Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Strange Stories"...Part Two

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Appearing/Disappearing Trees

"In October 2006, east of Longview, WA, my mom & dad were hunting...

They were driving along a logging road that had a row of trees along it, around 12 feet tall and so dense, that they couldn't see through them.

My dad stopped at the bottom of the road so that he could get out and go walk through the row of trees. That way, he could see the clear cut on the other side and check for deer.

He stopped, got out of the truck, and was closing the door...taking a few steps, while looking at the ground.

When he looked up, the entire row of trees along the road he'd been driving on, were gone!

No stumps, no branches, nothing!

He could clearly see into the clear cut area!

This all happened within a few seconds. They stood baffled for a few minutes and my mom was scared, so they decided to leave.

My uncle lives near there, and knows the spot, as they've been hunting there for the last 20-30 years. He decided to drive up & check on my dad's story, being extremely skeptical.

My uncle said no... the trees were there, and they were so big they were overlapping the road, hitting his truck...much bigger than he'd seen them the previous week.

My dad is pretty grounded and wouldn't make up a story. He even drove me & a friend of mine nearly 50 miles, just to go check up on the site a few months later.

The trees were nowhere to be found, just like when they had disappeared.

According to my dad and uncle's time line, they say the trees are there, then disappear in the blink of an eye, then later in the week, there again and bigger than ever... and then months later, gone again!

Who knows how or why this happens, but it sure is freaky!"

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