Sunday, February 13, 2011


I was alone, and terrified!

"My husband was at a meeting and I had him paged. Wow, this was a bad idea! He was so mad, he screamed for hours. We had the biggest argument, and I told him I was not spending another night alone!

My husband's boss had a little girl, around 10 years old and she would come over almost every weekend to play with my daughter.

She had been visiting the entire time I was pregnant, and toward the end of my pregnancy, my husband asked her if she wanted to come spend the night because he had a pharmacy meeting and did not know how late he would be.

He told her it would be good company for me, and she could play with my daughter. Well she came and she fell asleep on the couch and I went to bed around 11:00 p.m.

My husband returned home around 12:00 p.m. and found the little girl sitting up on the couch shaking.

She started howling that she wanted to go home, she wanted to go home!  He called his boss and brought her home and she would never say what had happened.

The next morning, I went to visit her mother to see what had happened...

Her mother said that her daughter said she saw the rocker rocking very hard and she got very scared. Her mother also said she was probably dreaming, being away from home and all. I agreed with her, because, as I said earlier, my husband refused to let me tell anyone about what I had seen.

By this time, I was laid up again and on total bed rest. I had different people come and stay with me during the day, but sometimes at night, when he was late and no one else was home, I could hear the rocker rocking in the living room from my bedroom.

I was beside myself, but my husband would not believe me and told me to stop driving myself crazy with this nonsense.

I became sicker and sicker, not only from the pregnancy, but I started to believe I was going mad. I cried constantly and nothing would console me. I was totally petrified and the rocking only intensified. During this pregnancy it was much worse.

The trailer would become ice cold, to the point that I was freezing and it was in the summer time.

My mother came about a week before my son was born and stayed a month. While she was there, the rocker did not rock.

After my son's birth, I was laid up due to problems from the pregnancy. I had to have surgery approximately 5 months after his birth and I had constant nurses & friends to help take care of me, when he was not there.

Also at this time, we were building a home and two weeks after my surgery, I was able to be on my own. I never saw the rocker rock again.

We moved into our 4 bedroom home, bought new furniture and we put the rocker in the spare bedroom. I would only go in there to dust and vacuum once a month.

I became pregnant with my third child, and by this time, I had come to believe that maybe I was just seeing things. After all, pregnancy can cause weird things in women?

NO! That was not the answer!

During my 8 month of pregnancy, my two children were sleeping in their room and it was late. I was walking to my bedroom and it started to get really cold down the hallway, next to the spare bedroom.

I stopped by the spare bedroom door... and I heard the rocker squeaking. Then...I heard a woman's voice, very softly singing!

I froze!!!

When I could finally move again, I backed down the hallway and ran and got my two kids...then I ran to the garage. I backed the car out of the garage and parked in the driveway. Then I locked the doors until my husband came home.

When he finally got home, he said once and for all, that he had had enough! This had to stop!

I told him the only way to make it stop, was to get rid of it!

(note from Queenie: That thing woulda done BEEN gone if it was in MY dang house!)  :/

A few days later, he called me from work and said he was donating the rocker to the Jaycees to be used at Wal-Mart for Santa Claus to sit in, to take pictures with the children, and that two Jaycees were coming to get the rocker.

The two Jaycees arrived, and I showed them where the rocker was. It took both of them to lift the rocker into the bed of their truck. They thanked me and my husband for the donation, and said it would be put to good use. I never told them a word about what I had been through during my pregnancies with my three children. They left my house.

The rest of this story is not by me, but by both Jaycees as to what they witnessed that afternoon:

They were driving down the Loreauville highway, approximately 30 - 35 miles per hour. The passenger saw something out the corner of his eye and turned toward the bed of the truck.

He said the rocker was floating in mid-air about three feet up from the bed of the truck!

He screamed at the driver and the driver looked in the rear view mirror and they said the rocker lifted even higher and higher and fell onto the highway, breaking into pieces.

They pulled off the side of the road and could not believe their eyes. They had numerous other witnesses in cars that were behind them who had seen the entire thing.

They told me it took them a good half an hour after they picked up the pieces and all the witnesses left to continue on.

They arrived at the pharmacy where my husband was working and explained what had happened.

My husband was floored, he could not believe it!

Not only did the two Jaycees tell him what had happened, but several other people who had seen it from other vehicles. My husband then told them to contact me and I would tell them everything that had happened.

Both Jaycees returned to my home that afternoon. When I answered the door, they were still terrified. They told me what had happened and they wanted to know what had occurred over all these years. I proceeded to tell them all the facts of what had occurred.

A few weeks later we were at my mother-in-laws for the weekend and I told her that we had donated the rocker to the Jaycees for Christmas so that Santa could take pictures with the kids sitting in their laps.

Before I could tell her that the rocker had fallen out of the truck, she looked up at me and had the biggest smile on her face.

She said "You know Aunt Rose would be pleased to hear that if she were alive...She rocked all 7 of her children in that rocking chair, and all 12 of her grandchildren...In fact, they found Aunt Rose dead in that rocking chair one morning, she had passed away in her sleep."

My husband looked at me and I looked at him.

I was finally a little relieved, somewhat, to know that this thing that had scared me half out of my mind, was not someone who wanted to hurt me, all she wanted to do was rock babies.

We never told my mother-in-law what had transpired over the years and I never told anyone, until three years ago, one of the Jaycees contacted me after 33 years, wanting to get my story to put in the upcoming Halloween section of the Daily Iberian, In New Iberia, La.

He told me he had never forgotten that afternoon and never will!

I was divorced from my husband and had been for many years, so I gave them permission to write my story, but not his name.

Well the story you have read was on Sunday's front page news three years ago, and filled the entire front page.

We had all the witnesses who had observed what had happened, sign a release saying that everything they had witnessed was true."

Thanks for visiting the playhouse! And I must say, you're off your rocker if you don't stay tuned for more haunted rocking chair tales!

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