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"The Ghost That Said Sh*t!" (And More!)

"Haunted House For Sale...CHEAP!"

"I once lived, for a very short time, in a house haunted by ghosts. This house had been empty for a very long time. I don’t know for sure how long the house had been empty, but I do know that no one had lived in it for quite a few years.

It was a very beautiful three story house with a two room guest house and a big barn. It was located on the side of hill on a sparsely populated country road in south-eastern Kentucky. I had been living a few miles up the road and so I passed this house almost every day. For years, there was a “For Sale” sign out front, but there never seemed to be a buyer.

I was working for a retired couple doing odd jobs. One day the old man made me an offer on the house. Until then I didn’t even know that he was the one who owned it. He said that if I would clear the weeds on the hillside behind it and keep all the grass cut, wash the windows and do some repairs, that I could live in it rent free!

Naturally, I was excited about the idea and so within a few days, my wife, my daughter, and I were moving into the house. I did think that it was a little strange that he and his wife lived in their small house next to the road instead of that nice big house on the hill, but I didn’t give it too much thought.

We couldn’t believe our luck! The house was really nice inside and out, and the property was beautiful. There was a huge yard and the mountain spread out behind it with trees every where you looked. The nearest neighbors were almost half a mile away.

After only a couple of nights, strange things started to happen...

One night, we were laying in bed in the third story bedroom when I began to hear music. It reminded me of the Big Band groups like Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller. The music sounded far off at first, but it grew louder and louder until it sounded like it was coming from downstairs.

Next I could hear what sounded like a large group of people talking. I couldn’t make out what was being said, it was like a bunch of voices all mixed together. Suddenly, a man and woman started yelling and arguing. I still couldn’t make out what was being said, but I knew for sure that it was a man and a woman who were fighting.

At this point, I turned to my wife and asked her if she could hear anything. She looked at me and I saw that her eyes were wide and she was afraid. She told me that she did hear something downstairs. I asked her what it was that she was hearing. She described to me exactly what I myself had been hearing! She said she heard a lot of people talking and then a man and a woman arguing and some old fashioned music playing.

When she told me all that, it was like the hair on the back of my neck stood straight up. For some reason I had felt no fear until that moment, but suddenly I was afraid. 

Were there ghosts just downstairs from us?

We got up from the bed and slowly walked toward the stairs and turned on the lights. The music and the voices started getting quieter. We went down the first flight of stairs and turned on the next set of lights and the ghostly sounds stopped. 

Soon we were in the main living room, and were looking all around for any signs of what we had heard. 

Suddenly the ghostly noises started up again, except this time they were upstairs! 

We ran upstairs and brought our daughter down to the first floor. We made pallets on the floor and spent the rest of the night listening for ghosts with almost every light in the house turned on.

Several nights later, the whole thing started happening again. This time I was home alone. My wife and daughter were visiting relatives for the weekend. I was bound and determined not to let the ghosts get to me and even yelled out to them to leave me alone and to go away.

It seemed to work at first. The noises would stop and everything would be quiet, but as soon as I laid back down and began to get comfortable, it would all start up again!

The next day, I went to see a man I knew who I had rented our previous residence from. I told him about everything that had happened and asked him if he knew anything about the history of the house or had ever heard anything about it being haunted by ghosts. 

He told me that sometime back in the 1920′s there was a murder during a big family gathering, but didn’t know any details about what had happened or who had been murdered.

That really got me to feeling eerie! I knew without any doubt that the house was haunted because my wife and I had both heard the sounds on more than one occasion and now I had learned a little bit about the history of the house.

The very next day, the owner of the house came by and told us that we had to move out right away. I asked him why, but he would give no explanation. He just said that he didn’t want anyone living in the house.

I am certain that my ex-landlord had told him about what I had said about the ghosts, and that was the reason he wanted us out -as well as the reason why he wasn’t living there himself!

So, not long afterwards, we would be driving past the old house and see that “For Sale” sign again, and wonder if anyone would ever live there."

(Anyone ALIVE that is!)

Written By David Slone and Copyright 2008 True Ghost Tales

"Recurring Creepy Closet Dream...
(And Strange Happenings!)"

"There have been unexplained events in my life that I consider to be paranormal. I cannot find a logical or natural explanation for these encounters. Here are but a few examples. 

I would say the first event happened when I was 8...

I remember my father asking my sister and me to sit down; he had some bad news to share with us. I knew immediately my grandmother, a truly remarkable woman, had passed away. She had endured a long and painful battle with cancer and though I did not see her in her last days, I knew somehow her fight had ended in her untimely death before my father could find the words. 

My grandmother sent many messages from beyond to the people she loved (three knocks on the door to tell her brother goodbye, a gift of flowers to her daughter that bloomed for the first and last time, appearing in dreams to say "everything is alright", and the list goes on...). To my knowledge, I am the only person she appeared to as an apparition. 

It was several months after her passing and I had an extremely difficult time dealing with her loss. It was the first time I had ever lost a close loved one. I could not bear the thought of sleeping alone at night. I slept in my sister's room and remember waking to see my grandmother in the window dressed in the gown she was buried in. She said nothing and her face showed no expression. I was not frightened. I felt comforted by her presence. I fumbled with the covers in an attempt to wake my sister, but within a matter of seconds I became overwhelmed with grief, tears began to fill my eyes, and she slowly faded away. 

Then there were a series of events in (and about) the old three-storey brick house that had been past down our family for generations; the last owners being my grandparents. For one, I never felt welcomed in that home nor did other members of the family even though we had no real reason to feel threatened. I loved my grandparents dearly, but the very thought of being left in that creepy house alone even for a moment downright scared me. I still get chills when I drive by.

I always got the sense that someone there was (and is) watching me. I never saw anything. However, there were some mysterious happenings. For another, this fear (of the house) gradually began to manifest as a terrifying reoccurring dream. It started with me getting a bad nose bleed at the entranceway to the house. Then I would hear my name being called from a distance. I would walk to the living room and I would hear the voice again calling from upstairs. I would climb up the stairs and hear my name; the voice growing louder and more impatient.

I would proceed around the banister to my grandparent's bedroom at the end of the hall and I would hear the voice, its urgency, coming from inside their closet. As I opened the door, there was complete darkness (almost like peering into a large walk-in closet with no lights, no visible walls, and no end) and I would awake, startled, my heart beating rapidly, paralyzed with fear... This dream tormented me for many years. I tried to interpret the dream to uncover its true meaning without any success. I could never recall if the voice in it was male or female and my grandparent's closet in fact was quite small in size.

After my grandfather died, I confided in my sister and told her about the dream. She was completely shocked and shaken by the entire experience; she explained she was haunted by the exact same dream. It would replay in her mind - calling out her name - over and over again. It was eerie!

You can imagine our surprise the day our parents renovated the house in preparation for the estate sale... They decided to remove the worn carpet from my grandparent's bedroom only to have the hard wood floor below reveal the outline of a large walk-in closet! Apparently my mother had forgotten all about it, since it was torn down during her early childhood.

There was also an event that took place when I was still living at my parent's house. My bedroom was adjacent to the kitchen and my bed was next to the wall between the two rooms. The wall is thin and I had left my door open. It was a restless night of tossing and turning when all of a sudden I heard a noise coming from the kitchen. I could distinctly remember what sounded like someone shifting in a chair at the kitchen table and a silver spoon hitting the side of a cup repeatedly, like in a stirring motion. I was convinced someone must have gotten up to make themselves a cup of tea or cocoa, but there were no lights on. I would have seen the glow from my doorway. I shrugged it off. I thought maybe they did not want to disturb me and I drifted back to sleep.

I was the first person up the next day, and during my morning routine I noticed there was no cup in the sink or on the table. I asked each member of my family if they were up during the night to get a drink and the answer was a resounding "no". I was about to dismiss the whole thing, but a few nights later, roughly around the same time, I heard footsteps on the stairs. This time I got up to investigate, but there was no one there."

Or was there??

And now for a story that's just funny.....

"The Ghost That Said Sh*t!"

"In July of 2009, I bought a trailer and set it up on my parents' property. Nothing truly "unusual" happened, other than the typical knocking on doors, shadows, footsteps until the night of October 10, 2009... 

My 2 oldest grandsons had spent the night. Now to set the stage, you need to know where all the players were. My daughter, Jerrica, was at work. My little boy, Dalton, and youngest grandson, Jacob, were in Dalton's bedroom; TV on, door shut. Oldest grandson, Blake, was in the living room watching an animated Batman DVD. My parents and I were sitting at the kitchen table playing Yahtzee. 

It was approximately 8:25 p.m., getting close to when the boys and I needed to leave to pick up Jerrica. The kitchen and living room are one big room.

All is silent, just the sound of the TV and the dice when all of a sudden, out of completely nowhere, I heard a man say "SH*T." Just that, nothing else. The sound came from the corner of the living room near the TV. Almost as if a man was standing by the TV, facing the kitchen, which means he would have been standing right at the end of Blake's feet. The word wasn't in anger and didn't sound as if he was trying to scare us. It was matter of fact - SH*T.

I looked at my mom and dad; neither of them acted like they had heard anything. I thought to myself, "I know I heard that." I looked at Blake and realized he must have heard it too because his eyes were round. Blake turned to me and said "Mimi, someone said a bad word." I said "You heard that too?" He said he did and wanted to know who said it. Mom and Dad still haven't said anything; didn't even react to Blake's question. So Blake again said "Mimi, who said that?" I told him I didn't know and I yelled for Dalton. 

Now, keep in mind, Dalton's bedroom door is shut and the TV is on. I can't hear the TV or Dalton and Jacob playing. So when I was finally able to get Dalton's attention, he came into the kitchen and I asked him if he said a bad word. He said "what?" I asked him again if he said a bad word. I believed him when he told me he didn't. For one reason, if  Dalton had said a bad word, Jacob would have yelled loud enough to be heard outside.

So I asked Dalton if Jacob said a bad word and he told me "no." Dalton said they were just in his room playing. He also wanted to know what bad word. I told him it didn't matter what word it was; I just wanted to know if either he or Jacob said it. And considering this was an adult male voice, I knew it was neither Dalton nor Jacob, but I had to eliminate the suspects!

At that point it was time to leave to pick up Jerrica. I stopped the DVD where it was and told Blake he could finish watching it when we got back home. On the way to pick up Jerrica, Blake again asked me who said that bad word. I told him I didn't know, but maybe it was on Dalton's Batman movie. Dalton said "No it's not. They don't say bad words in my movie." I told him he didn't know that for sure and we'd watch it again when we got home. 

Dalton, bless his heart, stuck to his guns and told me again that they don't cuss in his movie. He actually got a little heated about it. So I raised my voice and told him he did not know that for sure and we would watch the DVD when we got home. End of discussion. 

After we got home and everyone got settled, we all sat in the living room and I rewound the DVD a little bit and pushed play. We watched that entire episode, on Closed Caption, and there was nothing that we could have mistaken it for. And there is no talking at the point in the movie where Blake and I heard the man say sh*t.

Move ahead to April 21, 2010, I was in the middle of watching an episode of Ghost Hunters. During the investigation, 2 of the investigators asked for a sign that anyone was there; you know, their typical questions, etc. So I was completely amazed when I heard "help" in response, but the investigators didn't react at all. I couldn't believe I had heard it and they didn't.

A second later, they said something along the lines of "Hey, what was that noise over there?" But that noise was not what I heard. I distinctly heard the word "help" and it came from what I thought was my TV. Unfortunately, I drifted off during the Analysis and wasn't able to figure out whether or not they caught the word with their equipment. During the reveal, nothing was mentioned.

After I realized maybe they didn't have a ghost speaking to them, maybe I had one speaking to me, I talked to him. I asked him if he needed help or if he was just trying to get my attention. I also told him that obviously I could hear him, so if he wanted to talk to me I would listen. I actually shut up for a few minutes to see if he'd say anything. Nothing. I then asked him to knock on doors, walls, etc. Nothing. 

Now, that word was as clear as when he said "sh*t." I know what I heard and I know when and where I heard it. The funny thing is, it was in the same general area where Blake and I heard him talk before. 

Since Ghost Hunters plays reruns, I have seen that episode a couple of times and I've never heard the word "help." And I pay very, very close attention every time I watch that episode, just to make sure I didn't make a mistake."

Wow...Kinda hard to wash a ghost's mouth out with soap, huh?!

But if ya could...

I'd recommend using some "Safeguard!"

Or better yet, some "LIFEbouy!"

Ok kids, that's all for today!

See ya next time!

Until then...

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