose: to provide companionship, entertainment and comfort to our children.

With such innocent and well-intentioned origins, what could possibly bother, or, in some cases even terrify us about these loving childhood companions?

For reasons unknown, dolls seem to attract spirits. More troubling, dolls seem to become easily imbued with the spirit of the child to whom it most closely connected. And there is ample evidence to at least provoke suspicion that some dolls stay connected via this childhood link for years, even generations after their childhood playmate has grown to adulthood or succumbed to early death.

Other dolls are created for the enjoyment of the collector, and although they are never “played with” in the traditional sense they still can become objects of devotion and even obsession. Any avid doll collector will tell you that it can be hard to pass up the opportunity to purchase or obtain a beautiful, desirable doll.

These dolls are no less loved and the emotional connection is no less intense; often these collectible dolls are the objects of the most terrifying haunted events.

Haunted dolls are also extremely popular items at online auction sites such as eBay and bidZ, however, not every doll or toy featured on these sites can be verified as truly being haunted.

BUT...Across America, there are some dolls about which there is no doubt, at least in everyone’s mind: they are most definitely haunted!

Follow me now, as we explore the wicked world of haunted dolls...stick close, and be alert for the pitter patter of little feet!

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Source: Haunted America Tours

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