Monday, February 7, 2011


The Closet Monster Is Real!
(At least to many children around the world, that is!)

And I was one of those children, when I was around the age of seven...

I remember lying in my bed at night, terrified, sweating under the covers, as I listened to the noises coming from my closet... 

Daddy said it was just rats (as if that wasn't scary enough!) but I knew better.

Rats couldn't move heavy boxes across the floor, or jiggle the door handle. Even a seven year old knew that!

I'll talk more about that in part three, but for now...

Here's a few stories from other people who have had experiences with their own closet monsters (aka "closet ghosts")...Enjoy!

 (By Marie @ "Archive X")

"On august 1st of 2005, my son and I moved into this duplex...

When I first arrived to look at the place, it seemed fine, but now I think that I jumped into this too quickly. 

The first night of our stay, my son and niece said that something had touched their legs. 

The second night of our stay, my son and I were lying down shootin' the breeze in my room. The bedroom door that was cracked half way open had closed, then re-opened. This happened a couple of times, until we finally worked up the nerve to get up and turn on the light. 

The next night, my son blacked out after having (what seemed to be) a nervous break down about the ghost living in his room and closet. Now, the thing about it, is my son is a big 15 year old, and he does not scare easily!

After 20 minutes, he went back to his normal self and cannot remember the incident. 

That same night, he went to sleep with me, and I woke up to something pulling back and forth on the door knob of my closet.  I screamed, but my son never woke up! 

Relatives have said that this place gives them bad vibes, and that sometimes, they can hear people talking. 

One cool day,  I decided to turn off the air conditioner and open the front door to get some fresh air, when suddenly, there was knocking at the door. Looking through the peek hole of my front door, no one was there!

Now it is day 28, and last night, my young nephew and I were sleeping, when suddenly, he woke up screaming. He had jumped off the bed, and the bedroom closet swung open in front of him!

But this morning, he can only remember standing in front of the open closet... hearing the high pitched scream of a female. 

I talked to the people who lived in this duplex before me, and they also lived with this ghost. Even after saying prayers and using holy water, the ghost will not leave! 

I'm a single mother and it took my savings to move into this place.

Unfortunately, it seems we're stuck here for a long time...but this ghost is going to drive us insane!"

Be sure to come outta the closet for part two!
Coming Soon, to a closet near YOU!

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