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Trippy Tales...Strange Stories From The Weird Side... (Part One)

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The Devil In The Ditch

"I lived in a small town in Minnesota at the age of around six when this strange sighting took place...

There was some sort of construction work being done in our back yard and there was a deep hole or trench dug up by a backhoe. The hole was around 10 feet deep and 30 feet long, as my memory serves.

One day around noon, the workers were taking their lunch break- sitting in the shade, or standing around, a good 50 feet away from the trench.

I, being a curious kid with nothing better to do, went over to peer into the trench and that is when I saw this devil-like man looking up at me laughing, but making no sound.

I turned to see if anyone was close enough to witness this and there wasn't, so I turned back and it was still there with his laughing head bobbing with laughter.

I had to show somebody, so I went to get one of the construction men. I ran up to this one worker and said: "There's a man in the hole!" He ran over, thinking somebody had fallen in and needed help.

When we got to the spot where I had seen the devil thing, there was no one there, but the worker wasn't mad at me because I think he knew I wasnt lying.

I didn't tell him this man had red skin, a round head with nublike horns, and laughed without making a sound. (I didn't see the rest of the body to give more detail. )

Who would believe a six year old describing a devil creature?

I am 40 now, and I still remember it vividly!"

Phantom Mansion

"When I was in my early 20s, I took up a part-time job as a delivery girl working for Domino's Pizza...

My parents were anxious about the job because I was a young female and they were afraid I was going to get jumped or robbed.

I had only a slight fear of this, and in the two years of my employment, nobody jumped or robbed me.

But one creepy incident still stands out in my mind...

It was a dark and stormy night (yes, it truly was!) and I got called out to deliver a pie in an unfamiliar area. I drove up and down the old country road through the blinding rain, but I simply could not find the entrance to the driveway!

 I tried calling the number on my cell to the house, but I kept reaching a busy signal. I decided to sweep down the road once more, and if I didn't find it, I would go back to the shop.

On this return though, I finally caught sight of a small gap in the tree line. I turned my tiny Geo Prism onto it and vaguely noticed a stretched-out muddy drive.

I ambled my car back the lane into the deep countryside and twisted and turned with it, which seemed to go on for miles.

Finally, I spotted lights up ahead and strained my eyes through the pounding rain and darkness.

A broad mansion-like brick house came into view and all the lights seemed to be on upstairs. (Oddly enough, no downstairs lights.)

 I parked my car, and to my relief, the rain ebbed and turned into a thick mist.

Grabbing the pie, I jumped out of the car and dashed to the house.

 I knocked a few times to no avail. I ran around the backside to the door there. I knocked a few times, waited about 10 minutes and ran to the front again. I stood staring up at the house in confusion and took in the sight of it.

What at first looked like a beautiful sprawling mansion, now looked shabby and worn! Thick ivy covered half the front side of it and the bricks were crumbling and falling in piles all around.

A cold chill shot through my body and my instincts told me something was very wrong here!

I stared up at the lit windows and could very clearly make out dancing shadows on the ceiling inside, as if there were some sort of fire and the light was catching mobile objects moving to and fro in front of it.

The chill grew and I quickly picked my way back to my car.

I opened the door, shoved the pizza pie back inside and turned once more to stare up at the crumbling house. That's when something caught my eye to the left of me.

I turned and saw one of the most horrific things I have ever seen...

What looked like an old mill or barn, was set about 200 yards away from me and the mansion.

It, too, was crumbling and falling apart, but what terrified me, was the fact that it looked like an old slaughterhouse, and judging by the size of it, was probably up and hopping back in its hayday... and now was completely abandoned.

Who could just leave these two intimidatingly enormous old structures to destroy themselves? And how had I never known about them, growing up in such a small town as mine?

How did someone (or something?) call and order a pizza, and now all I could get is static when I called the exact number "they" called from??

I had seen enough!

I jumped in my car and drove recklessly out of there, spurting mud all over my car. But I was determined to get to the bottom of this case...

 A few days later after the warm sun had dried off the rain, my dad and I ventured out there.

It took awhile, but we soon found the old dirt road and we followed it all the way back to where the house should've been.

But to my astonishment, there was nothing there! Just an old vacant lot with some heavy, old, rusted machinery left to rot!

 What had happened?!

I didn't imagine it. My car still held the caked dirt from the muddy trail that led back to it.

 I have never gone back there again and I never will!"

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