Sunday, January 2, 2011

Freaky Co-inky-dinks & Astonishing Premonitions!

Have you ever experienced a strange coincidence or had an astonishing premonition that left you wondering just how on earth it could have happened?

(If you have, I would be thrilled to hear about it!)

Most times, there just are no explanations for these types of weird events-they just happen, for reasons unknown to us.

Below are a few reader-submitted stories of some of these events.


Amazing Sweater Coincidence

(LOL! Now that's one UGLY SWEATER!)

"One of the most incredible cases of coincidence that I have heard, is the one about my brother in Canada and his lost sweater," reports Allan C.

"For a while, he lived with a Norwegian girlfriend in Vancouver.  She bought him a unique hand-knitted Norwegian sweater as a present. Unfortunately, he accidentally left the sweater on a bus in Vancouver.

"About a year later and in Montreal, about 2,000 miles east of Vancouver, he was having a drink in a bar and just happened to turn around and saw that a man in the bar was wearing his sweater!

When my brother explained this he was told that the man's girlfriend had found the sweater on the bus and had given it to him. 

Furthermore, my brother was given back the sweater because the man was so convinced and amazed by the coincidence."

Ice Sculpture Anomaly

This photo was taken by the events and catering manager at the Lake Lure Inn in North Carolina during a wedding anniversary reception. The intent was to get a picture of the ice sculpture, but to the left of the sculpture is a hazy image of what looks like a young boy. Is it a ghost... or a photo anomaly? What do you think?

The Cop Who Wasn't There

"Now, this one is very strange...

 I was driving down the road, one Saturday morning, on my way to Lynnwood, a neighboring Seattle suburb.

As I was driving, I was listening to the news on the car radio. The newscaster was relating a late breaking story about a robbery which had taken place at a convenience store located on a corner in Lynnwood.

The robber had fired a gun at a police car and the bullet shattered the driver's side windshield. The policeman was not injured.

By now, I had just entered into the Lynnwood area and as I was listening to the news story, I glanced out my window and noticed a policeman standing in the small parking lot of a 7-11 store on the corner. I noticed there was no police car in the parking lot and that seemed odd; just a cop standing there without a car.

Traffic was moderately heavy and moving slowly. As I drove past the store, the cop appeared to be staring directly at me. It was strange. Only at that moment did it occur to me that this must be the store in the news story that I was listening to at that very moment. Wow, I thought, what a coincidence!

Then about two blocks further down the road, I passed a police car parked on the side of the road in front of a row of small shops. A couple of these shops are auto repair businesses and one was an auto glass repair shop. Well ok, I thought. That explains why the cop at the store had no car. This was his car at the auto glass shop. The news report said the window had been shot out.

It was weird to be seeing the elements of this story appearing before me as they were being told to me by the newscaster. But I had to know for sure if this was all what it seemed to be. I decided to check it out. I would go back to the 7-11 store and ask the cop if this was the store in the news story and if he was the cop whose window was shot out and was that his car up the street at the auto glass shop?

I turned the car around and was back at the 7-11 store in less than five minutes. Four minutes, tops. But when I got there the cop was gone. I went inside and asked the clerk if this was the store that had just been robbed and where the cop car had its window shot out. She had no idea what I was talking about!

I asked her about the cop who was standing in her parking lot a few minutes ago. "What cop?" she said. "There wasn't any cop out there."

I told you this was a strange one! I just figured I must have passed through the Twilight Zone!"

Struck By Coincidence

"I work in the reimbursement department of a medical office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

One day about two years ago, there was an overhead paged call asking for someone in reimbursement to pick up. I was free at the time, so I took the call.

It was a representative from an insurance company calling to follow up on a patient's claim. We commonly get these calls, even though we don't handle the claims at my office, but at an office in another part of the city.

I always try to help if I can, so I asked for the patient's name and wrote it down, as I often do when taking calls from insurance companies (this is important to my story).

It was not a common name nor was it an odd name, but for the sake of privacy I'll call him "Sylvester Pennypacker".

I tried to look up the name in our computer system, but I couldn't find him. I tried reversing the name and different spellings, but I still couldn't pull it up.

Our records go back 12 years or more, so I didn't think the patient had been on service so long ago that he was simply "kicked out" of the system.

Anyway, it is highly unlikely that an insurance company would still be following up on a claim that would have been older than a few years. I was not able to find the patient, so I forwarded the call to our billing office and went about my day as usual.

The next morning, my car was rear-ended on my way to work. Not too much damage to my car, but the other gentlemen's car was a bit banged up.

We did the usual routine, exchanged insurance info and contact info. I went to work and then to the hospital ER just as a precaution. They sent me home to rest the rest of the day. This was a Friday.

On Monday, I was back at work. I had some papers in my bin on my desk and I happened to look on the back of one of them. It was the name I had written down the previously Thursday when I had taken that call about "Sylvester Pennypacker".

I had forgotten about that call, and was confused for a few minutes because the man who hit me was also named "Sylvester Pennypacker" -- and I know I didn't write his name down on a piece of paper and put it back in my bin.

So what a strange coincidence that I would get a call about this person with the same name who wasn't even a patient of ours to begin with!

 I wonder if this was a kind of "warning"?

lol...Ya think?!

Thanks for visiting the playhouse today!

Stay tuned for more freaky co-inky-dinks, photo anomalies & astonishing premonitions...



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