Thursday, November 18, 2010

"The Incident On The Road To Sydney" & More!

For the past two nights, I've been blogging about time slips...strange tales of missing time, which leaves the people involved, totally confused about the event they experienced. 

They know something weird happened-they just don't know what!

And one similarity I've noticed, is that more often than not, it seems to happen when the weather is foggy. 

Such as in tonight's first story...

 "Time Slip In The Fog"

"This little event happened to me in Fall, 2006, around 1:30 in the morning on a fairly nice night...

I'm from a small town in Newfoundland, Canada, with nothing to make the town either bit special or anything. But what happened to a friend and me is definitely one of the strangest things that I have ever encountered.

My friend and I were driving home one night from another friend's house and we were on this stretch of road no more than a kilometer long, kind of a back road type thing. 

It was a nice night with stars out, warm and whatnot. About 30 seconds onto this road comes a turn, nothing strange yet. So when we got to the turn, it was foggy all of a sudden, which is no surprise because where I'm from it's constantly foggy, so we paid no attention to it.

Around this turn, the road turns from flat to a hill you drive up and, for some reason, it seemed like it took us forever to get up it, even though we were doing 70 km/h. So we eventually get to the top of the hill where there is another turn in the road and flattens out again. When we get there and got around the turn, the fog disappears - and we're all of a sudden, back at the bottom of the hill!

All we could think was, WHAT JUST HAPPENED? This whole road shouldn't take you any longer than five minutes to drive, but I remember us looking at the time and wondering why 15 minutes had gone by and why we were still at the same point. I will never forget the feeling we had. We both just kinda looked at each other wondering what had happened just then??

I can tell you that it's not my first paranormal experience, nor will it be my last (I hope), but it definitely is one of the most mind-boggling of them! I'd just like to know what happened!?!  Where 15 minutes went and how we got back to the bottom of the hill!?!"

 And now for somethin' a little different...

"The Incident On The Road To Sydney"

There are many things that scare us. There's the fright we feel when our well-being is threatened. And there's the core-chilling fear that comes when we confront the unknown... or it confronts us! As we all know, ghost and haunting phenomena can unleash this fear. Then there are incidents that are just so strange, so far removed from everyday experience that they can cause us to question our sanity and work their way into the pit of our deepest fears. Michael experienced such an incident while traveling the interstate from the Australian Capital Territory to New South Wales in Australia. This is his story...

"There are two ways you can get from the Australian Capital Territory to Sydney in New South Wales: the fast way and the highway. 

The highway is bent around farmland that the government could not buy, so they built small roads around it instead, and the highway detours a minimum of three miles away from each farm. The fast way is a series of narrow roads that pass through beautiful countryside that is heavily forested - so forested that you can't see around bends. 

I took the fast way, of course. 

I was traveling along these roads at about 7-9 p.m. (I didn't check much). The terrain alternates between forest and plains every 10 to 20 minutes. So I passed through forest, then plain, then forest, then plain, then forest.... A journey through the fast track takes about two or three hours, depending on speed. Needless to say, I didn't mind the speed limits. Although I didn't keep track of time, I could have sworn I was traveling for far over two hours. 

I stopped for a rest. It was a beautiful night. The moon shone rather brightly, light dancing upon the trees, illuminating dust particles and highlighting a nearby pond. The gum trees around there are bone-white and stood out starkly in the moonlight. If a bush or rock was in front of one, it was quite evident and made the tree look like it was floating on air. 

Unusual lights
The moon seemed to get increasingly bright, which was very strange as it was also very low. I decided to step away from my car and venture through the forest to find a clearing so I could get a better view of the moon. 

I walked through the dense forest and finally came to a field of crops. They must have been planted recently because the dirt had sharp depressions all over it of varying shapes and sizes. I suddenly remembered what I was there for and looked up, only to be shocked at the fact that the bright moon I sought, was actually a spotlight! Half blinded, I looked down and raised my hand instinctively to shade my eyes. 

A moment later, my heart almost stopped. The spotlight switched off... and another was switched on, facing the opposite direction. I looked up, and as my eyes adjusted, I saw in the distance a scarecrow. It was, as far as I could tell, facing to my right. Then I swore I saw it move. Not violently; it just wobbled. In the wind, I said to myself. And there was a bit of wind. 

Just as I was about to turn and walk back to my car, I sneezed. It echoed across the field. I looked back up to see the scarecrow still standing there - to my relief. So I started off back toward my car.

I reached my car, put the keys in the ignition and started the engine. It's a Mitsubishi Magna Executive, and it is almost dead quiet on the inside. 

What happened next is rather hard to explain because it makes little logical sense, but I'll try...

I took one last look toward the spotlight, which I could barely see through the trees before...and then I froze. 

There was no blinding spotlight, only the lit field - illuminated as if the spotlight were pointed straight at the ground. Most puzzling, is that the dense thicket of trees I had walked through was gone. I could see only the field. 

At this point, I'm not even certain I was still in my car. I could not think of anything else. I was completely frozen, only able to take in the psychedelic vision that presented itself before me. 

The illuminated area started to grow smaller, then stopped. At the dead center of the field was a man. He had a gun by his side. I remember feeling my hands, but every time I moved them, the man moved the gun closer to his head, as if preparing to shoot himself. So I froze again, not daring to see what would happen. 

Then I could feel my legs. They started to hurt. I didn't dare move them ether. Soon I could feel my whole body, but again, I dared not move. I was not aware of the dimension of time at this point. I sat still, drawn into the view. I grew tired. My hands fluttered and the man's arm raised more, now pointing the gun straight at his head. 

He started crying. He was looking at me now. His other hand raised and pointed to his left. I was now aware of some cuts on his body, even though he was so far away. They seemed not to be old wounds, yet they did not bleed. 

"THEEEEERE!" He screamed. It was like he was right next to me, his voice piercing like an air siren. I thought my heart would fail and felt like my chest was being sliced up from the inside. 

The gun fired and I raised my arms to my ears in a pathetic attempt to block the noise. The noise stopped and I looked up. I was in my car... and my car was in the field. In a daze, I got out and saw tire tracks leading from the road to my car. 

Had I had fallen asleep? For some reason, I was not at all frightened then. In fact, I didn't fully remember what happened until I was in Sydney hours later. 

Return to the field
Some days later, I returned to that field in the daytime and looked around for the spot I would have been standing in during this dream-like incident. When I found what I vaguely remembered resembled the view of the field, I looked in the direction the man had been pointing. 

In the distance, I saw a house. Now I swear, when I looked at that house, I saw a man in the window. He wasn't the same man, but that didn't matter. He was upside-down. 
That was all I needed to go speeding home at a million miles an hour. I never took that road again. In fact, I never drove at night again!"

Well that was definitely different huh?! 

Now here's something interesting as well...
As I was browsing photobucket for pictures to go with this blog...(coz that's what I always use-photobucket) I came across some very cool photos that came from...(guess where)...Sydney!

I plan on contacting the owner of these photos, because it's just such a strange coinky-dink that the story above happened in Sydney...and these photos below came from Sydney as well!

I know it's a long shot, but...could it possibly be the same place?

Have a look, and just so you know-I have quoted what the poster had written under his (or her) photos.

They come from a "feusurleneige" on photobucket, and are entitled, "spirit orbs"...

"Quarantine station sydney. I walked up from the bottom of the hill on my own and felt I was being followed the whole way. I stopped suddenly to take a shot of that house in the background and caught the spirit that was following me. That orb is in motion."
"QS Sydney. Captured this orange orb or face watching me through the top window. Nothing like that inside the window. Next shot taken soon after, shows it gone. This building is very haunted..lots of evp from there. That spirit is called Emmett. I think as have evp of him telling me his name."

"QS station. Same window and orange orb/ head is gone. Taken soon after."

"St Albans pioneer cemetery. I told any "single" spirit men there, to come down with my sister to have a photo- as she was single too! lol. That is not the moon."

 Hmmm...could it be a "spotlight"??

If you'd like to see the rest of (person who's name I can't pronounce)'s album...follow the link below:

There are hundreds of "spirit" photos there, and as I said, I do plan on contacting this person. (They're obviously ghost investigators) and I'll keep you up-dated on what I find out.

(Coz I always do my homework!) ;)

Ok kiddies, that's it for tonight. 

I hope you enjoyed the blog! 

And by the way...

If you are enjoying my bout tellin' your friends!  

You know what they say...

"The more, the scarier!"
 "See ya" next time! ;)



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  5. Hi Queenie! I happened to come across this blog post a few days ago and wanted to comment. I assume that you found this story on, because that's where I had originally read it.

    However, I know very little about Australia in general, and I'm fascinated by the connection you may have made between Quarantine Station and the story on the site. I've read that particular story numerous times, trying to make sense of it...and that photo of the window with the "face" in it kind of puts things in perspective!

    I would love to read some more of your posts, and will stop by again.