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What Time Is It? Time For More Mysterious Time Slip Tales!

A Blip in Reality

In 1991, Glenn was a university student in Nova Scotia. What began as an ordinary bus trip back to his home town to visit his parents turned into a confusing distortion of time and space...

“I sat at the back of the bus and there was nobody around me,” says Glenn, “but there was a family sitting behind the driver in the front.

The bus ride was uneventful until we came close to my parents’ home town... 

I was looking out the window and looked at the Michelin tire factory as we went by it, going uphill. 

When the bus reached the top of the hill, I got a strange feeling, and for some unknown reason, I started to imagine many people on the bus laughing at me! 

“Right then, there was a blip in reality and the bus was suddenly about a mile back on the highway!

I then had the experience of watching the bus drive by the tire factory again! 

This kind of scared me, and I noticed that the family sitting in the front, who were talking loudly before, were now dead quiet. 

“I approached the bus driver when we stopped and told him what I thought happened. 

He looked really nervous and he said something like, ‘Things like that happen.”


Just take this account from a man in Chile, in 1977...

Putre, Chile, 1977 - At 3:50 a.m. on April 24, during army training exercises, a guard saw two fuzzy violet lights descending from the mountain and heading their way. 

At 4:15 a.m., Corporal Armando Valdez set out into the dark to investigate them. He returned 15 minutes later, but from the opposite direction in which he set out. 

He seemed to be in a kind of trance, muttering, "You do not know who we are or where we come from." 

Inexplicably, the corporal had several days growth of beard, and his watch had stopped at 4:15 - but showed a date of April 30! 

Or how about this one, in Maine:

Oxford, Maine, 1975 - At 3 a.m. on October 27, David Stephens, 21, and an 18-year-old friend were in a wooded area when they heard a strange sound. 

They got in their car to go investigate, and the vehicle was soon enveloped in a colored glow. There was a blink in reality and the two instantly found themselves about a mile away with the car pointing in the opposite direction. 

They subsequently suffered various physical abnormalities, including severe disorientation.

Or how about this England!

Somerset, England, 1974 - On July 28, Peter Williamson was having a barbecue in his backyard garden, which was interrupted by a heavy electrical storm. 

His dog, spooked by the threatening atmosphere, cowered under a tree. Peter went to rescue the animal. 

There was a bright flash - and Peter vanished into thin air!?! 

Police were called and a thorough investigation and search were conducted, without success.

At 8 a.m., three days later, Peter was found in some nearby bushes with one foot in a pond - as if he had just appeared there out of nowhere!

Things like this happen all over the world.
Even in Brazil...

Linhares, Brazil, 1981 - On April 20, Jorge Ramos, who was a representative for a chemical company, left his home at 6 p.m. to travel a few miles to a meeting. He never arrived. 

His Volkswagon was found on a side road a few miles from his home; the key was still in the ignition and all his business and personal effects were in the car. 

Police investigations could not account for what happened to Jorge or where he was. 

Five days later, his wife received a frantic call from Jorge. He said that while driving his car he was covered in a strange white glow after which he found himself in a dreamy, floating state. 

He came to standing by an unfamiliar road and sought help. To his shock, he discovered that the date was now April 25 - and he was 600 miles from home!

Is there any hard evidence for these bizarre occurrences?

An incident happened in Florida, which may have been captured on videotape:

In 1996 at 11:16 p.m., surveillance cameras were routinely monitoring and taping the area around a small factory.

The videotape reveals what happened: 

As a worker approached one of the gates, a fuzzy white glow appeared and covered the area where the man was standing. 

There was brief electrical interference to the cameras, but when they cleared, the man had disappeared. 

One hour and 50 minutes later, the cameras recorded his sudden reappearance. 

He was on all fours, violently ill and suffered a two-hour gap in his memory.

Drive Through Time

Another instance of time slippage that took place in 1969 is claimed by a man only identified as L.C.

In October of that year, L.C. and an associate were driving along Highway 167 when they passed what would be considered to be an antique car in mint condition. Oddly, however, the car's license plate was dated 1940. And that was just the beginning... 

As they passed the car slowly to its left, L.C. noticed the driver of the car was a young woman dressed in what appeared to be 1940 vintage clothing. 

The windows of her car were rolled up, a fact which puzzled L.C. because, though the temperature was nippy, it was quite pleasant and a light sweater was sufficient to keep you comfortable. 

As they pulled up next to the car, their study turned to alarm as their attention was riveted to the animated expressions of fear and panic on the woman's face.

Driving alongside of her at a near crawl, they could see her frantically looking back and forth as if lost or in need of help. 

She appeared on the verge of tears. L.C. called out to her and asked if she needed help. To this she nodded 'yes,' all the while with a very puzzled look at their vehicle.

After L.C. motioned to the young woman to pull off to the side of the road, L.C. and his friend drove ahead of the old car and pulled off themselves. 

They got out and looked back for the car... and it had simply vanished!

This episode was supposedly witnessed by another driver who was behind both cars. 

Time slippage? 

A ghost car?

Or just a little too much gin on the road trip? 

If true, this story is one more for the time-travel folder of the unexplained!

What can be concluded then from these anecdotal tales? Did these people actually travel, albeit briefly, into the past to glimpse scenes that once were? 

Or were they caught up in a form of haunting where, like an old movie, they saw a scene that had somehow been implanted in a location and allowed to "play back" again for those sensitive enough to pick up the lingering impressions?

Perhaps there is a natural phenomenon that under the right conditions and location can produce briefly a doorway to another time and place. 

Even though this may sound outrageous, this natural "time machine" could show that modern concepts and perceptions of time need to be seriously reconsidered. 

It may be that the past and even the future might be closer then thought with current scientific theories. 

With the right frame of mind and the right natural conditions, the barriers of time and space that have traditionally kept mankind locked into place may finally be broken, allowing the mysteries of the world and the universe to be finally revealed.

See ya next "time!" 

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