Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Shadow-Man Sightings!

There's always a shadow man tale to be found on the internet.  

That's because out of all the strange tales to be told, the shadow man seems to be the one who gets around the most!

The shadow man doesn't discriminate when it comes to frightening people out of their minds...he haunts both the young and old, regardless of color, creed, religion or national origin.

Which brings us to today's first terrifying tale....

The Faceless Man In Black

"This incident took place west of the Red Mesa Chapter House Community in Southeastern Utah on the road BIA-5060 in the Summer of 2007...

Now I know my mother to not take such stories lightly; in fact, as a Navajo woman who's currently pursuing a Doctorial degree from UNLV, I would implore that this particular story she presented to me was rather a surprise. I've always known her to be the most rational human being I've ever known.

According to her, a woman she works with who lives near the Utah-Arizonian state line in the Red Mesa Community told her a story of how her son was apparently so shocked at what he saw, he could not bring it to himself to speak of the incident himself.

According to this guy, who was about 19 years of age at the time, he was driving back from Farmington, New Mexico at around 6 p.m. in the evening.

The sun had just set, however, he was enjoying the pleasant light the sun still emits after falling below the western horizon while he had just made the turn west from County Rd 21. Nothing out of the ordinary for this young guy since long commutes to Farmington were a daily routine for him.

As he continued on in the small Ford Ranger, there were minor twists and turns on the road, but he still could see miles and miles away since the local area has a semi-desert climate, so only brush and small hills are the only preventions of seeing 30 to 50 miles out.

After completing a wide turn, he found himself on a straightaway on the country road, which has a small incline down into a dip, then eventually rises again to another hill.

He then noticed a black figure walking on the right-hand shoulder of the road about 2 or 3 minutes ahead of him. Nothing new. Everyone is accustomed to seeing hitchhikers, runners and sometimes kids running, playing and walking beside the Navajo Nation highways.

But as he neared this individual, it seemed apparent that this was no ordinary person...

In fact, he was very very skinny and very very tall. No, not ordinary, but very unusual and strange.

Even closer, he saw that this individual was wearing clothes that were entirely black. Well, it was nothing to be frightened about, so he slowed down, even contemplating on picking up this person.

He slowed his truck down and peered out to see this guy as he slowly passed this person...

At this point, the individual dressed entirely in black, had halted to a stop, but was still facing forward.

Finally, as the vehicle was gradually moving forward in a position this young man could see, he then noticed with horrific realization that this man dressed in black had no face!

No eyes, no mouth, no nose structure at all. Nothing, nothing, nothing -- nothing !

The kid was shocked, so he drove forward very fast from a gradual crawl, reached the eventual peak of this bowl in the higway and stopped. Finally grabbing himself enough to even think, he turned around and drove back toward the point where he first saw this Man with No Face.

Even as he started back, he saw that there was no one there anymore. He passed that point where he saw this man dressed in black and no face, and stopped again and turned around once again in the direction he was headed originally. He drove up to where the man was standing only moments before... just footprints in the sand.

Shocked and feeling the FEAR overpowering his ability to even think, he jammed his foot on the truck's accelerator and drove as fast as he could to his grandfather's home just minutes away along a dirt road from road BIA-5060.

The very last thing he remembered, was feeling so frightened at what he saw, and that something terrible was about to get him and he only wished he saw someone normal!

He passed out as his vehicle slowed down, just feet from his grandfather's house...

The grandpa walked to his front doorway, surprised to see his grandson's small Ford Ranger parked with the engine still running.

Thinking his grandson was drunk, he walked out to the truck, opened the door and tried pulling the young man from the driver's seat, only to be surprised at how stiff this young guy was.

Using a little more strength, he dragged the kid into his house and called his mother.

The mother eventual came home, and took her son to the Shiprock Indian Hospital in New Mexico, 45 minutes away.

Apparently, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the kid, nor were his stress levels out of whack.

This story is very frightening to myself, because there are increasing stories of these types of strange people, or ghosts, beings, whatever, in the area of the United States."

Make sure to come out of the shadows for part two!


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