Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dead Time Stories...Part Two

Haunted Beds...

From Haunted America Tours:

"I have had the pleasure of investigating what is believed to be a very haunted baby quilt. I actually had it in my personal possession for several weeks in early May of this year.

The haunted handmade baby quilt is said top be that of belonging to a woman who's infant child had died upon it of sudden infant death syndrome in the late 1970's.

I placed the quilt on my guest bedroom bed just to make sure it did not infect my own bed. So this infant or it's ghost would not haunt my personal bed.

The haunted woman a young lady of 29 said to me that her young child son died laying atop this baby quilt when he was only a few weeks old.

When you place the quilt on a bed the family also told me that if you lay upon it you would struggle to catch your breath. And it was told to me by the dead child's mother directly, that you could hear her snoring and gasping in the night if you were in the same room with it.

This precious thing she felt was very haunted, and she felt it was time for her dead baby to move on and be with God.

And of course, to my great surprise, this all seemed very true for it, was exactly what I experienced when it it was in my possession.

Baby beds where infants have been reported to have died in, are supposedly, very more than just haunted, they might be cursed.

A old rule growing up in Marshall, was never to accept an old baby bed or bed clothes from someone if you knew that a newborn or young child had died in the family.

Often the ghost is thought to stay with the actual bed, crib or playpen where they died. and it is at times believed that this child is looking for a playmate or might try to possess your living new born infant.

A few short months before my daughter came into this world, I went out shopping for a new baby crib or small bassinet to put next to my bed. But even though I searched extensively, none could be found.

My mother brought me to a friend of hers house to see an old white clean wicker crib that she thought was perfect.

I bought it for $75 dollars and brought it home.

In the middle of that night waking from a deep sleep, I heard the screams of a ghostly dead child in the night, and I knew this white painted bassinet was truly haunted by the ghost of a child that had died in it.

Being who I am, I knew instinctively what to do. I went out and bought a brand new Jenny Lynn wooden baby bed and banished this crying ghosts and its basinet to the attic.

The dead baby crying in the attic each night, would awaken me or catch my attention as I did my daily household chores.

My mother and even the neighbors heard the shrill cries coming from my house and thought I had given birth prematurely.

I really don't know what my ex husband knew because he worked at nights and I did not want to tell him or alert him to the ghost baby screaming and crying in the attic.

My oldest friend, Julie Thomas, came over one time, and kept telling me "I hear your baby crying."  I knew it was not my child but the baby's ghost in the attic.

I told her (and several people who came to my home night and day in the months that followed) that it was the neighbors 20 or more cats out back, courting in their yard screaming their lungs out.

But I knew full well that this dead baby's real ghosts was the cause.

I put an ad in the paper and sold the bed out right, and that was that.

What ever happened to it, or if the new owners experienced anything, I do not know."

Haunted Death Beds

Many believe that hospital beds or those in hotels and private homes that people expire or cross over in, are often haunted by those that have died in them.

In Mcdowell County, North Carolina's Favorite Psychic, William Reese Smith, tells of a haunted bed he onced owned when he lived in New Orleans back in 2003- 2005:

The bed came into Smiths possesson as a gift, and it also came with a warning that elderly or sick indviduals should never sleep in it.

The Bed often would rattle and shake on it's own.

It even would un-make itself minutes after Smith had straightened it. He would be careful to flatten out the beautiful spread he kept on it so neatly.

"The bed never frightened me" said Smith, "but I never dared to sleep or even sit upon it."

"I really did not believe the tale fully, but I was cautious of it, so I never told my many guests that slept in it, that it was haunted.

To my amazement, everyone would tell me that they slept well, but they all told me personally, that they had strange dreams of meeting their dead loved ones."

Sadly, the bed was lost to Hurricane Katrina.

Many who contact several paranormal investigators worldwide, often have spoken of ghost grabbing them by an ankle, wrist, or their hair and ears, and pulling them forcibly from under the sheets.

Others still might experiencing waking up in a haunted bed only to find the sheets and covers pulled with great ferocity from them.

Such is an account related to me by a recent visitor to a haunted hotel. And this is often the case that supposedly happened to a young ghost hunter while staying in the Stanley Hotel, as the unseen ghost then proceeds to have real sexual contact with them.

Or as some accounts of those that have stayed in the very Haunted Queen Mary Hotel, do tell that you might just lay there and shiver in fear, as real solid invisible hands brutally beat the beds occupant within an inch of their life.

These incidents might just be a fabrication, but as many who study such know, these real occurrences have been reported and believed to be true by many independent sources.

Haunted beds sometimes will creak for no reason, as if some unseen body has fallen upon it. 

Such is the case of a haunted bed in the famous La Pavillion Hotel in New Orleans.

There is also reported a very haunted bed that creaks and moans in New Orleans. Located in a private home near Lake Shore Drive, this antique bed is from Paris, France.

It is now in a private collection, and locked in a large silent bedroom. 

This is said to be the place where the sounds of the real haunted bed is heard and witnessed rocking and creaking all on it's own. Many psychics claim it is that of two dead lovers forever embraced in eternal ghostly love making. (Ooh la la!)

There is the often told story of the very more than haunted bed in Las Vegas, Nevada...

This haunted bed is said to be so haunted, that no one dares to even gaze upon it.

Many who have seen it, say it will give you nightmares if you see it or glance at it's photo.

Several psychics who have investigated the bed report that they feel it is a known portal to the other world, and all admittedly state it should be destroyed.

The legend of this bed, is said to date back to a gruesome murder of a person who was tortured in it over time and died violently cursing all that beheld it.

True or not, it is something many have either tried or actually investigated, and that is, if you know the right people to contact.

This the real reportedly paranormal active bed that was once thought to have been purchased and brought to Las Vegas and owned by the very well known hotel magnet Howard Hughes.

Howard is believed to have bought it in Europe, after hearing the strange paranormal tales about it.

Many believe this to be an urban myth, but some report that it is real.

Hughes eccentricities many believe, bordered on paranormal activity and discovery, and the very real pursuit of proven life after death."

Stay tuned for part three, when I'll tell my own haunted bed story!

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