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"Strange Stories"...Part Three

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Do objects disappear around your home, then inexplicably reappear? You might be a victim of Disappearing Object Phenomena. What could be the cause?

Disappearing Disk

"One afternoon, I was copying programs using my old Commodore 64 computer in a room designated as the "computer room...

The copy program had just instructed me to swap disks, and I remember taking the "original" disk out of the drive and laying it on the desk next to the keyboard.

At that time, my mother called me out of the room and I went to see what she needed. Upon my return a few minutes later, I noticed that it was time for another disk swap.

But the disk was not where I had left it!

I looked everywhere. I took all of the disks out of the disk file, looked under the desk - everywhere - and couldn't find it.

I left the room, and came back, determined to retrace my steps. When I came back, the same result - nothing.

I left again, saying to myself that "enough was enough."

When I came back, my first impulse was to check the disk file again.

I flipped down the first disk in the file - and there it was - backwards.

At that instant, I felt an incredible feeling of dread and could swear that I heard a faint, but amused laugh!"

When disappearing object phenomena (DOP) occur, a lot of people blame a poltergeist, if only half seriously. A poltergeist is usually defined as a mischievous or noisy spirit. Poltergeist activity often includes unexplained noises, music, smells and movement of objects.

Sometimes the particular item has a history that gives the person the idea that a spirit is involved. For instance, a watch that belonged to a grandfather might be found to be moved to a certain place on its own - the sort of place that grandfather usually kept it.

Even though it seems likely to the person that a spirit or poltergeist is responsible, it is still unknown what a poltergeist really is.

In the case of DOP, is it an actual spirit that has somehow become attached to the object and by some force that science cannot yet explain, moves or borrows the object?

Or does the activity arise from the person's subconscious and their emotional relationship to the object and its original owner?

Disappearing Dress

"It was the night of my freshman homecoming...

I had brought three dresses a few days or so before ,and was planning on wearing the simple black and white one. Nothing fancy.

I went to my closet an hour or so before the dance to get ready... and the dress wasn't in my closet!?!

Nowhere in my closet, not even with the other two dresses!

My mom and I searched everywhere, but still couldn't find it.

My mom finally said I had to wear one of the others... and so I chose one of the white ones.

A day or so after the dance, I went to my closet to find a shirt... and guess what?! The black and white dress I was going to wear to the dance was the first piece of clothing on the rack! Go figure!"

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