Monday, February 14, 2011

Shadow Creatures and the Tuurnagait in the Woods...(Part Two)

Continued from part one:

"Apparently between the years of 1939 – 1946, 41 children in that area had been reported as missing or lost with no trace. That is an average of over ten kids a year.

I would pray to God every night to keep them away, some nights it worked, and others it wouldn’t.

I was very sincere and very scared having to go into my bedroom after sunset. There were times when I could not sleep at all, and other times when, (nobody ever knew this) I would cry myself to sleep wishing they would just leave.

I always knew when they came because I could feel them in the room with me and outside my window watching me. The piles of rocks would appear near the house for years to come and I would see them out of the corner of my eye.

I never in my life wanted my little sister to go through that, so I never, ever brought it up or said anything about it to her. I would come to find out years later that she too knew of these shadow people who lived in the woods and had the same dreams and similar experiences as I did but never said anything to anyone.

When we talked about it years later, she burst into tears, telling me that she thought she was the only one and that she thought she might have been going crazy.

A year later on my 15th birthday, I was having a party at the house and it was an outdoor cook-off with some of the people from town and a few friends from my dad’s company were over. One of them was an old Native American Indian we called Long John.

 He told us kids not to wander off too far into the woods and stay close or the giant witch will get us.

 I FROZE DEAD IN MY TRACKS after hearing that!

I asked him to repeat what he just said, and sure enough, I had heard correctly.

It was an old Inuit legend that a giant witch who lived in the woods would come and steal children away from their parents when they wandered too far.

She would heat up rocks and put the children on the rocks and cook them up for supper!

I could not believe what I was hearing, this was the first time I had ever heard this story, and it knocked the wind out of me, because it was so close to my own experiences.

The Giant Witch was an Atanarjuat, but an evil one, and Indian sorcerers often use disembodied spirits for their own bidding to carry out their deeds. They are also, according to the legend, able to possess people.

I started carrying a protective charm that was made for me by one of the elder shaman that made me appear in my astral form as a tall and strong hunter to the shadow people and the witch, so that they would leave me alone.

It may have been a trick of psychology, but whenever I carried that talisman with me (which was a leather bag stuffed with herbs and bark, a bottle cap and an eagle feather tied together) I never was bothered long by these creatures. I simply had to point at them and they would scatter and not return. I still have that same charm over 60 years later.

My message is that if anyone ever claims to have seen these creatures, I would think twice about discounting them.

I write my story because only recently, have I been made aware that others have seen them too.

I am not any more psychic than any of you, but I have seen some very strange things in my life that I cannot account for, other than to believe in the supernatural.

There may be more to this life than any of us could ever know."

Written by Ty Chase, Copyright 2009

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