Monday, February 7, 2011

The Closet Monster...(Part Two)

Who's "Hanging Around" In The Closet?

"I was visiting my cousin for the weekend and she lived in an apartment with my nanny...

Her room was huge and had a lot of space. Her closet was against the wall by the door to the room.

One night, I was having a sleep over with two of my cousins in her room. The door was shut and the lights were out and we were getting ready to go to sleep.

I was the youngest, so I slept in the middle of the bed between my cousins. I was about 6 and they were around 10.

I remember not being able to fall asleep because I felt as if someone was watching me.

I looked up from the covers and saw a light in the closet glowing out from under the door.

The door was closed and I could see what looked like someone walking around in the closet due to light being blocked out... like there were feet standing there.

The door opened and one of her dolls was thrown out of the closet onto the middle of the floor!

I was so scared and shocked I couldn't move and hid under the covers.

I told my dad the story because my nanny (his mother) lived there with my dad and her four other children, and was now raising my cousin in the same apartment.

He told me the apartment was haunted and when he was younger, they experienced many strange things in that room.

He also told me that a man who lived in the apartment before my nanny, had hung himself in the closet.

They lived there for many years, but finally moved out."

More creepy tales comin' outta the closet in part 3!

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