Friday, January 7, 2011


Hiya Kids!

In my last blog, we were discussing the "creepy factor" of clowns.

Just what is it about clowns, that makes them sooo terrifying to some people?

(And not just children!)

Here are some actual comments, taken from an actual "Clown-Hating" Website called "Clowns Are Creepy" ( regarding these mysterious makeup monsters:

"They scare the POO right out of me!"
(EEK! It's Tammy Faye Crab Clown!)

"Did anyone see the Seinfeld episode with the scary puppet clown? That, and the t.v. movie "IT" completely did me in! I now loathe that which wears the white make up and the hideous red smile"...

"People find clowns very unnatural in appearance.
Just think about it...they always smile and they are always making jokes of everything. You can't see their faces, because it's covered with paint. So you can never know who you're really talking to! He could even be a serial killer from the news, but you couldn't recognize him! People who are afraid of clowns are wondering why would one want to hide his/her face and personality? Maybe because they have a terrible secret?"


And yet, there are STILL some people who insist upon collecting those God-Awful Clown Dolls!

(As a matter of fact, I have an aunt who is one "those" people...I've refused to sleep at her house for years now, because of all those damned clowns!)

So how can one protect themselves against an evil clown doll?

I’m sorry, but you can’t!

Clown dolls have all the nightmarish abilities of both haunted dolls and evil killer clowns combined. Attack them with a chainsaw, douse them in petrol and ignite, drop an anvil on their head, and they will keep on coming!

Both scary clowns and possessed dolls have their weaknesses (hard as they may be to find) but firing a bazooka close range at a clown doll's face, will do little more than annoy it.

All you can do is run, and keep running, should you find yourself on the sour end of an evil clown doll's intentions!

But just know poor soul, that the clown doll will never give up, and that one lonely night, you’ll awaken with it's hands around your throat, and the last image you will ever see as you slip away, will be those cold...dead...clown doll eyeballs...

(Sleep well tonight!;)



(See y'all at the next blog!)

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