Friday, November 5, 2010


Hey y'all!

Welcome to my new pad!

(I had to get a new place, since myspace decided to get all "high tech" on me!)

I mean, don't get me's not that I mind being a "high tech redneck"...but the "new & improved" blog doesn't work worth a flip, and I felt that it lacked character.

So here I am! :)

I am so grateful to those of you that followed me here, and I'll thank you in advance for your patience while I unpack & set up house.

Which by the way...if you'd care to leave me a house-warming gift (in the form of a comment)...I would be just tickled pink! ;)

And now, if you'll follow me to the "paranormal playhouse"...we'll get started on tonight's trippy tale...

(By Crystal A. @ "your true tales")

"My grandparents lived in an extremely old house in Northwestern Pennsylvania-about a half mile away from the New York border.

As they began to getting on in their years, I traveled many miles to stay with them. I would paint the house, clean (or explore) the barn, and did whatever else needed to be done.

The room I stayed in was downstairs, directly below their bedroom. Every night at 3:00 am, my grandfather would get up and make his way down the stairs and in to the kitchen, to fix himself something to drink. 

The house was so old that everything creaks and groans, so I would know exactly at which point in the house he was in, at any time. I got so accustomed to his ritual, that I would start waking up at 2:50 to 3:00 am. This has stayed with me to this day.

Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away in 2007. Soon after, my grandmother became very ill and had to be hospitalized for a few months. I offered to house-sit for her, and she was very grateful.

The first night of my stay, I awoke out of a sound sleep, and looked at the clock. It was 2:55 am. Suddenly, I heard a familiar sound: movement coming from upstairs. After a minute, it was clear the sounds were footsteps. Panic shot through my body, and I was frozen with fear.  The footsteps moved from directly above me, to the stairs. But that's where they stopped.

I lay there for about 45 minutes trying to discern what was going on. The only thing that made sense, was that there was a burglar in the house!  

I jumped from my bed and peered out the door. Everything was dark and silent. I flipped on the nearest light switch, and blinked back the darkness.  Everything was as it should have been. I crept to the stairs and cautiously made my way up them...

When I got to the landing, to my astonishment, the door to my grandparents' bedroom was WIDE OPEN and every light in the room was on!  The floor lamp, the bedside table lamp, the two lamps on either side of the dresser, and all four bulbs on the ceiling fan were lit up--even though two of the bulbs were burnt out earlier in the day!

I bolted back down the stairs and in to the comfort of my own room. As I stood there panting and gathering my wits, that old familiar creaking of floorboards started again above my head. 

This time, I fled from the house with out further investigation, and drove in a dazed frenzy all the way back to my own home! 

When I told my parents and relatives of my adventure, no one wanted to take on the responsibility of house-sitting, so the house stood vacant for many months.  My grandmother soon passed away, and my two uncles decided to level the house. 

There are now new log cabins on the property, and I have to wonder if anyone else has experienced any strange phenomena since then?" 

note from Queenie: Ok, so I'd say the footsteps were prolly just a residual energy left over from ol' grandad walkin' the floor so many times over the years...but the trippy part of the tale, was the lights coming on "by themselves"...leading me to believe this was actually an intelligent haunting. It's no wonder Crystal fled in fear! 

(Or maybe the ghost was just tryin' to figure out where grandpa kept the booze!) ;) 

At any rate, it made for a good story huh?!

Check back tomorrow for more! 

Please add this site to your favorites, coz I'll be fixin' up a whole mess'a ghostly goodies for ya!

(I may not be high-tech, but I do have the low-down on the trippy tales!;)

See ya soon!

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