Monday, November 8, 2010

More Trippy Tales From The Paranormal Files!

"Welcome Back Grandpa"

"One night, I was spending the night at my cousin's house, which used to be my grandpa's, who died of diabetes. 

We were going out to the store, so we turned out all the lights and the TV.

No one else had a key to the house, but when we returned from the store, we found the tv and living room light on, and my grandpa's wheelchair right in front of the tv where he used to sit!"

(Sent in by Tasya @ "True Paranormal Tales")

"Am I Crazy?"


"When I was a little girl around the age of five, every morning when I woke up, I would tell my mother that I saw a man in a flannel shirt that looked similar to my father, standing in my doorway at night. 

My mother would laugh and say it was my imagination.  I never told anyone else.

Well, about a year ago, something happened that made my mother believe maybe it wasn't just "my imagination" after all...

My son was playing at her house (the same one that I grew up in) and he had started to run down the hallway, when suddenly, he stopped dead in his tracks.  My mother asked him why he stopped so suddenly, and he asked her who that man was that went into his uncle's bedroom?

(This was the same room that used to be my bedroom when I was little) My mother looked in the bedroom, but there was nobody there. (At least no one she could see!) She told him it was just his imagination. :/

About a week later, she asked me if I had told my children about my story when I was little, and I told her that I hadn’t.

She then told me about my son’s story who just happened to also be five at the time. 

I moved back into my parents house in October and though I've felt strange at times, I've never seen anything again, and my son hasn’t told anyone of seeing anything again.

My mom told me after we moved in, that when they remodeled the house in 1991, she found my shot records between the walls and had no idea of how it got there.  The walls were solid with no holes or cracks. 

My parents have owned this house since it was built. Am I crazy or do you think there is something here?"

 Sent in by Sarah, Copyright 2008 True Paranormal Tales

note from Queenie: (Regarding the story above) it used to infuriate me to no end as a child, when someone would tell me the things that I KNOW I saw or heard, were "just my imagination"...Now granted, sometimes it is... sometimes that monster in the corner is just a pile of clothes, or that ghost in the closet is just a nightgown on a clothes hanger.

Sometimes...IT'S NOT!

And that's my driving force behind these blogs. To get the message out that there really are things in this world, that we just don't understand. There really are things that go bump in the night!  

I can remember my step-father, (God rest his soul) standing in front of my open closet, telling a 7 year old me "There's nothing there!"  and he coulda told me that 'til he was blue in the face, but I still knew there was something there. And it was not nice! 

I drive by that same house just about every day now delivering pizzas, and one day, out of sheer curiosity, I just had to stop and look in that old bedroom that terrified me and caused me to develop a horrible ulcer so many years ago. 

I crept up to the window and peered in through the dust and mildew...(nobody would stay in the house for very long. People would rent it, move in, and then move right back out a month or two later) 

I felt kinda nervous. Even though I was a grown woman now, I still half expected some gruesome face to pop up at me.

I became confused, because I couldn't find the closet...and then I realized...someone had completely covered it with plaster! 

They had built the wall right over it, as if they were trying to "close up" whatever it was that haunted that creepy hole in the wall. 

Judging from the many moving vans I've seen there over the past couple of years...I don't think it worked! :/ 

So parents, I urge you...if your kids are telling you something's going on...Listen to them! Most times, they're telling you out of sheer terror...and as their protectors, it's your job to trust them. Believe me, it's not always "just your imagination!" always, thanks for visiting my blog today! :)

I hope you enjoyed the stories and that you'll return soon! 

I'll be adding many new tales as often as time allows. 

And as always...

If you have a creepy tale of your own to share, just send it to me, and it will be my pleasure to post it! :)

 "See ya" next time! ;)

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