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Trippy Tales Of Twisted Time!

Welcome back to my blog!

I say welcome "back" in hopes that you've been here before! :)

(Or at least for last night's blog!)

And that's because...
(A) Last night's blog was great! 
It was written by my way-cool friend Stan Williams. 
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(B) Because it goes very well with today's blog!

Stan's a great writer, and his story was very interesting!
(So if you haven't read it, you should!) You can do so, by just scrolling down, or by clicking "More Trippy Time Lapse Tales" in the sidebar.

So as I was saying, his story was very intriguing, and it got me wondering what could possibly be behind this "missing time" phenomena???

I still haven't come up with an answer, but...

I did find a lot of missing time stories on the web!

So Stan if you're readin' this... 
(And I know you are!) ;)

Don't feel like the Lone Ranger! 

This type of thing has happened to many, many people!

And I think you'll notice a very distinct similarity in the "weather conditions" between your story, and this one, entitled...

"Missing Time & Out Of Place"
 By Cher @ "your true tales"

"I was leaving my driveway to drive one mile to town...

There were woods and few houses along the way. I had just pulled out and there was a thick fog rolling in. Very creepy at night!

I had only gone a half a block at most very slowly when I saw a very bright light through the fog. This was very strange since there was nothing near my house. 
As I drove closer, I saw a Phillips 66 gas station. It wasn't there the day before. I pulled into it in shock, and a man came out. I asked him how a gas station could have been built so fast and he looked at me strangely. He said it had been there for eight years!!

I asked him where I was and when he told me, I began to shake uncontrollaby. 

I was 300 miles from home!?!?!

I looked at the clock and I had left my driveway only two minutes before. It took all night to drive home and I shook most of the way."

Weird huh?!
But wait...there's more!
"A Brief Leap In Time" 

By Sue @ "your true tales"  

"In Fall of 1994, my boyfriend and I were on our way home in Fallbrook, California...

There are two roads into Fallbrook, from the north and from the south. We approached from the south heading north on Mission Rd., which is a four-mile, curvy two-lane road.

It was a Friday evening and was 6:24 pm. I was driving, and had finally blurted out how weird it was that we hadn't passed any cars in the opposite direction since our turn onto Mission Rd. 
Fallbrook is a small town, but this was a very well traveled road, even on Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. you'd be passing cars leaving town.

Anyway, I knew it was 6:24 because I had just looked at the big amber display on the stereo when all of a sudden, the car died.

The pedal went hard, the lights went off, and I remember feeling confused, and thinking that we ran out of gas, yet knowing that we had plenty of fuel!

We coasted off to a dirt turnout immediately ahead. Jim asked what happened and I had no answer, but I felt like I had just dozed off or had gone through Jello or... I don't know what?

I put it in gear, Jim jumped out, came around to my side and opened the door. I jumped into the passenger seat, he got in, cranked it over and – vroooom! – off we went.

As we pulled away I felt irritated, a little nervous, but sure something really weird had just happened. 

Then I glanced at the clock on the stereo again, It was 6:36 p.m. 12 minutes had passed when, being generous, the whole incident couldn't have taken more than 1-1/2 minutes, max!

So what's up with that?!"

I'm sure I don't know Sue...
But it sure is strange! 

And so is this...

"Missing Time In Germany"
By H. Auten @ "your true tales"

"It was November of 2002 in Germany. I had been living there for almost a year, had a new job and things were going pretty well...

I enjoy exercising and would regularly go to the Army Air Base and workout in their excellent gym facilities. (They opened at 05:00, so it was really convenient to go there before work.) The Air Base was about three miles from our apartment, so it was close by, too.

Normally I went there throughout the work week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but one Friday they were closed for some reason and I decided to go in on Saturday morning, which I did... or actually I planned to go, but I never made it there. 

I left our apartment at about 09:00, and my next memory is of myself standing in front of our apartment door over an hour later.

I remember getting into my car, but that's it. I still have no clue where I was or what happened??

We were able to determine that I had driven 20 or so miles.

We checked the car for damage and any other evidence like mud or paint, etc. and found nothing (thankfully). 

We went to the gym the next day, and I checked the sign in/sign out sheet for my signature, but I apparently was not there that day.

 I was terrified! 

I had heard of "missing time" stories, but never imagined how frightening they could actually be!

To this day, I still have no idea what happened." 

For a whole listing of stories like this, you can visit the link below:

 That's all for today, but be sure to "make time" for my next blog... 

Coming Soon! ;)

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