Friday, January 14, 2011

Trippy Tales...Strange Stories From The Weird Side! (Preview)

Hello...So ghouled of you to join us!
Welcome to "Trippy Tales...Strange stories from the weird side!"

There's a weird side to this world...a side where common, everyday rules don't apply...a side where things don't always make sense.

That doesn't make them any less real though.

But unfortunately, many people refuse to believe what they have seen with their own eyes, because it is outside of their realm of what is "logical.

But logic doesn't always apply on the weird side either!

Sometimes, for reasons unknown, a certain few of us are granted a view behind that mysterious curtain to the other side...if only for a brief moment in time.

And once we've looked in to that other side, it is then up to us to accept what we've seen as real...whether it is "logical" or not.

Some of us can...others can't.

Today's stories are examples of just that.

I hope you will enjoy them! :)

Come now...

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