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Today's Trippy Tales From The Paranormal Files!

"Haunted House In Onstead"

"In May of 1995, my husband and I purchased an old farm house in Onsted Michigan... 

While talking to the previous owners, they warned that the house was haunted but it never bothered them. I thought either they had an active imagination or if they were ok with the haunting, we should be also-so we bought it.  

While transferring my address at the local bank, the teller warned me I should seriously reconsider moving there since she knew first hand it was haunted. 

She told me she was there by herself for a few minutes when the previous owner's daughter went to a local store. While there, she heard heavy footsteps running across the upstairs floor. Knowing there was no one in the house she promptly left and would never stay at that house again!

Once again, I didn't give it much thought; I thought it might be neat living in a haunted house.

While remodeling, my husband ended up being stranded out there for the night (he left the lights on in the car and the battery died). Having no way of getting a hold of anyone to let them know, he made himself as comfortable as he could for the night. 

When he was just about asleep, he heard a knock on the front door.  

Thinking someone was there to take him home, he answered, but no one was there??

 He sat back down and just after he got settled again, there was a knock on the back door...once again, no one was there!           
When we moved in, every thing was fine for a few months until it started getting chilly outside and I decided to close the windows. 

My tw0 & a half year old son who had always been easy to put to sleep in his own room (and who would sleep through the night with no problem) woke us with a blood curdling scream. 

We bolted to his room, where he was under the cover shivering and yelling "No more! No more!"

Knowing he never liked to have anything covering his face, I knew something was really wrong, so I pulled the cover down.

When I did that, he jumped as if he had been shocked! When he realized it was his dad and me, he calmed down but refused to sleep in that room for the rest of the year.  
When winter hit, we decided to move downstairs and set up a bedroom in our dining room (to conserve heat) which was surrounded by windows. 

My husband would frequently leave at 3 or 4 in the morning to plow snow for a local landscaping company. 

One morning, my son woke me up asking "Is that daddy?" I said "No, daddy's at work".  After a pause and while looking out the window at the approximate height of a man, he said "I don't like that man mommy.  He scares me. Can I get in bed with you?" Naturally, a little freaked out myself, I said yes.

The next morning, I asked him to describe the man to me.  

He said he wore a black hat like a cowboy and blue jeans. 

A few weeks later, I ran into the previous owner and described the encounter to them.  They told me that was one of the two ghosts they had seen in the house. They also told me he was probably one of the former owners who had fallen off the roof and died, and that he was the one I didn't want to have around-but that the woman ghost was a lot nicer.
Not much happened for a while, except that frequently, the basement door would come open even though it had a hook and eye lock on it-and the appliances in the basement would quit working on a regular basis. 

I would never go down there, (since the dirt floor Michigan basement gave me the creeps) so I would wait with out water or electricity until my husband could get home and fix whatever was wrong.

The following summer, we had another son and we all moved back upstairs...

We managed to get our oldest son to sleep back in his room, assuring him that his brother was there with him and we were just down the hall.  

My husband had already gone off to work and I was still asleep, when a loud noise woke me up...I assumed it was a tornado. 

Looking out the window confirmed my belief-the sky was the pea green color it turns in tornado weather. 

I don't know how I made it from the second floor to the basement door as fast as I did, but I managed to do it, pulling my now 3 year old, along with the baby in my arms.  

The stairs going down to the basement were spaced far apart and extremely hard to navigate, so I ended up slipping and falling halfway down.  

Luckily, the boys were ok and I ended up with a minor gash on my head from hitting the furnace. 

After the noise quit, I waited a while, then ventured upstairs, leaving the boys down in the basement (the three year old holding the baby).  

I decided everything was ok and went to the basement to get them...

Since I knew I was bleeding, I decided to go to my mother's house a few miles away, and have her look at it. 

As soon as we got there, my three year old, (who had been quiet the whole time) started telling his version of the morning...

He said that while he was down in the basement waiting for me to return, "the bad man" came to visit and told him if I ever come back to his place in the basement, he would do more than just knock me in the head next time!

I asked why he didn't call for me then, and he said the woman came and told the man to leave him alone so he went away.

That was the last straw and we sold the house by September of that year. 

Shortly after that, the new owners demolished it. 

I haven't seen them to ask why, but I have my suspicions!

My son also stopped having encounters with ghosts."

 (Story sent in by Terri @ "Weird Michigan (dot) com")

"Sunfield's "Herman The Ghost" & Get That Cat Off My Back!"

"We moved into a house in Sunfield, MI in August of 1987. It wasn't long before we knew something very strange was going on...

We would get up in the morning, to find all of our doors open. Our television would come on at all hours, and even though we shut the dog in the laundry room every night, somehow, he would be out when we got up!

We decided we had a ghost, so my kids and I decided to name him. With no discussion at all, we all came up with the name "Herman."

Since he wasn't mean when something odd would happen, we would just say " ok Herman, we know you're here" and things would quiet down for a few days. 

As Halloween approached, we decided to make tombstones for our front yard...

We spread out in the kitchen and started working...

I had barnwood beams with antique kitchen items hanging above where we were working. It was a cool day so no windows were open. I picked up a 'tombstone' and told the kids I was making one for Herman. As I started painting, my antiques started moving and banging together. As I said, no windows were open. 

I work with wood and had a workroom in the back of the house. It was not unusual for other people's shadows to show up as I worked. They just seemed to be in a group talking. Sometimes you would hear conversation, but could never really pick out more than a few words. 

On another ocassion, my husband had left for work... I was still in bed half asleep when I heard his footsteps coming back upstairs. I sat up and looked at the open door expecting him to be coming down the hall to our room. The footsteps stopped at my bedroom door... but there was no one there! 

Eventually, we moved to Lake Odessa... 

On several ocassions, (while in bed) I felt an animal walk across my back. At first I thought it was my cat, but then I realized, she was in her bed sleeping!

I didn't give it much thought until the night my husband woke me up yelling to "Get that damn cat off my back!"!  There was nothing there!?! (At least nothing I could see!)

Recently, as I was getting ready for bed, I have been touched on the shouder by...something???

My grandmother had the ability to sense ghosts. I have stories from her house also. My youngest son and I seem to be more sensitive to this type of phenomenon than my other kids."

 (Story sent in by Colette @ "Weird Michigan (dot) com")

And now for a photo that really gives me the creeps...

This is a photo I found on photobucket of a 13 year old girl, taken with a cell phone.


I know some of you still don't believe in ghosts-but could someone please explain to me why there appears to be an old man with a mustache on her head? Hmmmm?

And this one is even creepier!!! 

I found it on photobucket as well, so I don't have any information on it...(though I do plan to be nosy and message the person who posted it) but wow, did it ever give me the chicken skin! 


Check out the shower, beside the little girl...



(ok, truth be known, it's prolly just a creepy doll) but still...


It's still CREEPY!!!! 


(I never liked dolls much, just for that reason...they creep me out!) 


My parents once grounded me for a week, for trying to stuff one of those Barbie hair-stylin' heads...(you know the kind where you do the hair and make-up) in the trash compactor and crush it "to death"...but the dang thing just spooked me so bad!

She's EVIL I tell ya!!

I was initially, supposed to be grounded for two weeks, but my parents cut me some slack after the first week, when I told them I'd been having nightmares that she was perched at the end of my bed, biting my toes!

(Though how she got there with no legs, I never did figure out!)  lol


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But seriously folks...

Keep checking back here, because I've been collecting some awesome ghostly photos from all over the web, that I'll be displaying in a gallery as soon as time allows. 

And by the way... if you have any of your own to display, I would be just tickled pink to post them! 

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