Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dime Store Demon Doll!

This haunted doll has a unique ghost story!

It was created in 1740, used in countless exorcisms, appeared on tv in the UK, been housed in a dime store, a museum and three exhibits, Yet, the doll remains virtually unheard of in the United States. The following story tells about the haunted history of the doll that is said to have a ghost attachment:

"Forty years ago, my father-in-law came across this doll in a dime store in America. It was displayed, surrounded by old pictures of itself, taken years before. On the floor in front of the display, was a red line. The display had a sign saying this: 

"In 1888, this doll was given to Cedric Argyle of London. The doll had previously been used in no less than 68 exorcisms. Reverend Thomas Blythe and his friend Mr. Argayus Brown used the doll in exorcisms when mischevious spirits haunted the stately homes and staff quarters of the gentry all over England. Thomas had often commented on the doll looking at him on numerous occasions and blinking or smiling.

After a time, the doll was finally photographed by a friend. When it was photographed again, some twenty minutes later, the photographer said the doll seemed to smile and it spooked him. No one took much notice until the plates were developed and the photographs revealed the face had actually changed! All the people who viewed the photographs were amazed at the difference, and put it down to all the lost souls unfortunately, being trapped inside the doll.

During the exorcism, the doll had been used to distract the spirit by being offered up as a plaything. Mr. Brown made the assumption that whilst the banishing of the spirit that haunted the house it was haunting, it somehow had entered the doll, trapping itself!"

Over the next few years, the doll had been photographed by thousands of people, who all stood on the red line and swore that the doll's face had changed expressions.


Or just a trick of the light?

Only the doll knows for sure...

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