Thursday, January 6, 2011


What is it about Clowns that make them sooo creepy?

Is it the freakishly loud makeup?

The wild, fuzzy hair?

The Big Red Nose?

The crazy-colored costumes?

The six-sizes-too-big clown shoes?

To find the answer, I did a bit of online research, and I found out that statistically, clowns are the most hated of all creatures!

Stay tuned to this blog, to find out some of the things that normal, everyday people had to say about these freakish beings!

For example:

"I was in my car the other day and pulled up next to a McDonalds Van. Ronald was driving and he smiled. I nearly ran the red light to get away!"

"I have a severe phobia of clowns and I will partake in any movement or group that stands against this awful species of human kind. Clowns are just wrong wrong wrong wrong....arghhhhhhhhh somebody help me please!"

See what I mean?!

All this and more, coming soon!

So you need to join me!

(And I'm not clownin' around!;)



  1. i love it,sentrapainioss

  2. the best sweet tooth photo ever... i made it as my wallpaper... cheers