Sunday, February 13, 2011


There are many tales of haunted rocking chairs on the internet. Some people won't even be in the same room with a rocker, because of things that have happened in their past with these mysterious pieces of furniture, such as the tale in the video below...

And here's another haunted rocker tale, from Jo White, of ""...

"When my father was 12 or 13 years old, he lived with his family in an old house in Nocatee....

With this house, came a strange rocking chair made of solid oak. Every night at midnight the chair would start rocking by itself - as if someone was sitting in it.

One day my grandmother decided the chair had to go - and put it in a shed behind the house. As was her custom, she padlocked the door.    She kept the key in her pocket at all times as there were other items in the shed she did not want to children to get hold of.

The next morning, the kids went to school and Granny and Grandpa went to work in the fields. When my father  and his siblings returned home from school they found the old rocker in the living room in the exact spot it had always occupied!
When Granny got home, the children ran to her and asked why she had brought that spooky old chair back into the house. Granny replied that she had not and thought the children were playing a joke on her.

As she went into the living room, she gasped in surprise when she saw the chair sitting in the same spot Granny tried putting the chair back into the shed several times and every time it would find its way back into the house while everyone was away.

Not more than a week after her last attempt, the house burned to the ground. The only thing left standing was the old rocker!"

Or how bout this one?

"I  was maybe 7-10 years old, when around christmas, I had spent the night at my aunt Lori's house to be with my cousins...

 I was sleeping on one couch, and my cousin Emily on another. My aunt lori's rocking chair was at the head of the couch I was sleeping on (my cousin was across the living room).

I had fallen asleep and awoke to the sound of the chair clunking (it made very loud noises when it was rocked in). I turned my head around to see who was rocking in the chair, but no one was there!

I got off the couch and touched the part where your butt would be, it was cold and I was so scared. I then said to who ever was rocking in the chair "please stop you are scaring me..." it wouldn't stop.

I went to go wake up my aunt Lori, she had came out of the room and the chair stopped. She said "Nothings wrong Rachel, go back to bed..." As soon as her door had closed, the chair began to rock again.

At this point I was terrified! I thought that if it was a nice ghost or my Grandma Helen, they would have stopped.

I woke my cousin Emily up to go in the next room and she didn't even seem to notice the chair was even rocking. When we get into her room and closed the door, the chair began to rock harder and harder... almost violent rocking.

I don't know how I went to sleep that night!

That's the most scared I've ever been my entire life!

 I'm now 16, and it bothers me to this day. I've always wanted to find out who was rocking in that chair that night!"

That's all for now kids, but remember, the next time you go shopping for may want to by-pass the rockers! ;)


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