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Freaky Tales From The Paranormal Files...(Part Two)

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Ghostly Knitter
"When I was a little boy growing up in picturesque Southern Indiana, we lived in an old two-level farmhouse in the country...

My bedroom was upstairs in a large, open loft-type set-up.

One night as I climbed the stairs to my bedroom, I noticed a creaking noise coming from somewhere behind me.

As I reached the top of the stairs and turned around, I saw an old rocking chair moving back and forth for no apparent reason.

This aspect could be explained easily enough on its own; however, I also saw a set of knitting needles and some needlework in progress just hanging in midair!

It's safe to say that it looked like a ghost rocking in a chair and knitting!"

Ghostly Visitor

"My mother lived on a farm in Oklahoma for a few years as a child...

At the time of this event, she was only eight, but much older family members have corroborated her memory of it.

One night in 1950, her large family was awakened very late when they heard a loud knocking at the front door.

When my grandfather answered the door, there was a young, tired-looking Native American man on the porch.

He was very out of breath and he rasped out a story about a car wreck down the road and asked if they could come help.

The young man then left, and my grandfather followed later in the car with one of his sons.

They drove down the road, but never found any sign of a car wreck, so they returned home, perplexed.

The next morning, there were several police cars down the same road the young man had pointed out where the supposed wreck was.

A young Indian man had been shot the night before, and they found his body near the road.

The face in the paper was the same as the man who had come to the door.

The eerie thing was that his time of death had been long before the time they had seen him on their porch!

It is my belief, they had seen the young man's ghost pleading for help."

note from Queenie:
This type of ghost would be what we call a "crisis apparition".

Crisis Apparition : these are visions of persons, who at the time of their appearance are undergoing some form of crisis.  For example a severe illness, an injury or even death.

The theory behind this phenomenon is that the afflicted person (the sender or agent) who is either ill or dying, sends out telepathically an image of themselves to someone who has a close relationship with them.  It is thought that in general, the sender or agent is unconscious or unaware of sending any message. However, in the case of a death crisis, where the sender/agent actually dies, this is clearly difficult to verify.

Apparitions that are seen hours after death are put in to the category of "delayed" crisis apparitions. Some physical researchers even go as far as to suggest that the agent transmitted the picture while still alive, even if they were at the actual point of death.

(This is what I personally believe happened in the case above, though it's still hard to explain, being that the apparition appeared the night before the victim was even shot!)

Strange stuff indeed!

Ok...movin' right along...

I occasionally find ghost photos on photobucket that are SO CREEPY, that I just have to share them! And this is one of them!

I can't guarantee the authenticity of it, (though I have messaged the owner of the photo-and hopefully, I'll hear back from them soon) but here goes...

The Photobucket "Ghost Photo Of The Day"
This one is entitled "Freaky Old Man Ghost" and it is FREAKY INDEED! It doesn't even have a head!

 (I'll letcha know if I hear back from the owner!)

Alright, that's all for today kiddies, but stay tuned to this blog for more Freaky Tales From The Paranormal Files!

(Because I really "bend over backwards" to bring y'all these tales!;)

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