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Tonight's Trippy Tales..."Letty's Grave" & More!

Hello & welcome to the playhouse!

Tonight's first story just might make you think twice about answering the door the next time you get a late-night knocker!

Instead of a traveling vacuum-cleaner salesman, or Avon calling, it just may be... 

"Death At The Door!"
 By Rose C. @ "your true tales"

"My grandmother told this tale many times as we were growing up and it always scared the daylights out of me. She swears it's true...

It was during the late 1950s in a Mexican town called Guadeloupe Victoria. 

My grandmother lived alone and one of her grown daughters (my aunt) and her husband were staying with her. It was late at night. 

The husband had been shot in the leg and developed gangrene. He was very ill and feverish, and both women were trying to nurse the injured and unconscious man back to health.

Suddenly, they heard a very loud and urgent knocking at the door. 


My grandmother called out, "Quien?" (which means "who" or "who is it?" in Spanish) but no one responded. 

Again, the loud banging rocked the little house, and again, my grandmother called out, "QUIIIIIEEEEN?" a bit louder, and now a little irritated that someone was banging on her door but not answering her. 

My grandmother was tough as nails and was not spooked by the loud banging, but thought it might be a neighbor's kid playing games.

She waited until the banging came again, then opened the door quickly, trying to catch the perpetrator. 

As the door swung open, a large rock fell with a THUD at my grandmother's feet... but there was no one there??

She looked down the dark street and saw a woman in a long black dress and black scarf over her head, rushing away. 

By this time, my aunt was standing at the door as well, and they both called after her in Spanish saying, "Senora, senora, what did you want?" but she just kept going!

As the figure rounded the corner, it turned to face the women...

It was, in fact, a woman's face, but it was HUGE, white, and shaped like a long, flat watermelon. 

My grandmother describes the woman's chin as stretching down past where her breasts would have been, and her eyes were solid black with no white!

They also noticed she was not walking, but gliding!

Both women were scared senseless and they quickly locked the door and began to pray. 

About an hour after the incident, my aunt's sick husband passed away. 

Grandma always said it was death who came to her door that day."

And now to rev things up a bit...

"The Ghost Car"
By Allen of "The X Group"

"I was between 13 and 14 yrs old. when we lived just outside Cannon Falls, Minnesota...

My younger brother Junior, was only a year old and had become very ill. He had a high temperature, and was very miserable. 

It was around 1am in the morning and my mother woke me up. She wanted me to run into town with her, so we could get Jr. some juice, baby aspirin and cough syrup. 

We went to the all night store in downtown Cannon Falls and headed back home.

As soon as we got on to Hwy 19 (approximately 50 yards on to it) there appeared behind us, a pair of very bright headlights...
 My mother had me along because she was basically, a night blind driver. So she was very upset to say the least, about this idiot behind us with their bright lights on!

So instead of dealing with this bozo, mom decided she would just pull over to the shoulder, so the vehicle could just pass us. 

But instead of just going by, it also pulled over and stayed the same distance behind us! 

Well now mom was ticked, and she floored the Suburban.

We were flying down the highway, but the vehicle stayed right with us. It never got any closer or further behind, but trailed us at the same distance ( Approximately 50 yards). 

This kept up even when we came to our dirt road, but mom didn't slow down, because now she was scared! She, nor I, could understand what this person was up to, and to make matters worse, my father was out of town at this time- he drove a long haul truck. 

When we got to our driveway (which was very long-more like a road in front of the house) the car pulled in behind us, as we got to the front of the house.

We both ran inside & locked the door, and then we put our outside yard light on. 

Looking out our picture window, we could see the front of the vehicle only. It appeared to be an older vehicle , you know with the lights on each front fender with an oblong grill, that's all we could see of it. 

Mom decided we should call the police, but as I reached for the phone, mom yelled at me to come back to the window and told me to "Look!"

As we both watched, this vehicle slowly, but very visibly, disappeared until it was totally gone....

We could never figure out who or what the person in the vehicle was!?!? It just made no sense what so ever!

The next morning we went out to look at our driveway. It was your typical country drive way- very muddy, yet, the only tracks visible, were the tire tracks from the suburban!

My mother and I discussed this incident many times, but we could never come to grips with it."

And now for tonight's feature story...

"Letty's Grave"
By Mrs. A. Chaney Bucks @ "Your True Psychic Experiences"


"The incident I am about to relate, happened fifteen years ago"...

Several years earlier, when I was traveling in India, my father had died suddenly. As I could not be contacted for almost a week, I missed his funeral.

So, when I eventually came back to live in England, one of the first things I did was to visit his grave. My sister accompanied me to show me where it was located.
After we had laid flowers on his grave, my sister remembered that this was the same graveyard in which our aunt Letty was buried. 

Letty had been the black sheep of the family and had been, by all accounts, "a bit of a character". 

She had died when my sister and I were young teenagers, but we had fond (if somewhat vague) memories of her from our childhood.

We decided we would find her grave and "say hello".

The graveyard was huge, and it had changed a great deal since I had last visited it, so I left it to my sister to locate Letty's grave. 

However, after searching through the rows of headstones for over twenty minutes, we still hadn't found Letty, and it was getting quite late. 

We were just about to give up when suddenly, a woman's voice called out "Over here - I'm over here!". 

We both looked up in the direction of the voice, but we could see no one. 

"It's someone playing, just kids" my sister remarked, and walked over to the spot where the voice had seemed to come from. 

I followed her, feeling a little uneasy-but there was nobody to be seen. 

In fact, the whole graveyard appeared to be deserted now!

The hairs on the back of my neck were standing on end, and when I looked at my sister I saw that she had gone white. 

"This is it!" she said, pointing down at the gravestone at our feet. 

With my heart pounding in my chest, I looked at the headstone and read my aunt's name on it...

I can't begin to describe to you how petrified I was - we both were - as we practically ran out of that graveyard, clutching onto each other.

This is a true story. There is no possibility of our having imagined that voice, or what it said, as we both heard the same thing. 

My sister and I have talked about it many times, and tried to find a less ghostly explanation for what happened on that day, but the only conclusion we can ever come to, is that Letty wanted us to find her grave!" 

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