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More Trippy Tales! (November entries)

"The Old Lady In The Kitchen"

"When I was about 6 years old, my mom, my younger brother and I had moved into a house. 

It was a nice house that would comfortably fit 3 people in it.

It was a Sunday and that’s the day mom does her spring cleaning. That day I had helped with whatever she wanted me to.

From my bedroom you could see directly into the kitchen, and that night, I was woken up by the sound of plates and cups clanging together. 

I looked out to the kitchen and saw a black figure bending down and taking things out of the cupboards. 

I was frozen with fear knowing there was nobody up but me!

While I had laid there watching this figure bend down a couple of times for a good half an hour, it finally stopped and looked as though it was looking straight at me! 

I had shivers down my spine and quickly threw my sheet over my head until I fell asleep.

The next morning, my mom woke me up and asked why all the cups and plates were all out on the kitchen bench. 

I tried to tell her about the figure but she didn’t believe me, until 5 days before Christmas when she woke up every morning and found all the Christmas presents stacked up on top of each other!

Mom went to see the landlord about all that had happened in the house. 

The landlord then told her that about two years before we had moved in, an elderly lady had died of natural causes in the kitchen. 

We moved out straight away after blessing the house."

 Sent in by Jacinta, @ "True Ghost Tales" copyright 2010 

"Angry Ghost At The Strip Club"

"This story I am about to tell you happened to me about eight years ago. 

I had just started working as a doorman for a night club / strip club. 

Before it was remodeled it was a penthouse owned by an old rich recluse back in the late seventies.

It was said she was murdered where the dance floor is on the second floor. 

As soon as I started, I had a bad feeling about this place, but at first, I put it down to nerves at starting a new job.

Nothing really happened for about a week and I just about forgot about the whole thing until closing time that night. 

We had just ushered all the patrons out feeling tired after a long night. 

The manager & I sat down for a beer. 

After talking for about five minutes, a wine glass flew off the rack towards our table, smashing on the floor. 

The manager looked at me and said she must be pissed about something.

  "WHO?" I asked in astonishment.

"The old lady" he replied. 

I just wanted to get the hell out of there, but not wanting to look like a coward, I just laughed it off- which to this day, I regret.

Over the next few days, she made it known that for some reason, she did not like me there and wanted me gone!

First it started with me seeing her reflection in mirrors on the stage where the girls would dance. 

She would just stare at me with hate in her eyes. 

After that night, nothing happened for a few days.

I thought she was done with me but I was so wrong. 

After a few small instances of her making herself known… the last is what made me quit and I have never stepped foot in that place since...

It was closing time and after all the patrons left, the manager asked me to check the bathrooms for stragglers. 

First I checked the male toilets... it was empty.

After that, I walked into the female toilets announcing who I was. 

I checked each stall, and  coming to the last one, I could see two feet.

Thinking it was a girl who had drunk too much and fell asleep, I knocked loudly on the door asking “Miss are you ok?” 

After getting no reply, I got worried, thinking she may need medical attention. 

I barged in the stall, and what I saw will be with me ’til the day I die...

A woman was standing there, right in front of me. 

All I remember, is she had no eyes and the scream she let out was ungodly. 

The manager found me passed out on the floor. 

He heard it as well… and to this day, both of us have trouble talking about it.

Well that’s it... thanks for reading... it feels good to get it off my chest."

 Sent in by Chris Richter, Copyright 2010

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