Thursday, December 2, 2010

"The Red Demon" & Other Evil!

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If you've been following my blog, then you've already heard of the mysterious "Hat Man" (aka) "The Shadow Man" that so many people have reportedly awoken to see standing over them as they sleep.

But what about the other evil that lurks out there?

The Hat Man isn't the only evil we have to fear, as we innocently doze in our beds at night...and sometimes, the "blackness" of the dark and the shadow people aren't all we have to worry about.

Because evil comes in all colors, shapes & today's terrifying tales shall prove...

"The Red Demon"

By "Anonymous" @ "Your True Tales"

"When I was about 17 years old, I moved into a basement suite and lived alone there for a very short time...

 My first night there, I had trouble falling asleep because I kept hearing strange noises in my bedroom. Sometimes it sounded like something scraping the wall here and there, and sometimes it sounded like paper being crumpled and rustling on the floor near the end of my bed...

 I imagined it was probably a mouse, even though it seemed very loud. I lay in my bed in the dark, terrified (it didn't take much to terrify me) for what seemed like an hour, listening to the strange sound...

 It would come from different directions around the room at at one point, even seemed to come from high up on the wall near my head!?!?

 I finally gathered enough courage to jump up, run to the door and flick the light on.

The noise stopped and I began to search for the cause of the disturbance...

The window was closed and there was nothing outside like tree branches rubbing along the wall.

There also was nothing on my floor or under the bed to account for the rustling noises.

Convincing myself it was a mouse in the walls, I turned out the light and returned to my bed. 

As my eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness, the sounds started again...

When I heard them at the foot of my bed, I pulled the blankets tight around my neck and lay there on my back imagining horrible things running around my room in the dark.

Suddenly, something landed on the bottom of my bed at my feet!

I was frozen with fear as it slowly made it's way up my body and sat on my chest.

 I instantly thought it was a cat, but there was nothing there-just the feeling of it sitting on my chest facing the wall behind my head.

I shakily lifted my arm and reached up to push it away when I felt it leap over my head and into the wall behind me! It never made a sound like you would expect after hitting the wall. It just vanished!?!?

I ran from the room and spent the remainder of the night on my couch with the television and lights on.

I stayed at my friend Laura's house after that, and one day, convinced her to stay in the basement suite with me...

We went to bed with her on the inside by the wall, and I on the outside. She fell asleep and I lay there listening for the strange noises, but they never came. 

After a while, I must have fallen asleep, but woke suddenly to feel something in the room with us.

I can't explain why I was scared at first, but I just felt this awful presence.

As I reached over to wake my friend, I looked toward the door and on the floor beside my bed, was the most shocking, frightening sight I have ever seen!

There was this thing that I can only describe as a demon or devil lying on his back!

He took up the whole length of the floor.

He was lying in the same direction as we, and his head was turned so that he was looking straight at me...grinning.

He seemed to be made out of clay - everything from his eyes to his short, curly hair and all of his skin was the same color of reddish brown.

Everything about him was enormous except for his hands-they were tiny and clasped over his stomach, with is fingers tapping rapidly.

He just lay there staring at me and grinning with only his fingers moving. 

I looked away from the creature long enough to grab Laura and shake her. She woke with a start, saying, "What? What!" But (of course) it was gone.

I never stayed in that house again and moved out without giving notice.

That happened 13 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

I'm positive I was not dreaming when the cat incident happened and I just pray that I was dreaming my last night there!"


"The Red Interdimensional Figure"

"This happened to me in October, 1968 just before my 19th birthday...

I was living with my parents and six brothers & sisters in Kaysville, Utah.

I came home from work one night, and found that my parents and siblings weren't home. It was getting late so I went to bed.

I shared a basement room with a younger brother. The room had no windows and when the door was closed, it was pitch black.

After lying there for a while, I opened my eyes and could make out the pattern of the wood paneling in our room. It was like the door was open and the light was on down the hall.

I halfway rolled over to see if the family had come home.

I could see a figure standing next to my bed and assumed it was my brother, so I lay back down.

I sensed he was still standing there, so I rolled over again and he was still standing there.

I could see that whoever was standing there, was wearing red and had long, messed-up red hair.

I knew my brother had been wearing a red t-shirt earlier, and for some reason, I thought he was wearing an old red wig my mother kept for the younger children to wear when they played dress-up.

I still thought it was my brother, so I asked him what he wanted...?

I lay back down and waited for him to respond...

There was nothing but silence.

I again, asked him again what he wanted.

Still no reply, but continued to stand there silently.

I was beginning to get impatient with him and asked once more.

Still nothing!

So I sat up in bed and turned and faced him.

I asked a final time what he wanted, and when there was again nothing but silence, I put out my arm to push him away.

But to my horror, my hand went right through him!!

While I was sitting there looking at my hand, he floated backward and all the light in the room gathered around him and it got smaller and smaller until it became a pinpoint and then just went out.

Now I'm sitting up in bed with my arm still outstretched, but the light in the room was completely gone and I could not even see my hand in front of my face.

When I realized it wasn't my brother standing there, I jumped up and ran through the house turning on every light I could!

Shortly after that, my family returned home from a movie.

I was still pretty shaken up from what I had just encountered, and was afraid to go back to bed that night.

I still think about that night, and sometimes during the night, I roll over quickly to see if something is standing beside my bed.

To my relief, there isn't, but I still wonder what it was I saw that night!?!?!

I know I wasn't dreaming!

I wonder if it was a ghost?

An alien??

Or a being from another dimension???

 I'll probably never know.

I just hope he doesn't come again!"

  omg...wait y'all!!

I think I know who it is!! 

 See ya next time folks!  
 (And thanks for visiting my blog! I'm lovin' it! ;)

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