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Dead Time Stories...(Continued)

Continued from page one:

First, it was little things like lights being on in different places after we’d go out and come home, sometimes I’d pour a glass of tea and next go to reach for it and find it on another countertop or on the other end table. Stuff like that.

But soon it began to get really weird, especially in the bedroom...

My fiancé had been working the day shift, and when he was put on the night shift (about a month and a half after we moved in) the problems began to really start for me.

When I would settle in to sleep at night, I was usually uncomfortable without my fiancé there, but could eventually drift off to sleep.

Once in my sleep, I distinctly heard the sounds of him coming home, undressing in the dark and I felt the sheets moving as he got into bed with me. Then, literally hours later, I would be awakened when he actually came home!

One night, I was particularly rattled, by sharp knocks on the headboard of the bed.

I sat up in bed and then jumped out!

It took me some time to settle down and when I finally did, I thought I had dreamed it... but something kept telling me in my mind to keep to my “own” side of the bed - I had been sleeping where my fiancé usually sleeps!

Lately,the problems have been getting worse.

We decided to rearrange the furniture and believe me, that was a chore! Now we know why it was left!

Now that the bed is in a new place, there is actually more noise coming from the corner where it used to be! There’s a scratching and a sound that sounds like sniffing, as if something is hunting for what used to be there!

But I think they’ve found it now, since the knocks are back on the headboard - my fiancé heard them himself, and more than once, we have both watched the edge of the bed depress like someone is sitting there. Once, my fiancé said his foot was lifted right off the bed and held in the air by something totally invisible!
The latest incident is that there looks to be writing on the headboard.

I usually wax the bed whenever I do my housework, and it takes on a great shine, but I noticed what I thought were streaks and when I went back across the room to wipe over them, I distinctly made out letters.

First I wiped them away, but they immediately came back.

Nothing is spelled out, but I can clearly see the letters S and R and what looks like an I and an E.
I have contacted a local psychical research society and have even posted to various chat rooms about this problem.

The psychics came out and were able to determine that someone had died in the house and they said it was the feeling that the person was an invalid and spent all of his or her time in the bedroom.

Suggestions from other sites about burning sage or white candles only seem to annoy the presence and I get a night of no sleep out of it!"

(Queenie's advice)....Sell the bed!

From Haunted America Tours:

Many things do go on in beds around the world, and through out time and history, that many think can cause it to become haunted. From a person pondering the loss of a loved one, financial loss or great perceived dangers only a sick, perverse mind could conjure up.

Many laying in bed suffer, or give in at night, to the great panic and fears of a depressing life and infuse it into the structure of what makes the beds frame or design.

Imagine the story of an invalid stuck in the bed with evil intentions and praying to the Devil against the healthy people they know, intensely wishing the hardship would go away, or be inflicted on another they knew, or that others could feel their suffering first hand.

Many bed haunting ghosts might just feel comfortable in their cozy spots and fear to move on. They often might haunt the bed even if it is stuck away in an old attic or basement...just waiting to strike on it's new occupant once it is set up again.

Many people commit suicide in beds, taking pills or even shooting themselves. These beds seem to be the most haunted and many fear that these tendency's often effect them straight on from sleeping in such.

Murders happen in beds also and some report seeing or encountering dead or half dead corpses laying beside them as they turn over in the night.

Accidental deaths occur also in beds, as do those associated with sexual encounters.

"I heard from a friend in Marshall once the story of how they got a king size mattress from a friend's family who had died. Though he had not died in the bed, the person who got it had many strange sexual dreams when they slept upon it. And all were with the person who the mattress actually belonged too.

Another story I was recently told of was about a great brass bed that a man had committed suicide in, by shooting himself in the head.

And this happened not too long ago in Galveston, Texas...

The new owners (a young newly married couple), of this haunted antique old brass bed, said they awoke many times to see and feel his ghost, and watch in horror as he took his last breaths.

Then with a thud, the loud metal bed frame would clang, the mattress would  bounce and shake, and they even saw the man slump over at the foot of the bed rail.

In great shock, they even say they saw his blood spread onto their nice white sheets, only to disappear before their eyes in seconds. This, they say went on until they got rid of it.

Today, this the strange haunted brass bed is now for sale.

If you're interested contact me please. I will put you in contact with the owner right away."

"Haunted Baby Bed Matress"

Many will tell you who are often of a superstitious nature when it comes to haunted or cursed children's beds to never accept or buy a used baby bed mattress, clothes bumper pads, sheets or even mobiles. They might be be cursed or possessed by demonic forces.

A email I got back in 2008 told to me from a concerned mother that a her and her fiance had bought a baby mattress second hand at a thrift store for their 11 month old baby girl...

Upon bringing it home, they heard loud scratching and gnawing inside of it, as they just had laid their beautiful child down on it.

They also said they saw something as large as a full grown cat, that was crawling very fast, and well pronounced, as large bumps appeared under the tight fabric and foam.

Fearing it might be a large rat or other rabid infected animal (and fearing for their daughters life and safety) in a moment of growing uncertainty, and intense overwhelming fear and panic, they took the baby bed mattress outside.

They cut it open frantically, trying to kill what was inside, but they were quickly surprised to find nothing alive!"

Stay tuned for part two, for more baby bed hauntings, as well as deathbed hauntings, and my own personal haunted bed story!

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