Wednesday, January 5, 2011

EVIL CLOWNS...(A Preview)

 This blog contains CLOWNS, which may be disturbing to some viewers!

Hiya kiddies!
So glad you could come out & play!

Coulrophobia, (or the fear of clowns) is common amongst both children and adults. And with good reason! Clowns are creepy!

But what about clown dolls? Should we fear them as well?

After reading some of the following stories...I would say the answer to that, is a resounding YES!

This haunted clown doll can WALK!

Ernest writes, "Ever since I've had this clown doll, weird things have started to happen.

I started to hear small children whispering and giggling, and I also heard foot steps.

I would leave it in one place, and the next thing you know, it is somewhere else!

I thought it was my imagination, so I intentionally left it in the corner of my living room to monitor it and a few days later, it moved about 3 feet away from where I had left it!

I wanted to know more information about the doll. Maybe it was cherished by a small child that passed away and somehow lives through it?

I contacted the guy whom I bought it from for more information, and he told me that he bought it at an antique shop about 5 years ago.

I asked him if any thing weird happened to him when he had the doll, and he told me "IT MOVES!" 

The reason why I bought it in the first place, is because I am also a doll sculptor, and this doll seemed to have a lot of character. Was I ever right!

Right now I have the doll in a closet. I just don't feel comfortable with it in my home."
Would YOU?!
Source: The Secret

Check out this photo of serial killer, John Wayne Gacy.

Notice the evil mist surrounding him? It's no surprise that he chose to dress as a clown...because CLOWNS ARE  EVIL!

Stay Tuned to this blog to find out why!



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