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EVIL CLOWNS...(Part One)

In my last blog, we were discussing "evil clowns" and I can't think of a more evil clown than John Wayne Gacy!

(Though I'll admit, "Pennywise" from Stephen King's "IT" would sure give him a good run for his money!)


But we have to remind ourselves that Pennywise, (as creepy as he may be) is only a fictional character.

John Wayne Gacy...and his horrific acts of violence, sadly, were not.

Here are a couple of "snippets" from "Weird & Haunted Chicago" regarding Gacy:

* More than a year later, another young man named Robert Piest would vanish as well. The investigation into his disappearance would lead not only to the discovery of his body but the bodies of Butkovich, Bonnin, Carroll, Szyc, Gilroy and 27 other young men who suffered similar fates. These discoveries would horrify not only Chicago, but all of America.

Before Robert disappeared though, a weird event would occur that would later turn out to be a chilling prediction of events to come -- or rather a stunning revelation of events that had already occurred.

At a pre-Christmas party that was held on December 2, 1978, a well-known local psychic known as Florence (Florence Branson) had been hired to provide cards readings for the guests. The party was held at the home of a contractor associate of Gacy’s and Gacy was one of the many in attendance.

The evening was almost over when it came time for Gacy to have his fortune told. Up until this point, the party and the readings had been going well and everyone was having a great time, including the psychic, and then Gacy approached her for his reading...

As soon as he spoke to her, Florece later reported that she sensed something was very wrong with the man. She also said that she became physically ill when she laid out his cards. She was unable to discern any details but knew there was an evil hiding below the surface of this man. She bluffed her way through the reading, much too frightened to say anything to Gacy.

At the end of the evening, she felt compelled to speak to the hostess about her horrific impressions of Gacy. She told what she had sensed and added that she was afraid of him and that Gacy was "perverted and violent."

The hostess refused to hear such things as "John" had been a family friend for several years. Florece didn’t argue with her but was not surprised several weeks later when the story of Gacy and his murderous crime spree made the papers.

* In the days that followed, friends were called into the station and were also questioned. The detectives were unable to get any information from Gacy’s friends that connected him to Robert Piest and all of them insisted that Gacy simply was not capable of murder. Gacy had told his friends earlier that the police were trying to charge him with murder but that he had nothing to do with it.

In the midst of the investigation, one of these same friends was asked by Gacy to stop by his house and to check on his dog, making sure that the animal had enough food and water. Gacy said that he didn’t want to go there because the police were harassing him and trying to pin the crime on him.

The friend agreed, borrowed a house key from Gacy and went over to 8213 West Summerdale. Nervous about being seen going to Gacy’s house, even though at this point, he was sure that his friend had nothing to do with any criminal activities, he decided to go around to the back door instead.

He put the key into the door lock, and just as he began to turn it...

He heard what sounded like a group of people moaning and crying inside of the house. The groans were so chilling that he immediately closed the door, re-locked it and left. He hurried away from the house and when he returned to the site where Gacy was working, he lied to him and told him that everything in the house was fine, including his dog.

And here's the freaky part:

There is no way to know if the sounds the man heard in the house were natural or supernatural. It’s possible that one of Gacy’s victims was still alive and that his eerie cries sounded like a chorus of moans to the already unnerved friend, but this seems unlikely as by this time, Gacy had begun disposing of the bodies of his victims in locations outside of his home!

 It seems more likely that, if this account is true, that the friend may have actually heard the voices of victims whose deaths were yet to be avenged!

Could the spirits of some of Gacy’s victims have lingered behind in the house -- or at least could some sort of supernatural energy have been pressed on the atmosphere of a place where such horrid things had occurred?

Scientists have proven that this type of thing does indeed's called a "Residual Haunting." Some deaths are so horrid, that the victim's energy literally imprints itself on the atmosphere around it, and replays over...and over...and over again, for years...sometimes centuries, after the horrible events have occured.

And Gacy's crimes were indeed horrid!

Evil Comes In Many Forms...
Even clown form!

To read the Gacy article from "Weird & Haunted Chicago...The Clown That Killed" click the link below:

(It's a cool site and the article is very well written!)

And stay tuned to this blog, for Part Two of.....


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