Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"The Evil Dead" Trivia...(Part Two)

"The Evil Weed!"
When Bruce Campbell and the others were sittin' around listening to the tape, the script suggested them to be smoking something "other than tabacco", so they decided to do it for real in the movie, but after they filmed it, they were so utterly confused, the footage was useless, and they had to re-shoot the whole scene! haha...musta been some good stuff! ;)

In several scenes in the movie, you might hear an eerie wind noise. 
This was a real wind noise. One night, while Sam Raimi was sleeping on location, he heard the wind outside his window. He went and woke up the sound guy, and made him record it.

The Evil Dead was first released on October 15, 1981, even though it's dated as 1982! There was a cast and crew of 37 people, and filming took just 6 weeks, though it took 4 years to finish.

 (And in my humble opinion, it was well worth the wait!)

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