Saturday, November 6, 2010

Today's Trippy Tale..."Terror In The Trailer!"


"I have always believed in the supernatural, but have been a skeptic since I was a little boy.

Now I’m 33 and have a family of 3 children and a wife. 

About 2 years ago, I was living in a quaint 3 bedroom trailer with my bedroom being the farthest from the front door/living room.

About 2 am, my wife and I heard heavy footsteps in the hallway.

I, (being the man) arose to find no evidence of anyone being in the house, and the kids still sound asleep. 

The next few weeks, it was the same event about once a week. 

Until one night...

I lay awake watching TV and my wife was sound asleep. My dog started to growl and I heard footsteps, again. 

I tried to wake my wife, but to no avail. My door to the bedroom was slightly cracked, so me and Kiana (my dog) flung open the door and no one was there, again.

Later that same night, I left my door all the way open, and again, I heard footsteps. But this time I just lay there and Kiana just growled...this was a mistake. 

The next thing I knew, I heard a LOUD BANG and a SLAM, loud enough to wake the dead and everyone in the house.. but my family did not budge. I was frightened to death and all I could do was lay there, petrified.

The next morning I awoke (as if I slept at all!) and found my washing machine had literally been picked up and slung across the hallway into the opening of the bathroom, which is right against my bedroom door. 

My family has no recollection of that night, and to this day, my daughter (who was 7 at the time) tells us she had an old man visit her in her sleep all those times, until then.

This happened at Chesapeake Mobile Home Park, in Chesapeake, Virginia."

Written by Chris D Taylor, Copyright 2008

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