Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Today's Trippy Tid-bit..."Little Girl Lost"


"I recall an incident that happened 20 years ago to my mother...

 She decided to have a phone installed in her home, as she was a diabetic and wanted to be able to be in close contact with me.

A day or two after having her phone installed, she started receiving very weird phone calls.

She got these calls at night, in the afternoon, and in the morning; sometimes she would get these calls four to five times a day.

The calls were from a little girl who my mother said sounded like she was about four or five years old.

The phone would ring, mother would answer it, and the little girl would say, "Mama! Mama! I want my mama!"

My mother would try to ask her questions, but all the little girl would ever say was, "Mama! Mama! I want my mama!"

This went on for a week, and it freaked my mother out so bad, that she had her phone disconnected and has never had a phone again after that!" - Loretta R. @ "your true tales"

Talk about a long distance call!

I'll bet the charges were out of this world! ;)

Speaking of  freaky phone calls, stay tuned for a segment I'll be doing very soon, called "Phone Calls From The Dead"'ll make you think twice, next time you say "Hell-o!"

And now, for a video that I found most entertaining!
It truly gave me the heebie jeebies!

"After hearing numerous reports of ghostly phenomena at a local funeral home such as moving curtains, flickering lights, and silhouettes in the windows, a group of teen boys decide to investigate...
They were not prepared for what they saw inside!"
Seriously folks...
This video is enough to raise the dead! ;)


Well, that's all for today kids, but I'll be back very soon, with more trippy tales of the paranormal!
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Today's Trippy Tale..."The Old Brick House"


By fanman_1988 @ ""

"I'm from South Georgia and personally, I feel that the south is filled with the paranormal. This story comes from my childhood, and is an experience that I'll never forget...

When I was 12, my brother and I decided to spend the weekend at my grandmother's house. This had been the first time that we ever stayed with her and we were very excited.

On the way there, my dad decided to tell us that we needed to be careful because the house was old, and that strange things happened during the night.

When we asked why, he told us that many years ago, the house had been a funeral home owned by his great-grandfather.

Unphased, we bravely went ahead with our sleepover.

There was only one bed in the house (the one that my grandparents slept in) so we had to sleep in the living room that night.

At about 2 in the morning, I was awoken to a strange sound.

I opened my eyes to see the chandelier swinging back & forth.

I thought it was the wind, but then realized there were no open windows or fans going, so why was it moving? I woke my brother up and he didn't know what it was either. We both had trouble sleeping the rest of the night.

The next night, around the same time, we were awoken by a strange squeaking sound. It appeared to be coming from the hallway and sounded like someone pushing a cart down it.

A few minutes later, we were hit with a strong smell like someone was smoking a cigar. We tried to ignore it and later it went away.

The night after that, my brother woke me up when he swore somebody sat on the couch he was sleeping on.

About an hour later, we heard a strange voice saying that "Children aren't allowed back here!"

We both screamed and ran into our grandparents room, where we stayed for the rest of the night.

I told myself that it was just my mind playing tricks on me, and that dad just told us that story to freak us out, something that he does often.

But that all changed when a few years later, when I was doing a report on my family in high school, that I found out that what he had said was true...

You see, long ago, my town was split into three communities and instead of bringing someone 30 miles into town by wagon; they had funeral homes in these areas to serve them.

Turns out, my great-great-grandfather owned one of them. It was also revealed that he had died there in the funeral home, from an apparent heart attack.

To this day, I have never spent another night in that house, and I don't spend more than just a few hours inside it when I'm visiting my grandparents!"

I hope you enjoyed today's story!
And now, for a cool video, that I hope you'll like as well!

See ya next time kids!
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tonight's Trippy Tale..."The Pleading Tin Can"

note: This is a copy & paste!
It is NOT my own experience!
(Thank God!)

The Pleading Tin Can

"I debated for weeks, whether to write this or not. But being how it's raked on my soul for years, I might as well tell the tale...

As a child, I was known by my mother, (who was extremely religious) as possessed by demons. The reason she believed this, was due to my ability to see and hear spirits.

I was visited by the previous deceased occupants of every house we ever lived in. (And believe me, there were a lot of them!)

I dont know why I was the way I was, but only recently, have I been able to control it. My sister who had psychic dreams, was looked upon as a sort of prophet...whereas, I was demon possessed.

The only reason I even mention this, is because it goes with my story and I might go into more details about my curse some other day.

Anyway, I grew up in a tiny Texas town where most my family still lives.

My mom and dad were always fighting and almost every evening, mom packed me and my sisters in the car theatening our dad that she was leaving him and going to California.

We would never even get to the outskirts of town, before Mom would steer the car to the river. And there we would park, waiting for dad to go out searching for us...which he never did.

On this one particular hot summer day in 72, us kids (crammed into the car like sardines) started protesting about how hot it was, so mom allowed us to get out of the car but warned us to stay on the gravel bar and not step a toe in the river.

(Mom wasn't only very religious you see, she was also insanely overprotective.)

So my sisters and I piled out of the car like caged wild animals set free and we scattered.

Well, while I was sitting in the car I had noticed a tin can sticking upright out of the gravel bar about a hundred yards from the water and was drawn to it like a magnet once free.

The moment I got to the can, I heard a moan.

I looked all around thinking at first, it was one of my sisters, but then heard "Please help me" and realized it was coming from the tin can!

I guess I was too stupid to be scared, because I squatted down and peered into the can's open top and found that the can was hollow with no bottom that I could tell, and looked like it went down in the gravel for miles.

I could only see darkness and recall I picked up a piece of gravel to drop down in it, to find out how far it went, when I heard the moan again and "Please, I know you're there. Why don't you say anything?"

So, I said something along the lines of "What do you want me to say?" And the female voice responded "Please, get me out of here!"

I still to this day, remember how frantic and frail her voice sounded, and recall how terrified I suddenly felt.

But the next thing I felt, was my mom's hand across my face and my hair being jerked, as she dragged me to the car.

(I guess one of my sisters had disobeyed her and waded in the water and mom called us back to the car.) Only I failed to hear her, and she had to come and get me, which added to the anger she was already feeling because of her fight with dad.

I tried to tell her about the talking can, but that only made her angrier. She started calling me possessed again and quoting scriptures at me all the way home. Once we got home, I got punished even worse.

That night, I couldn't sleep and woke my older sister (the one who had the dreams) and told her exactly what I'd heard that evening.

My sister, who was much wiser than I, didnt say anything for a few seconds...then she told me something that I never forgot...

"Don't say anything to anyone about what you heard ever again! I see and hear things just like you all the time, but I keep them to myself and that's what you need to do too!"

So I never mentioned it again... until now.

On our next visit to the river, the can was gone.

Years later, I wondered if what I thought was a can, might have been a hollow tube instead, that someone buried alive was talking and breathing through...and it rakes at my soul. I think about it often."

Wow...what a tale!
"CAN" ya believe it?!

See ya next time kids!
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


"Growing up, my mother always talked about one of the first houses that she, myself, and my dad had lived in...

This particular house was very small. It had a large living room, which was partially open to the small kitchen, and to the left, was the only bedroom it had.

My mom always said that she would hear a child crying. She also would hear a sound, like someone was rolling marbles on the wood floor. Sometimes she would hear the sound of someone dropping a bunch of wood planks... thus, making a loud noise.

At the time, I was no more than 3 maybe 4 years old. I've always had the ability to remember a lot of my growing up years. My family is always amazed at the accuracy of my memory.

I remember having to sleep in my parents rooms on a "Jr." bed, which was my crib mattress, put on a very short bed, with head board and foot board.

One night after going to bed, I heard, a small child giggling right next to my bed, which was located next to my parents bed.

I sat up, and wondered why my parents had not heard it too. My dad was snoring, so I believed they were sound asleep. 

After my eyes had adjusted to the dark, I saw a small girl looking at me with a big smile, on her face. She motioned for me to follow her into the living room. 

My mother always put a night light in the living room or any room next to the room they slept in. (You know, so it would be easier to go to the bathroom in the dark.)

Anyway, as I followed her, I saw that she was fully dressed and her hair was done in two braids with ribbons on the end. 

I remember being confused as to who she was, what she was doing in our home, and wondered, was she lost?

While following her, I caught sight of her face with the night light, and was scared at what I saw. 

This girl had a very strange face! 

It seemed her eyes were slanted, quite large, and located more to the sides of her face. Her nose was very pointed, with a beak end. When she smiled, she had pointy teeth. I almost screamed. I remember thinking she sort of looked like a white owl. 

She then grabbed my hand and led me to the kitchen, where she told me we were going to play a game. 

She must have communicated through my mind, because she did not talk with her mouth. She then motioned to me to get under the kitchen table, which had a rather long tablecloth on it.

Once under the table, I was excited because this was one of my favorite places to play. 

She then reached into her skirt pocket and showed me her marbles. They were bigger than a regular marble; I know if you've ever played marbles, you have seen this size marble. 

She started to roll them toward me and she motioned me to roll them back to her. By this time, I was relaxed, and not worried as to who this strange looking girl was.

I was having so much fun, that I started to giggle. She did as well. After about 5 minutes, the kitchen light turned on.

I then saw my fathers' legs and I was about to call out to him, when she touched my arm and put her finger to her mouth telling me to be quiet. 

My dad seemed to be looking for something or someone. He even went out the back door to check. 

After a while, he turned off the kitchen light and I heard him go back to bed, where I heard him talking to my mom. 

The whole time this was happening, I was getting worried that my parents would find out I was not in bed and get upset with me. 

After about 10 minutes, I didn't hear them talking anymore, so I started to get out from under the table, which seemed to anger her that I was leaving. 

All of the sudden, her pointy teeth got bigger and she looked evil! 

Needless to say, I got scared and ran back to my bed. I covered my head, and started to cry.

My mom heard me and asked me what was wrong. 

I told her I got scared, because I saw a mean looking little girl. She then put me in bed with them where I felt safe, and was soon asleep.

The next morning, I remember seeing my mom putting our things in boxes. When I asked what she doing, she told me daddy was going to find us a better place to live. 

We were out of that house in less than two days. We stayed with my grandparents until we could find another house.

Years later, I heard my mother, telling her friends that we had lived in a haunted house; I didn't even know what that meant at the time. I just kept playing.

I heard her tell her friends that my dad never had believed her as to the happenings, until he had heard it for himself.

I then realized mom was talking about the night I had my late night visitor. Mom said that it was the first time she had ever seen my dad with fear in his eyes. 

When he had gone back to bed that night, the first thing he had told her was, "Start packing, because we're moving real soon!"

Fifty one years later, I still remember it, like it was yesterday."

Wow...a creepy "Owl girl"?!
I wonder just "whooooo" (or WHAT) it coulda been?!
Owl Well...
I guess Owl never know! ;)


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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tonight's Trippy Tales..."Evil Approaching" & "The Pleading Tin Can"

Thanks for visiting the playhouse!

I have some great stories for you tonight, but I must apologize for a bit of trouble I'm having with the blogger site. I can't seem to enlarge some of the font, so I hope you're able to read it so small. I also can't change the font style or italics in some areas. It's quite annoying!

The blogger site has been acting weird like that for quite a while now, and I hope they get it fixed soon...In the meantime, I appreciate your patience and understanding.

Now...about the stories...

 The first tale comes from "Serenity" of "your ghost stories" (.com) along with a reply from one of their readers.

Evil Approaching
"When I was first married in 2007, my husband and I lived in a small, 1-bed room flat on the ground floor. This place was not in the slightest bit haunted, and we were very happy there.

However, I did have one strange experience while in bed one night...

It might help if I describe the layout of our little home. There was a large open-plan living room with a tiny kitchen, and a short corridor off that led directly to our bedroom with the bathroom also coming off this corridor. Our bedroom was the only carpeted room in the flat, with the rest being wood laminate.

The night wasn't anything special, but I awoke suddenly from my sleep for no apparent reason. I have no idea what the time was, but it was still pitch dark outside.

As I lay in the darkness, trying to get back to sleep despite being wide awake, I became aware that there was something in the living room...

I instinctively knew that this wasn't a person, and an image formed in my minds eye of a black swirling fog moving about that main room.

I could feel malevolence radiating from it.

Suddenly, it seemed to know that I was aware of it, and the mist developed into a tall reaper-like figure that turned to face the bedroom!

With growing horror, I heard footsteps approaching the bedroom!

The sound changed as it entered the little corridor (as you'd expect them to when moving from a very large room to a more confined space) and at that point, a voice in my head clearly said "shut your eyes!"

The order was given with such urgency, that I complied just as the sound of footsteps moved from the wooden floor of the corridor to the carpeted bedroom.

The sound of the footsteps changed, just as you'd expect it to, when moving from a hard surface to a soft one.

I was so terrified that I hardly dared to breathe, and in my head, I could see an image of a very tall (around 7ft), black robed figure standing beside the bed looking around the room.

It looked like the classic grim reaper but without the scythe or a wraith from Lord of the Rings. I slept with my head very close to the door, so you can imagine my terror that this thing was so close to me!

As suddenly and mysteriously as it arrived, the presence sort of faded away and I gradually felt safe enough to open my eyes again.

My heart was pounding, and there is no way that this was a dream - that evil presence was there, just inches from me!

I guess the main point for dispute, is that I didn't actually see anything with my own eyes - it was all images in my head, apart from hearing those footsteps.

The voice urging me to shut my eyes, was probably just instinct working overtime.

One odd thing, was that I got the impression that if my eyes had been open, and I'd looked directly at the entity, something bad would have happened.

It seemed to be looking around the room, as if it couldn't see me with my eyes shut (I know that sounds really childish!)

I'm afraid the whole experience is basically, pure gut instinct and mental images, but it unnerves me to this day.

So much, that I thought I'd share it and see what others make of it."

Reply from "Happy Spirit":

"Great story!
Here's my theory about why you were guided to close the eyes:

I believe that something within our brain is capable literally of producing light. The pineal gland (in the middle of the forehead) has been proven to contains light sensing cells, same as the retina, and I believe is made to sense and monitor this internal light.

The light production increases in the spiritually developed or even when ordinary folks have a peak experience. Hence the term "enlightened."

If sufficient light is produced it can emanate from the skull and be perceived by sensitive people (as a halo.) The light also comes out our eyes - not enough to see with the naked eye - but a dark spirit would be able to see it.

Serenity, by opening your eyes and looking at the dark mass, it saw you.

By closing your eyes you became invisible again, as the spirit could not perceive the rest of you.

This may also be the reason for the common experience of feeling safe, as children, when we put our heads under the covers.

It wasn't just that we couldn't see the spooks - they couldn't see us."

"The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it."-New American Standard Bible

And now for our second comes from "Unsolved" from an author simply called "Someday"...I thought it was a really neat story, and I hope you will too! :)


"I debated for weeks whether to write this or not. But being how
it's raked on my soul for years I might as well tell the tale.

 As a child, I was known by my mother (who was extremely religious) as possessed by demons. The reason she believed this, was due to my ability to see and hear spirits.

Every house we ever lived in, I was visited by it's previous deceased occupants.

(And believe me, there were a lot of them!)

Don't know why I was the way I was, but I have only recently have been able to control it.

My sister who had psychic dreams, was looked upon as a sort of prophet... where as. I was demon possessed.

The reason I even mention this, is because it goes with my story and I might go in to more
details about my curse some other day.

Anyway, I grew up in a tiny Texas town where most my family still resides to this day.

My mom and dad were always fighting, and almost every evening, mom packed me and my sisters in the car -threatening our dad that she was leaving him and going to California.

We would never even get to the outskirts of town before Mom would steer the car to the river, and there we would park waiting for dad to go out searching for us...which he never did.

On this one particular hot summer day in 72, us kids (crammed in to the car like
sardines) started protesting about how hot it was, so mom allowed us to get out
of the car, but warned us to stay on the gravel bar and not step a toe in the

Mom wasnt only very religious you see, she was also insanely overprotective.

So me and my sisters piled out of the car like caged wild animals set free and we scattered.

Well, while I was sitting in the car, I had noticed a tin can sticking upright out of the gravel bar about a hundred yards from the water, and was drawn to it like a magnet, once free.

The moment I got to the can, I heard a moan. I looked all around thinking at first, it was one of my sisters, but then heard "Please help me" and realized it was coming from the tin

I guess I was too stupid to be scared, because I squatted down and peered
into the cans open top and found that the can was hollow with no bottom that I
could tell and looked like it went down in the gravel for miles.

I could only see darkness and recall I picked up a piece of gravel to drop down in it to find
out how far it went, when I heard the moan again, and "Please, I know you're there.
Why dont you say anything?"

So, I asked something along the lines of "What do you want me to say?" And the female voice responded "Please, get me out of here!"

I still to this day, remember how franic and frail her voice sounded and recall how
terrified I suddenly felt.

But the next thing I felt, was my mom's hand across my face and my hair being jerked as she dragged me to the car.

Guess one of my sisters disobeyed her and waded in the water and mom called us back to the car.

Only I failed to hear her, and she had to come and get me -which only added to the
anger she was already feeling because of her fight with dad.

I tried to tell her about the talking can, but that only made her madder. She started calling me "possessed" again, and quoting scriptures at me all the way home. And once we got
home, I got punished even worse.

That night, I couldn't sleep and woke my older sister who had the dreams, and told her exactly what I heard.

My sister who was much wiser than I was, didn't say anything for a few seconds. Then she told me something I never forgot...

"Don't say anything to anyone about what you heard ever again. I see and hear things just like you all the time, but I keep them to myself and thats what you need to do too."

So, I never mentioned it again until today.

Our next visit to the river, the can was gone, but years later, I wondered if what I thought was a can, might have instead been a hollow tube that someone buried alive was talking and breathing through... and it rakes at my soul."

Stay tuned for more trippy tales...


Monday, February 14, 2011

Shadow Creatures and the Tuurnagait in the Woods...(Part Two)

Continued from part one:

"Apparently between the years of 1939 – 1946, 41 children in that area had been reported as missing or lost with no trace. That is an average of over ten kids a year.

I would pray to God every night to keep them away, some nights it worked, and others it wouldn’t.

I was very sincere and very scared having to go into my bedroom after sunset. There were times when I could not sleep at all, and other times when, (nobody ever knew this) I would cry myself to sleep wishing they would just leave.

I always knew when they came because I could feel them in the room with me and outside my window watching me. The piles of rocks would appear near the house for years to come and I would see them out of the corner of my eye.

I never in my life wanted my little sister to go through that, so I never, ever brought it up or said anything about it to her. I would come to find out years later that she too knew of these shadow people who lived in the woods and had the same dreams and similar experiences as I did but never said anything to anyone.

When we talked about it years later, she burst into tears, telling me that she thought she was the only one and that she thought she might have been going crazy.

A year later on my 15th birthday, I was having a party at the house and it was an outdoor cook-off with some of the people from town and a few friends from my dad’s company were over. One of them was an old Native American Indian we called Long John.

 He told us kids not to wander off too far into the woods and stay close or the giant witch will get us.

 I FROZE DEAD IN MY TRACKS after hearing that!

I asked him to repeat what he just said, and sure enough, I had heard correctly.

It was an old Inuit legend that a giant witch who lived in the woods would come and steal children away from their parents when they wandered too far.

She would heat up rocks and put the children on the rocks and cook them up for supper!

I could not believe what I was hearing, this was the first time I had ever heard this story, and it knocked the wind out of me, because it was so close to my own experiences.

The Giant Witch was an Atanarjuat, but an evil one, and Indian sorcerers often use disembodied spirits for their own bidding to carry out their deeds. They are also, according to the legend, able to possess people.

I started carrying a protective charm that was made for me by one of the elder shaman that made me appear in my astral form as a tall and strong hunter to the shadow people and the witch, so that they would leave me alone.

It may have been a trick of psychology, but whenever I carried that talisman with me (which was a leather bag stuffed with herbs and bark, a bottle cap and an eagle feather tied together) I never was bothered long by these creatures. I simply had to point at them and they would scatter and not return. I still have that same charm over 60 years later.

My message is that if anyone ever claims to have seen these creatures, I would think twice about discounting them.

I write my story because only recently, have I been made aware that others have seen them too.

I am not any more psychic than any of you, but I have seen some very strange things in my life that I cannot account for, other than to believe in the supernatural.

There may be more to this life than any of us could ever know."

Written by Ty Chase, Copyright 2009

Shadow Creatures and the Tuurnagait in the Woods...(Part One)

"As a 77 year old man, I have lived an extraordinary life and have seen many things, but none of things that ever happened to me was as terrifying or horrific as when I spent my first summer as a 14 year old boy in the pacific northwest on a camping trip. The memory of that time still terrorizes me to this day when I think of it. I want to share my story with all of you...

It was 1946, just one year after WW 2. My father moved the family (my mother, younger sister and me) from Chicago to Washington State.

My father was offered and accepted a job in the logging industry, and after the war, we all packed up everything we owned and headed out on the road together. As I recall, it took us about a week.

I was excited and nervous about the move we were making.

Little did I know at that time, just how nervous I should have been...

My father had bought an old three bedroom timber framed house for us off of an old dirt road about a half mile to our nearest neighbor. We were surrounded by the tall pine and fir trees that are common to the area.

 I never initially put much thought into it, but I had begun to notice as the weeks passed, strange figures looming around the house at night. They appeared to be in the form of shadow people, which I would watch from my bedroom window after the lantern went out.

At first, I was not very afraid of them, just more curious. This would turn out to be a mistake.

The shadowy figures did not move as the rest of the shadows did under the moonlight...they moved differently and with a purpose.

They always appeared regardless of if it was windy or not. I cannot explain exactly how I knew they were different, but they definitely were. They resembled people and walked through the forest in steps around the house.

One day, I was looking for evidence of their trespass. I never found any footprints, but I would occasionally find stones that were stacked up into small piles around my window.

At first, I discounted them, thinking it was my sister. I confronted her and she denied it. She has always been very honest and sincere and I believed her when she said she didn’t do it. Her and I had a special bond, she looked up to me and would never lie to me.

At nine years old, I know also that she would not have been able to move a few of the larger rocks into place.

My Father was always working and never really at home, when he was, he liked to read his paper and listen to his radio programs. My mother would not indulge herself in such trivialities as going into the woods and making piles of rocks, she was too busy keeping house.

I would walk down to the mailbox to collect our mail, about a half mile away, often. I would get the worst feeling that I was being followed and watched.

The further away from the house I got, the more intense the feeling.

Sometimes I would run as fast as I could down that dirt road to get the mail and get back as fast as I could. It was about a 20 minute walk to the mailbox and a 20 minute walk back. I had managed to cut my time down to 25 minutes there and back and became a good runner because of it.

Even though I could never actually see them during the day, I knew they were following me when I would wander too far away. I always felt that I could be taken at any time.

 I would regularly take down the piles of rocks, and within a few nights, they would re-appear, often in different places. And as I said, there never was a sign of human activity. I did not know what to do about the strange rock formations and the shadow people I saw. Every time I would ask about it, I was told to stop being stupid.

One night, they came really close to my window, I remember because it was a hot summer night and the frogs were unusually loud that evening. It was about 9 or 10 o’ clock at night, the sun had set not long before; we were tucked into bed… (My bed time was 8 o’ clock). I heard a terrible thump on the wall facing the outside near my window.

I jumped out of bed, ran over to the window and saw it. It was a black shadowy thing with a head and arms and a torso with no legs that whipped its head around and looked up at me. I swear to this, that thing was real and it was there.

I was so terrified I froze for a moment.

Then I ran to the closet in the den and grabbed dads Remington rifle, loaded it as fast I could and got to the door. I was so scared to open it that my fingers were shaking. But I closed my eyes and managed to do it.

I turned the latch and the wooden door creaked open to the night.

I took a very cautious and nervous step out onto the porch and turned right, where my bedroom window was, to look at the thing.


I did not know what to do, or what it was, I was never so frightened in all my life. I raised the rifle and fired off a round into it.

I quickly reloaded the bolt action rifle and got off another two shots before the rest of the shells from my pajama front pocket spilled out onto the wooden deck. The thing did not react to the bullets being fired through it, instead it just menaced at me floating there by my bedroom window.

It was not long before my dad came running out to the porch, the thing had whipped away so fast in less than a second that by the time my dad was there, it was gone.

He took the rifle from me, picked up a few shells reloaded it and pushed me behind him. He stood between me and the dark woods where this thing had come from and asked if it was a wolf.

I bit my lip and, lied. Yes, it was a wolf.  "Did you get it?" he asked. "I’m sorry, I don’t think so" I said, feeling bad for telling a fib to my father.

A few weeks passed. I had begun having night terrors and would have a recurring dream that a giant witch lady was coming to pick me up and scoop me into a basket and take me away. She cooked people on rocks and ate them.

I understand how ridiculous this sounds, but it was a chilling and grisly dream that I had often.

She was a witch who lived in the woods and would use the souls of her former victims to gather up more children. As a 14 year old in those days, I was considered a young man and not really a kid as such, but someone had forgot to tell the witch that.

I got to a point in my life that I needed to know what was happening. I certainly couldn’t talk to anyone about it, especially in those days. So I started investigating.

What I found in the public records and newspaper archives scared the hell out of me even more"...

Continued in part below:

Sunday, February 13, 2011


There are many tales of haunted rocking chairs on the internet. Some people won't even be in the same room with a rocker, because of things that have happened in their past with these mysterious pieces of furniture, such as the tale in the video below...

And here's another haunted rocker tale, from Jo White, of ""...

"When my father was 12 or 13 years old, he lived with his family in an old house in Nocatee....

With this house, came a strange rocking chair made of solid oak. Every night at midnight the chair would start rocking by itself - as if someone was sitting in it.

One day my grandmother decided the chair had to go - and put it in a shed behind the house. As was her custom, she padlocked the door.    She kept the key in her pocket at all times as there were other items in the shed she did not want to children to get hold of.

The next morning, the kids went to school and Granny and Grandpa went to work in the fields. When my father  and his siblings returned home from school they found the old rocker in the living room in the exact spot it had always occupied!
When Granny got home, the children ran to her and asked why she had brought that spooky old chair back into the house. Granny replied that she had not and thought the children were playing a joke on her.

As she went into the living room, she gasped in surprise when she saw the chair sitting in the same spot Granny tried putting the chair back into the shed several times and every time it would find its way back into the house while everyone was away.

Not more than a week after her last attempt, the house burned to the ground. The only thing left standing was the old rocker!"

Or how bout this one?

"I  was maybe 7-10 years old, when around christmas, I had spent the night at my aunt Lori's house to be with my cousins...

 I was sleeping on one couch, and my cousin Emily on another. My aunt lori's rocking chair was at the head of the couch I was sleeping on (my cousin was across the living room).

I had fallen asleep and awoke to the sound of the chair clunking (it made very loud noises when it was rocked in). I turned my head around to see who was rocking in the chair, but no one was there!

I got off the couch and touched the part where your butt would be, it was cold and I was so scared. I then said to who ever was rocking in the chair "please stop you are scaring me..." it wouldn't stop.

I went to go wake up my aunt Lori, she had came out of the room and the chair stopped. She said "Nothings wrong Rachel, go back to bed..." As soon as her door had closed, the chair began to rock again.

At this point I was terrified! I thought that if it was a nice ghost or my Grandma Helen, they would have stopped.

I woke my cousin Emily up to go in the next room and she didn't even seem to notice the chair was even rocking. When we get into her room and closed the door, the chair began to rock harder and harder... almost violent rocking.

I don't know how I went to sleep that night!

That's the most scared I've ever been my entire life!

 I'm now 16, and it bothers me to this day. I've always wanted to find out who was rocking in that chair that night!"

That's all for now kids, but remember, the next time you go shopping for may want to by-pass the rockers! ;)



I was alone, and terrified!

"My husband was at a meeting and I had him paged. Wow, this was a bad idea! He was so mad, he screamed for hours. We had the biggest argument, and I told him I was not spending another night alone!

My husband's boss had a little girl, around 10 years old and she would come over almost every weekend to play with my daughter.

She had been visiting the entire time I was pregnant, and toward the end of my pregnancy, my husband asked her if she wanted to come spend the night because he had a pharmacy meeting and did not know how late he would be.

He told her it would be good company for me, and she could play with my daughter. Well she came and she fell asleep on the couch and I went to bed around 11:00 p.m.

My husband returned home around 12:00 p.m. and found the little girl sitting up on the couch shaking.

She started howling that she wanted to go home, she wanted to go home!  He called his boss and brought her home and she would never say what had happened.

The next morning, I went to visit her mother to see what had happened...

Her mother said that her daughter said she saw the rocker rocking very hard and she got very scared. Her mother also said she was probably dreaming, being away from home and all. I agreed with her, because, as I said earlier, my husband refused to let me tell anyone about what I had seen.

By this time, I was laid up again and on total bed rest. I had different people come and stay with me during the day, but sometimes at night, when he was late and no one else was home, I could hear the rocker rocking in the living room from my bedroom.

I was beside myself, but my husband would not believe me and told me to stop driving myself crazy with this nonsense.

I became sicker and sicker, not only from the pregnancy, but I started to believe I was going mad. I cried constantly and nothing would console me. I was totally petrified and the rocking only intensified. During this pregnancy it was much worse.

The trailer would become ice cold, to the point that I was freezing and it was in the summer time.

My mother came about a week before my son was born and stayed a month. While she was there, the rocker did not rock.

After my son's birth, I was laid up due to problems from the pregnancy. I had to have surgery approximately 5 months after his birth and I had constant nurses & friends to help take care of me, when he was not there.

Also at this time, we were building a home and two weeks after my surgery, I was able to be on my own. I never saw the rocker rock again.

We moved into our 4 bedroom home, bought new furniture and we put the rocker in the spare bedroom. I would only go in there to dust and vacuum once a month.

I became pregnant with my third child, and by this time, I had come to believe that maybe I was just seeing things. After all, pregnancy can cause weird things in women?

NO! That was not the answer!

During my 8 month of pregnancy, my two children were sleeping in their room and it was late. I was walking to my bedroom and it started to get really cold down the hallway, next to the spare bedroom.

I stopped by the spare bedroom door... and I heard the rocker squeaking. Then...I heard a woman's voice, very softly singing!

I froze!!!

When I could finally move again, I backed down the hallway and ran and got my two kids...then I ran to the garage. I backed the car out of the garage and parked in the driveway. Then I locked the doors until my husband came home.

When he finally got home, he said once and for all, that he had had enough! This had to stop!

I told him the only way to make it stop, was to get rid of it!

(note from Queenie: That thing woulda done BEEN gone if it was in MY dang house!)  :/

A few days later, he called me from work and said he was donating the rocker to the Jaycees to be used at Wal-Mart for Santa Claus to sit in, to take pictures with the children, and that two Jaycees were coming to get the rocker.

The two Jaycees arrived, and I showed them where the rocker was. It took both of them to lift the rocker into the bed of their truck. They thanked me and my husband for the donation, and said it would be put to good use. I never told them a word about what I had been through during my pregnancies with my three children. They left my house.

The rest of this story is not by me, but by both Jaycees as to what they witnessed that afternoon:

They were driving down the Loreauville highway, approximately 30 - 35 miles per hour. The passenger saw something out the corner of his eye and turned toward the bed of the truck.

He said the rocker was floating in mid-air about three feet up from the bed of the truck!

He screamed at the driver and the driver looked in the rear view mirror and they said the rocker lifted even higher and higher and fell onto the highway, breaking into pieces.

They pulled off the side of the road and could not believe their eyes. They had numerous other witnesses in cars that were behind them who had seen the entire thing.

They told me it took them a good half an hour after they picked up the pieces and all the witnesses left to continue on.

They arrived at the pharmacy where my husband was working and explained what had happened.

My husband was floored, he could not believe it!

Not only did the two Jaycees tell him what had happened, but several other people who had seen it from other vehicles. My husband then told them to contact me and I would tell them everything that had happened.

Both Jaycees returned to my home that afternoon. When I answered the door, they were still terrified. They told me what had happened and they wanted to know what had occurred over all these years. I proceeded to tell them all the facts of what had occurred.

A few weeks later we were at my mother-in-laws for the weekend and I told her that we had donated the rocker to the Jaycees for Christmas so that Santa could take pictures with the kids sitting in their laps.

Before I could tell her that the rocker had fallen out of the truck, she looked up at me and had the biggest smile on her face.

She said "You know Aunt Rose would be pleased to hear that if she were alive...She rocked all 7 of her children in that rocking chair, and all 12 of her grandchildren...In fact, they found Aunt Rose dead in that rocking chair one morning, she had passed away in her sleep."

My husband looked at me and I looked at him.

I was finally a little relieved, somewhat, to know that this thing that had scared me half out of my mind, was not someone who wanted to hurt me, all she wanted to do was rock babies.

We never told my mother-in-law what had transpired over the years and I never told anyone, until three years ago, one of the Jaycees contacted me after 33 years, wanting to get my story to put in the upcoming Halloween section of the Daily Iberian, In New Iberia, La.

He told me he had never forgotten that afternoon and never will!

I was divorced from my husband and had been for many years, so I gave them permission to write my story, but not his name.

Well the story you have read was on Sunday's front page news three years ago, and filled the entire front page.

We had all the witnesses who had observed what had happened, sign a release saying that everything they had witnessed was true."

Thanks for visiting the playhouse! And I must say, you're off your rocker if you don't stay tuned for more haunted rocking chair tales!


"Hello, my name is Deborah Soileau and I live in South Louisiana. I am currently 55 years old and my story started 35 years ago...

 My husband was going to pre med school in Baton Rouge, La and I was the only one working. We lived in a small apartment and the only furniture we had was donated by our family.

My mother-in-law gave us an old rocker, which needed covering and the wood needed sanding and re-staining. My husband and I recovered the rocker in a black material and re-sanded the arms and legs. The rocker was very old and very heavy.

My husband then transferred to Monroe, La to attend Pharmacy School. There I got a job at a local bank. During the last year of his schooling I became pregnant with our first child and after 7 months of pregnancy my doctor took me off work and partial bed rest.

 My husband then had to get a part time job and he would attend school all day and work from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m or later at the school cafeteria, which left me home by myself every night except for weekends.

Around my 8 month of pregnancy I was laying on the sleeper couch in the living room watching television. We had purchased a very small mobile home when we moved to Monroe. I had the living room/kitchen light on. All of a sudden the rocker starting rocking, at first a very slow rock, then a litter bit slower, then a little bit faster...

I sat up unable to move, just staring and saying; "Oh my God! Oh my God!"

I stood up and slowly backed out of the mobile home and went to my neighbor's trailer. (We lived in a large trailer park and we were friends with a lot of people who lived there.)

My next door neighbor's lights were on and her husband worked nights. I told her I could not sleep and I was not feeling well, and wanted to stay at her place until my husband got home. I was too embarassed to tell her what I had just witnessed.

When my husband came home, I told him I was too scared to go back in the house. He just laughed at me and said I was just seeing things and that I had probably fallen asleep.

I assured him this was not the case and he said it was probably the air conditioning vent on the floor making the chair rock. I said, "Well if that's the case, how come I just now noticed it, when I am always home?" He then moved the rocker totally away from the vent.

Days and nights passed, and many nights, the same thing would happen. It only occurred at night between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. and only when I was alone. I started making every excuse I could to visit neighbors. My husband was really starting to get worried about me and said it had to do with my pregnancy and being put on bed rest. He did not want me to tell anyone about what I was seeing.

The time finally came and I had my child, a little girl in December of 1974. My mother came to stay with me for the first month and the rocker completely stopped rocking.

My husband graduated within this time frame and I went back home with my mother, while he packed up the trailer and found a mover to move the trailer to New Iberia, La. where he had found a pharmacy job.

We moved into another trailer park and I returned home after about 1 week. He was working days and would get off at 6:00 p.m. I did not see the rocker rock for a long time.

Time passed and when my daughter was two, I was pregnant again, with my second child. I was probably close to 8 months at the time, and had put the rocking chair incident out of my mind.

Until one night, when it started all over again"....

(Continued in Part Two)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Closet Monster...(Final Chapter)

 Creepy Crying In The Room Of Doom!
 I Wonder...Did The Closet Cause It?

"I grew up in an old house in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...

It was a three-story home built around 1880, about 15 years after the American Civil War ended. A lot of unexplainable things have happened to me while I lived there, but nothing was enough to make me want to move out.

I always believed this house was haunted. I've experienced: hearing footsteps ascending the stairs, stopping in front on my bedroom door; something unseen pulling on my hair; seeing a cat in the house when I didn't own a cat; doorknobs jiggling on their own; both of my front windows shattering for no reason at the same time; seeing a two-foot dark figure run across the floor and vanish behind a recliner; and having a blanket yanked off of me while I was sleeping.

These things I shrugged off as either seeing or feeling things that weren't there.  With some of them, I was satisfied with my own explanations, like maybe a variance in temperature could have broken the windows... or the blanket could have slid off me through the course of sleeping, and I may have mistaken it for being yanked off of me, etc.

But there are two stories that stick out in my mind as being the creepiest...

Ever since I can remember, I've always heard noises in one of the closets in my room. Not just random noises, but particularly loud banging. Sometimes it would even wake me up. Because of that, I never used that closet for anything but storage.

Occasionally, I'd get up and open the closet door in an effort to put my mind at ease, in hopes of finding the cause, but I never did find out. The only thing I could compare it to would be that it sounds like someone was inside the closet and banging on the door to get out.

Eventually, I resorted to not using the closet at all and I reversed the door knob. The knob only had a lock on one side and I put the lock on the inside of the closet, and then I locked it. The only way the closet could be opened was either with a screwdriver from the outside, or it can be unlocked normally from the inside.

One night during the summer of 1984, I went to bed as normal, but when I woke up the following morning, I noticed my bedroom door was open. I thought it was peculiar because I always lock my bedroom door, plus it was summertime and I had the air conditioner running.

While I was trying to convince myself that I accidentally left the bedroom door open, I noticed that the closet door was wide open. My jaw hit the floor! There was no way that anyone could've unlocked the closet door because it was locked from the inside. I could only conclude that something was in the closet, unlocked the door, opened it and walked around my bed while I was sleeping, and opened the bedroom door and left the room.

Ever since then, the noises in that closet have ceased, and I put a desk in front of it.

In the summer of 1999, I moved into my parents' house because I had two surgeries and needed help doing things until I recovered. My parents are the kind of people that were always arguing. There was a lot of negative energy in that house and it was the main reason I had moved out several years prior.

During this time, my parents were discussing getting a divorce, which I believed would probably be in the best interest for both of them. It was obvious they had grown to hate each other.

I'm a night owl, and every night around 2:00 or 3:00 a.m., I would hear my parents argue about various topics, and would usually end up with one of them getting up to sleep in the spare bedroom. 

This spare bedroom had a hole in the wall about the size of a basketball which was put there by my brother during one of his temper tantrums and had never been repaired. The hole went completely through the wall, from the hallway into the bedroom.

One night, I heard them arguing and realized I needed to use the bathroom. I decided to wait until the argument was over. After everything had settled down, I went to the bathroom. While I was in there, I heard crying. Actually, it was more like sobbing or weeping, with some whimpering and moaning. It sounded kind of creepy really, almost painful. I finished my business and left the bathroom.

As I walked down the hallway in complete darkness (because the hallway light was broken) I had to pass by the spare bedroom, so I paused for a few moments at the hole in the wall, and I heard the crying coming from inside the room. I continued on, and went to bed and didn't think much else about it.

The next day, I went downstairs for breakfast and asked my mom who stayed in the spare bedroom last night. She said no one had, and asked why. I told her I heard someone in the spare bedroom crying and said it was neither of them. The discussion went on for a few more minutes and she insisted it wasn't them. It was at that moment, when the chills went down my back, and I was having flashbacks of the scary experiences I had in the house when I was younger.

About two weeks later, I went downstairs in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. While in there, I once again heard the crying. Every hair on my arms and legs stood straight up. Now I was really scared. I finished my business and was somewhat relieved that the door was shut, but at the same time, I was terrified to leave the bathroom to go back to my bedroom because I knew I had to walk by the hole in the wall.

It took me about 30 minutes to muster up the courage to come out of the bathroom. The whole time, the crying was persistent. I ran down the hallway in partial darkness, ducked below the hole in the wall, and ran up the flight of stairs to my bedroom, the whole time feeling like something was behind me, and slammed my door shut and locked it.

I asked my mother about it again the next morning, and again, she said no one stayed in the room. I suppose it's kind of silly of me to have acted that way, but if any of you had seen, heard or felt some of things that I've experienced in that house in my youth, you may have reacted the same way.

I now live on the other side of the country with a family of my own, and have absolutely no odd occurrences. But my family still owns the house, and one day after my parents pass, I will own the house. 

Though I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with it!"

Ok kids...that's it for today.

I hope you've enjoyed the Closet Monster blogs, and if you have any closet tales of your own to share, I would be thrilled to post them here!

 Thanks for stoppin' by! :)

And until we meet again...

Remember to keep those closet doors