Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today's Trippy Tales..."Thunderstorm Poltergeist" And More!

 "Thunderstorm Poltergeist?"
(Sent in by Sandy @ "Ghost Source (dot) com")

"One summer evening when I was about 7 or 8, my brothers and I were in our living room when a thunderstorm began outside and the power went out. A few minutes later, we began to hear noises coming from the kitchen. The noises sounded like cabinet doors opening and slamming shut, pots and pans hitting the cabinets and other things banging around. We were all petrified, but my brother crawled to my parents' bedroom and got my dad. He told my dad what was happening and my dad came out and went to the kitchen with a flashlight. As he approached the kitchen, the doors of the kitchen began to open and slam shut. He went into the kitchen and didn't see anything or anyone. Once the lights came back on, we inspected the kitchen. Everything seemed normal at first, but we soon realized that all the pots, pans and plates were in the wrong places. It was like someone had moved everything around. I'm not sure if it was a ghost, but we could never find any other explanation for what happened that night."

"Like a Rifle Shot"
 by Carol J.

"My dad worked nights for the CPR. My mother was up every morning at 5 a.m. getting his breakfast ready before he got home. From my bedroom the parlor could be seen simply by leaning sideways and stretching the neck a little. 

One morning shortly after 5 a.m., I was startled awake by what sounded like a rifle shot. I sat up in bed, leaned sideways, and stared into the parlor. I was just in time to see the entrance door open slowly immediately after the big bang. 

My mother came hurrying into the room, stopped dead in her tracks, and turned white as she stared in the direction of the open doorway. "What's the matter?" I asked, jumping out of bed and hurrying to her side. "I thought I saw my mother," she said. She stared a moment longer, then shook herself, and turned back toward the kitchen. "Close the door, son," she said, on the way out of the room.

I went over to do just that, but curiosity got the best of me. I examined the lock carefully. The tongue was still sticking out and the part that it would go into was still intact. The only way that door could have been opened was for metal to pass through metal. I thought about it for awhile, then went back to bed, shaking my head.

A short time later, my mother got a message that her mother had died. She had died, it seemed, at precisely the time that the bang was heard, the door opened, and she thought she had seen her mother. Within those few seconds, anyway.

Years later, in my avid readings of the paranormal, I came across a couple of lines in some article in a forgotten magazine, that if one solid were to pass through another solid, the displaced molecules would snap back into place with the sound of a rifle shot! 

It made sense. I was 13 at the time, and had puzzled over the event right up until I read that article. I was finally able to put it to rest."

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