Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today's Trippy Tales...Reader-Submitted Stories!

"The Visitor"
(By Shannon @ "True Ghost Stories (dot) com)

"One afternoon, my father was sitting out on the front porch as he always did, enjoying the afternoon. A man had walked up out of nowhere and asked to see my brother Anthony. My father explained to the man, that Anthony was not home at the moment, but was more than welcome to grab a seat and wait for him, because  Anthony should be returning home anytime. After a long wait and much conversation, the man stood up and explained that he couldn't wait any longer, he had to be leaving, but to let Anthony know that "Bill" had stopped by. My father obliged. A while later, Anthony arrived home and my father immediately told him that Bill had stopped by and said he had something very important to tell him. My brother Anthony, asked my father if he was sure if that's who it was, and my father said that's what he said his name was, and went on to describe the appearance of the man, and what he was wearing. My brother was very shocked. He had just come home from that very man's funeral!"

"The Dead Woman In The Bath Tub"
(By Shannon)

 "Daddy always told a story about when he was a young child, that he used to visit the home of one of his relatives-and every time he would go into the bathroom, he would see a woman rise out of the bathtub and disappear. When he grew up and told this story, it was then, that he found out that a woman had drowned in that very bath tub!" 

"Cousin Betty's Return"
(By Janice @ "your true tales")

"My story starts in the year 1984. My mother's first cousin had died of throat cancer in January of that year...

.My grandmother and her older sister lived together with my cousin Betty. My grandmother was her aunt and my grandmother's sister was her mother. 

It had to be sometime in the fall of that year, because we were able to wear a light jacket or sweater. 

Both my great-aunt and grandmother went upstairs for something. My mother called up the stairs, asking if they needed help. They both said no. 

The next thing I saw, was my cousin Betty walking down the stairs, smiling like she always did!

She had on the same clothes she was buried in. Then she disappeared. My mother said she saw nothing, but I know I saw my cousin Betty!

Later, my great-aunt and grandmother both moved out of that big house. 

My grandmother claimed that Betty came into her room at night when she was lying in her bed.  My grandmother said, "Now go on, Betty, and leave me alone." 

She claimed to have seen her a few times. 

My mother called the old number to see if the phone company had turned off the phone. Someone picked up the phone and answered it. The person sounded just like my cousin Betty! 

My mom banged the phone down and started to cry and she called me to her. 

My cousin called up the old number and heard the same thing my mom heard. 

One night, I looked up the number and dialed it. 

Someone that sounded like my cousin Betty answered the phone!

I became so scared that my heart was pounding very fast and my chest started to hurt real bad. I was never so scared in all my life!

To this day, I still wonder if it really was my cousin Betty who answered the phone that night.....?"


It seems cousin Betty was tryin' to "reach out & touch someone" huh?! ;)

Ok kids, that's it for today! 
See ya next time, right here at the Paranormal Playhouse!

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