Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Haunted Beds...My Own Story...(Part Three)

My Own Haunted Bed Story:

This is actually a combination of stories...

My first story begins when I was 4 years old. 

I was staying with my grandparents (in Bristol, TN.) while my mother worked at a local diner.

My granny & grandaddy had just bought an old (but very well cared for) poster bed from some neighbors. I was itchin' to jump on it, so I snuck off to do just that while they were watchin' Hee Haw...

It wasn't easy for me to get up on the old bed, but I finally managed, and I was sittin' indian style, and then started bouncing in the same position. (Prolly couldn't do that now to save my life, but it was easy back then!)

Anyway...I'd gotten up to a pretty decent height and was bouncin' pretty fast, when all the sudden, I just mid-bounce!!

I remember lookin' up in to the big mirror above their dresser, and seeing myself just hovering the air!

 For some reason, it dit'n scare me. Puzzled me, yes...but not scared.

And then, I ever-so-slowly, just drifted back down to the matress below.

This is when I saw my grandaddy standin' in the hallway, lookin' at me with a totally shocked look on his face.

Grandaddy was never the type to admit believing in things like that (even if he did) and we never spoke of what happened that strange day.

(But he did make me promise not to ever jump on the bed again!)

Ok...second story...

I was (again) staying with my grandparents...they had moved to Georgia by now, and there was somethin' strange about their house...

There were people cleaning the kitchen at night, that weren't really there!

I don't know what caused it, but every night around the same time, I would hear a small bell ding (like the kind they keep at hotel desks) and then I would hear people cleaning the kitchen.

It sounded like three or four people, because I would hear one washin' dishes, one sweepin', one moppin'...all this goin' on at the same time.

I believe this was a residual haunting, because it always sounded the same, and looking back on it, I believe it to be the sounds of the slaves who used to occupy the spot where granny and grandaddy's house now stood. (It was once an old rice plantation house.)

Anyway...while it did kinda freak me out that I was hearing people I couldn't see, I got used to it after a while. (I guess coz kids are just very adaptable) that is, till the night it did more than just make noise!

I was layin' in my bed listenin' to the noises that had woke me up for probably the hundreth time that year, when all the sudden...

Something was pullin' the covers off me!

When they got down to about my knees, I quickly snatched the covers back on me, and peered in to the darkness to see what was doin' the pulling.

I could see nothing but blackness as the covers started slippin' back down again. Now I was in a tug-of-war with ??

I dunno....all I could see was air and I was terrified!

I pulled the covers over my head and held on to them for dear life!

Finally, whatever was tugging, gave up and went away. I could literally feel the change in the atmosphere when "it" left.

But I still dit'n dare come out from under those covers til the sun came up!

The nightly noises still continued, but the covers were never pulled off me again. (And for that, I am truly happy!)

Hmmm...I guess maybe ghosts get cold too.

(Whatever it was, 35 years later, it still gives me the shivers!;)


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