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The Weird World Of Time Slips...

Time Slips

On The Edge Of Time...

We are used to time progressing in a linear fashion, one event leading to another. Strangely, it doesn’t always work like that.
Consider the experience of Eula White in rural Alabama when she was a young girl in the 1920s...
“In those days,” Eula says, “rural Alabama was still kind of backward. Little electricity, and horses and wagons the only transportation for many farm folk.
I remember it was a bright summer day...
Early that morning, the other women and I had gathered on the front porch of the Hawkins' farmhouse to shell quite a few bushels of peas and beans.
“About mid-afternoon we were still on the porch shelling peas.
We looked up and saw Mr. Hawkins approaching the house.
Thrown across the saddle in front of him, was a large white, cloth sack of flour, and cradled in his left arm was a brown bag of other groceries.
We watched as he rode up to the gate, and he stopped there, waiting for someone to open it.
One of the boys ran to the gate and opened it.
Then, in full view of all of us women and children, Mr. Hawkins vanished!
He just disappeared, instantly!
“We sat there for a second or so, just astonished.
Then, terrified, we began screaming!
After a few minutes, we calmed down, but were still shaking and confused.
We just didn't know what to do!?!?!
So after a while, we went back to shelling peas.
Mrs. Hawkins made one the boys close the gate.
“About a half hour later, we looked up and again, saw Mr. Hawkins riding toward the house with that same white sack of flour across the saddle in front of him, and that same brown bag of groceries in his left hand.

Again, he rode up to the gate without a sound and stopped.

None of us had the nerve to open the gate.

We were all just too afraid to move!

We just sat there staring at him, waiting to see what would happen next.

Finally, to our relief, Mr. Hawkins spoke:

 "Well, is someone going to open the gate for me?"

You see...Mr. Hawkins got there before he arrived!”

A similar replay of time happened to Ryan Bratton at the age of eight...
It was an otherwise ordinary day for him and his friend as they were sitting in his yard while other kids rode their bikes up and down a driveway.
“A car came down the road and stopped at a house,” Ryan remembers. “A kid got out and ran inside making noises that kids around his age make. Then a girl rode her bike down the driveway.
“A couple of minutes after this happened, the SAME car went down the road, stopped at the house, and the SAME kid got out of the car and ran inside screaming the EXACT things he had been saying. Then the girl went down the hill on her bike AGAIN.

I looked over to my friend and he said he had no idea what had just happened.”

In 1997, Lyn lived in a small outback town that was built in 1947 and had changed little since that time.

"I was driving toward the main intersection of the town, when suddenly I felt a change in the air. It wasn't the classic colder feeling, but a change, like a shift in atmosphere. The air felt denser somehow.

 As I slowed at the intersection, I seemed to be suddenly transported back in time to approximately 1950. The road was dirt, the trees were gone and coming toward me to cross the intersection was an old black car, something like a Vanguard or old FJ Holden.

As the car passed through the intersection the driver was looking back at me in total astonishment before he accelerated. From what I could see he was dressed in similar 1950s fashion, complete with hat.

"This whole episode lasted perhaps 20 seconds and was repeated at least 5 times during my time there, always at the exact spot. I tried to make out the registration plate number but the car was covered in dust."

Lyn wondered if there is someone out there still living who remembers seeing a strange sight at the intersection back in the 50s...of a weird car with a bug-eyed woman at the wheel.

"Time Slip & The Watermelon Men"

By Brandie @ "Your True Tales"

"One afternoon, I was coming home from work. As I was coming over a hill, I noticed several men in a field on the left. They were sitting around eating watermelons out of the field. About 20 or so melons were busted up and scattered over the ground.

As I approached them, the men all looked toward my car. One man looked me right in the eye and started running right in my path. I was going pretty fast and when I noticed that this man was going to run right in front of me, I slammed on brakes as hard as I could. The man kept going and I missed hitting him by less than a foot!

I was so angry that the man would pull a stunt like this, I turned and looked at him. He was on my passenger side just at the rear of my car at this time. I flipped him off while expressing my anger pretty loud. My windows were down and I could hear all of his friends laughing at me. Then I noticed that they were all dressed funny – like clothing from the 1920s with hats on and some had scarves tied around their necks.

I drove on home, (which took about two minutes) and went in and told my dad what happened. He said he would go down there and say something to them. He was pretty angry, too.

My dad was gone about five or six minutes, and when he came back, he told me that I had better quit making stuff up, and to be more careful driving.


He told me there were no men there and he could see my tire marks where I slammed on brakes. He thought I made the story up, to keep from getting in trouble about my tire marks.


I told him he must have looked at the wrong place and that I would go back with him and show him. This was less that 15 minutes after I had first went by.

When we got there, the men were gone and all of the watermelons were intact. We got out and looked. There were no footprints in the field at all and there should have been, because the ground was all muddy!

 That is the weirdest thing that had ever happened to me!"

The most amazing experiences of slips in time, perhaps, are those in which people actually see, hear and even interact with other people and things that seem to have been in another space and time...
John was a six-year-old in Stoke-on-Trent, England when his brush with the past occurred. He was on his way to school with his friend when they stopped to watch some builders working on some new houses.
 As they approached the site, they noticed an old cottage nearby. An old lady came out and offered John and his friend some lemonade, and they went into her house.
After leaving the cottage, they continued on to school, only to discover that it was almost 4 o'clock and school was just closing! They had left home at 1:30 p.m. on a journey that should have taken about 20 minutes!
The next day, John and his friend took the same route to school, but to their amazement there was no sign of any cottage or the old lady they had seen the previous day!
The only explanation seems to be that John and his friend experienced some sort of time slip in which for a few hours, they were transported back to an earlier time when indeed a cottage – and its occupant – did exist on that land.

To hear actress Daryl Hannah's Time Slip experience, click the link below:

(Episode 19-Part 1)

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