Friday, December 3, 2010

The Dreaded "HAT MAN" Strikes again!

So I was watching "Celebrity Ghost Stories" on the Biography channel last night, (I just love that show!) and what a crazy co-inky-dink, that Carnie Wilson comes on, and starts talking about seeing the ol' dreaded HAT MAN!

My ears immediately perked up...

Y'all remember Carnie Wilson right? The daughter of 1960s pop icon, Brian Wilson, from "The Beach Boys", and former member of the girlie band, "Wilson Phillips". 

It was so crazy that she described him just like everyone else does! Extremely tall & skinny, long hair, trench coat, top hat & cane, and no face! Just a blackness where the face should've been-or perhaps some type of dark netting over the face.

But to make it even stranger, just as she pulled the covers over her head & began praying for him to go away, her sister Wendy, (who was spending the night & sleeping beside her) let out a blood-curdling scream, and started yelling at the top of her lungs for him to go away too! Come to find out, Wendy had been seeing The Hat Man, as well as many other "Shadow People" for quite some time-and claimed they were following her.

To see the full video of Carnie's interview, click the link below! (It's quite interesting!)

(If it doesn't go straight to the video, just go to "Episode 5, Part 4" on the right side in the menu bar)

I tried to post it here, but I haven't quite mastered that part of how things work around here yet. :/


I'm not done investigating this "Hat Man" yet.

I just find it way-strange that so many people have seen this..."thing"...(for lack of a better word!)

WHAT is he?

WHO is he?

What does he WANT?

I may never know...

But that doesn't stop me from being very curious...???

It's just in my nature...

I'm a very inquisitive person, and I want ANSWERS!!!

So if any of you out there in blogger land have been visited by this mysterious entity, I would love to hear your story!

In the meantime...

You may wanna sleep with a night light on!

Because he's out there...
Watching you...


  1. i've seen them
    they are real

  2. Omg now I know what this is---I've seen this yrs ago in Jamaica in the middle of my hallway with a flowing long coat on---I hope he never comes bck

  3. I've seen him in my dream back in 1990, and it was rather a very scary experience, He was chasing me, but fortunately, I got away from him, I always wonder what would have happened had he caught me? I would like to share with someone, as to what this man wants with people whom he frightens in their dreams.. Am just hoping I never have a dream about him again, if so, what do I do then? but My Lord is much stronger then he is, that is why I always pray to my Lord to protect me from such entity! P.S please do help me tell me, what do I do..