Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"What A Doll!" Continued...

Haunted Russian Doll
"April 2005, North Essex, England. We were living in a rented two-bedroom house (on one level). My daughter was almost two years old and I was just about to conceive my son (obviously, I did not know that!). One day we saw a family friend drive by. She stopped and said she was throwing some old junk out and for us to have a look in the car.

We took this Russian doll for our daughter, as she liked sorting them out and putting them back together again. I don`t know why we chose it; it was so ugly! Only a few days later, some odd things began to happen. Whichever room the doll was in, the cupboards and doors and sideboards would rattle and bang, waking us up in he early hours. We tried moving it to different rooms, and this happened each time.

Then the electrical faults started, the kettle broke, fuses blew and bulbs exploded. Not all at the same time, but over a week or two. Then our pc broke, so my husband opened it up to have a look. Inside were the tiny pieces of paper that had been inside each doll, with the dolls' names on them (Russian presidents).

We threw the dolls out the next day and the incidents stopped immediately. Sadly, the pc never worked again. We will never know if the doll was haunted, or if it was coincidental, but we did later find out the family friend that gave it to us had been holding séances in her house. I can assure you we won't be having anymore Russian dolls again!"

China Doll Premonition

"My grandmother has a cabin in a wooded area in the north. I have witnessed a couple of strange occurances there. The first, I was a teenager, with my cousins, through marriage. We were sitting on a bed telling ghost stories with the light off.

I happened to glance at the pile of clothes and things by the wall, and what I saw there took my breath away. I know I stuttered. I asked if anyone else could see what I saw.

 There in the air was a doll, the expensive, China doll type. I asked to have the light turned on, but nobody else could see the doll. I thought maybe there was a doll there that the moonlight was somehow shining on. When they turned on the light, there was no doll anywhere in the room. They all thought I was nuts.

Years later, my brother moved into the cabin with his wife and her three daughters. My boyfriend and I went to visit them a few days before my brothers wife's birthday.

One of her daughters was very excited about what she had bought her mother, and dragged me into the bedroom to show me. When she opened the box, I got a cold chill and lost my breath. "Oh my God!" I proclaimed, to which she answered, "I know, isn't it beautiful?"

 I stopped for a moment, not really listening to her, but asking her where she had gotten the doll. She told me she bought it uptown; it was the last one.

It was the same one I had seen in the very bedroom where her mom and my brother slept. She placed it on her dresser, not so far off from where I had seen it originally, so many years before."


"I was in a bookstore in a Houston, Texas mall. It was mid-1980s. A friend and I were in the occult section just for kicks. I picked up a book and was reading to her aloud from a page about black magic. (I can't remember what the content was about.)

What I do remember though, is that while I was reading aloud, a magazine type of book about paper dolls flew out of the shelf and nicked me. I got a little cut on my arm from it and bled a bit. I mean it really flew out forcefully!

 We ran around to the back of the shelf to see if it was possible that someone could have pushed it through, but the back of the shelf was a solid wall! This startled and scared the heck out of us!

We ran wide-eyed to the cashier (I don't know what we were hoping to accomplish) to tell her what happened. Of course as we told what happened, we were laughing but we were really scared! I have no idea what happened, but I won't forget how bizarre this was, to experience this in broad daylight and in a crowded mall of all places!"

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Source: true tales/haunted dolls


  1. I am not a fan of dolls, especially after seeing these..! YIKES!

    Linda K.

  2. haha...but they're just plastic & fabric...right? ;)