Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So, As I Was Saying...It's Real!

A story by Paranormal Investigator, Irene Burke...

"My name is Irene and I have been investigating the paranormal since I was around 9 years old.

How I became a paranormal investigator? Well sometimes I wonder how too. I guess I was just meant for it.

I know that sounds crazy, and a little strange but the paranormal seems to either follow me or have always been around me. 

I can remember being in a crib, when I was around 4 years old...

Every night when I went to bed, I had something rub my stomach, and it used to put me to sleep, something that wasn't really there.

At the time I was too little to realize that it wasn't normal, so I never got scared. 

It stopped when I was around 6, I couldn't sleep one night so I decided to sleep on my stomach. It wasn't until I was 8 years old and saw my first apparition of something that wasn't human that I got scared. 

I never told anyone this until recently, just my mom when I was young. 

Over the years I just thought that it was a bad dream. My family kept telling me that it was only a dream so I started to believe it my self. 

On April 27th 2009, I was sitting in my living room, the kids were sleeping and I decided to watch TV for once. I don't watch it much due to a separate paranormal experience. So I typed in paranormal and got a show. 

I turned it on and I got through about 20 min of it. I had to shut it off. 

On this particular show, the star told a story about when he was little. He had seen something. When this person described what they had seen it was almost like I was there.

This person had described exactly what I saw when I was 8. Since then I told about 3 people, and I realized that maybe I should get my story out because maybe I'm not alone.

I was sleeping at a friend's house. We were both in the same room but she was already sleeping.

The door was open a crack and I was laying on my right side staring at the hall light trying to go to sleep.

I heard footsteps coming down the hall, I figured that it was my friends mom checking in on us so I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. I waited maybe two minutes, when the foot steps didn't leave I opened my eyes...

I saw a hand grab the door and opened it just enough so the light was right on it. It was about the same height as the door knob, It had big round eyes, that changed color from red to black, and what got me scared, was the mouth- It was huge.

It's whole jaw from ear to ear, were teeth. It's skin was brownish and it had a monkey's nose. 

When my eyes met it's eyes, I froze. I couldn't move. 

That's when it's eyes changed and it pointed one finger at me and laughed. 

Although it did not make any noise what so ever. It was dead silent. 

I stared at it for a good 3 seconds. (Which to me was a long time!)

Finally, I ended up screaming. 

My friends mom came running in and I ended up going home and never went back. 

My friend ended up moving and I never saw her again. 

After that, even after I went home, I kept seeing it even in my room, Although it wasn't clear.

Every time I would yell for my mom or my brother, they would say it was a dream and sent me back to my room. 

I used to crawl into my mom's bed because I didn't want it to come back. 

I started sleeping with a night light and it stopped coming around. 

I never knew what that was, and I still don't.

After that happened, over the years, other paranormal things started happening to me.

That same year, I went to visit my grandparents. 

They were nice people and old school. My Nana was a house wife, my grand farther was retired and they were happy people. They both liked to wake up with the sun every morning. I used to like waking up with my Nana, to help her with breakfast, so when I slept over there I never got that much sleep. 

One night, I was up in my cousin's room where I liked to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night. I didn't have a clock so I wasn't sure what time it was. I got out of bed and went out into the hall way... 

I started down the stairs slowly because I was listening to see if anyone was up. I stopped in the middle of the stairs because I thought I heard something. Just then, a girl whispered something in my right ear!

It scared me so I ran back up the stairs. I hid under my blankets and fell asleep. 

In my sleep, I had a dream. Something was pulling me under water and I couldn't get out. I woke up coughing like I was really holding my breath. 

I got out of bed and peaked out the window. It was sunny and it was a beautiful morning. I looked down and I noticed that I was dripping wet. I was standing in a puddle. I turned and walked toward the bed and there were water coming down the walls and around my bed. My hair was so wet I could ring it out.

I ran towards the door and down the stairs, and I literally ran right into my cousin who was coming up the stairs to get me for breakfast. 

He asked me if I was ok, but I couldn't even tell him anything because I was so freaked out at the time. I grabbed his hand and ran back up the stairs, but by the time we got back ( which had to be seconds) everything was dry.  The bed, the sheets, everything but me! I was still wet!

I sat down and told him what had happened. 

We went down the stairs and went into the kitchen where everyone was. I told my grandparents about it and they just shrugged their shoulders and told me to go take a shower. Kind of like they knew, but they were ignoring it. Maybe it was because I was little, I don't know.

So when I was 9 years old, I got a radio for Christmas. It had a recorder in it, I used to take it around with me to school and after school I used to go to a graveyard, where I would turn it on and sit there and do my home work. I think it took me like a week to get my first evp. 

Do I believe in Ghosts? I don't know if it's a Ghost or dead humans or other beings in a different realm, or demons, or what, but I know that I am always surrounded by whatever the paranormal is. 

I found out when I got older that it doesn't matter if people believe me or not. 

I know what I see and feel and what ever it is...it's here."

-Irene Burke

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